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Restaurant Marketing tips

Restaurant Marketing Tips January 2018

Restaurant Marketing Tips

You have just seconds to make a connection with your website visitor. There’s nothing like a photo to send a message and keep your potential customer on your site so you can communicate your value proposition.

In this article, you’re going to understand why more pictures in your marketing translates into more revenue in your cash registers. The examples in this article are restaurant-related but any business can easily fit this advice into their online marketing strategy.

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Your marketing has only seconds to deliver a message. In order to get people to read the words on your website, you need to capture their attention with pictures first.


Speed Is Important in Effective Marketing, Especially Online

Fast and clear communication is a top priority when marketing your business. Eyes gravitate to images, the brain will understand the image and then the person may decide to read the text. Too many words and too few images and you run the risk of losing your website visitor before they’ve taken the time to learn more about your restaurant.


Sell More Food-Get More Customers With Your Website


What are you selling? Are you selling a high quality dining experience, speed and convenience, a casual family dining experience, or a romantic experience? Pictures of your food and photos of typical customers in your dining room help people to see themselves in your place, eating food and having an experience. Images help people confirm they’re looking at the kind of place for them or for their occasion. Pictures plant ideas, aromas and flavors into the mind and put people in the mood for food. Think about the national brands and how they advertise on TV using images of rich-looking, steamy pasta dishes, families laughing and smiling as they plunge a forkful of lobster tail into a dish of melted butter. YOU can do this too!

Better marketing with photos

Capture your work, your product, your service, and even your customers with images.

You Have The Tools to Improve Your Website


The smart phone in your pocket right now and a table with a white table cloth is all you really need to take a good photo of the food coming off your line. Take pictures of everything!


Build a Great Online Menu. It Will Serve You AND Your Customers


A picture is worth 1000 words. You have a wonderful selection…but it’s all words! The menu you post on your website can have photos of every dish! Your menu with photos will help people decide to choose your restaurant over your competitors simply by putting them in the mood for your food.

Restaurant Marketing Fundamentals Part 1


There’s an old saying in marketing: THE MORE YOU TELL, THE MORE YOU SELL.


First, say it with a picture. Next, say it with words.


Do you have a signature dish?…one that you like to sell more than any other? Sell more of it by showcasing it with a great photo and deeply detailed description. Give it its very own web page and get people to give you their feedback and testimonials on it. Post a photo of a customer preparing to devour that masterpiece! That’s marketing.


Restaurant Marketing Fundamentals Part II: Repurposing


What is repurposing? It’s reusing your marketing materials (assets) for more marketing actions. Now that you’re building this library of photos of your food, your dining room, and delighted customers, you can use these assets for your social media marketing, your email marketing and on all your online profiles. The more images uploaded onto your Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor profiles, the more likely it is you will attract new customers from these marketing engines.


Easy to Do– No Special Skills Required


Taking photos, saving them in your computer and uploading them to a website, social media post, or search engine profiles takes no special skills and can be done in a matter of minutes. Every bit of this kind of marketing will serve you and your business indefinitely…these are business assets that work for you driving more new customers, revenue, and making your business more valuable over time. •


If this makes sense but you need some help getting this process started, just ask for some help. That’s what I’m here for.


There’s a special page setup on our website. Go to:

(seriously…just ask!)


Best wishes for a strong 2018.


Your friend in the marketing business,


Andrew Mazer


Small Business Marketing Ideas

January 2018 Marketing Ideas Calendar

Andrew Mazer-Founder at Small Business U

If you ever want to talk about ideas to improve your website, questions about SEO, email, social media, acquiring new customers online, I’m here to help. Just ask! Email:


January Calendar of Marketing Topics

How to Stimulate Sales Anytime

Using a topic (ideas provided below) and a CTA (a Call-To-Action) such as a limited-time offer or a coupon is a great way to stimulate sales.

Read through these off-beat holidays and use your imagination. How could you use any of these to make a unique marketing message for your business.

Monthly Holidays 

National Bath Safety Month

National Blood Donor Month

National Braille Literacy Month

National Hobby Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Mentoring Month

National Oatmeal Month

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

National Slow Cooking Month

National Soup Month

November Birthdays

Jan 3 – J.R.R Tolkien

Jan 8 – Stephen Hawking, Scientist

Jan 17 – Benjamin Franklin

Jan 17 – Muhammad Ali

Jan 22 – Guy Fieri

Jan 29 – Oprah Winfrey

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Weekly Holidays

January 1 – 7

Diet Resolution Week

Silent Record Week

New Year’s Resolution Week

January 8 – 14

National Pizza Week

Universal Letter Writing Week

Home Office Safety Week


January 11 – 17

National Soccer Coaches Week


January 15 – 21

Hunt for Happiness Week

Sugar Awareness Week

No Name Calling Week


January 23 – 27

Clean Out Your Inbox Week

National School Choice Week

National Irish Coffee Week

Catholic Schools Week


Daily Holidays


1/1/2018            National Hangover Day / New Years Day

1/2/2018            National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

1/3/2018            National Fruitcake Toss Day

1/4/2018            National Trivia Day

1/5/2018            National Whipped Cream Day

1/6/2018            National Cuddleup Day / National Technology Day

1/7/2018            National Bobblehead Day

1/8/2018            National Winter Skin Relief Day

1/9/2018            National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

1/10/2018         National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

1/11/2018         National Milk Day

1/12/2018         Kiss a Ginger Day

1/13/2018         National Rubber Ducky Day

1/14/2018         National Sunday Supper Day

1/15/2018         Dr. Martin Luther King Day

1/16/2018         National Fig Newton Day

1/17/2018         National Bootleggers Day

1/18/2018         Get To Know Your Customers Day

1/19/2018         National Popcorn Day

1/20/2018         National Disc Jockey Day

1/21/2018         National Hugging Day

1/22/2018         National Blonde Brownie Day

1/23/2018         National PIE Day

1/24/2018         National Compliment Day

1/25/2018         National Opposite Day

1/26/2018         National Spouses Day

1/27/2018         National Chocolate Cake Day

1/28/2018         National Have Fun At Work Day

1/29/2018         National Puzzle Day

1/30/2018         National Plan For Vacation Day

1/31/2018         National Backward Day


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Small Business Marketing Ideas for December

Monthly Marketing Planner-December 2017

December Marketing Ideas Calendar

This resource is prepared each month FREE for subscribers. Serious topics, fun topics, unusual topics, and historical topics, all make for interesting and entertaining emails, promotions, social media post and blog posts. Want some help with putting these ideas to work for you? All you need to do is Ask Andrew, CLICK HERE.

Monthly Holidays 
AIDS Awareness Month
Bingo’s Birthday Month
National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month
National Human Rights Month
National Tie Month
National Write a Business Plan Month
Operation Santa Paws (December 1-December 24)
Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month
Tomato and Winter Squash Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

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Famous December Birthdays

Dec 5 – Walt Disney
Dec 6 – Satoru Iwata, Former President and CEO of Nintendo
Dec 10 – Bobby Flay, American Chef
Dec 12 – Frank Sinatra, Singer and Actor
Dec 15 – J. Paul Getty, Businessman
Dec 20 – Dick Wolf, Television Producer
Dec 25 – Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
Dec 25 – Conrad Hilton, Hotelier
Dec 30 – LeBron James, NBA Star
Dec 31 – Donald Trump Jr.

December Weekly Holidays

Dec 3 – 9
National Handwashing Awareness Week, December 3-9
Recipe Greetings For The Holidays Week

December Holidays






Dec 18 – 22
Cookie Exchange Week, December 18-22

Dec 17 – 23
Gluten-free Baking Week

Dec 12 – 20

Dec 26 – Jan 1

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December Daily Holidays

12/1/2017 World AIDS Day / Rosa Parks Day / National Pie Day
12/2/2017 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery / National Mutt Day
12/3/2017 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
12/4/2017 National Cookie Day
12/5/2017 Bathtub Party Day / International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
12/6/2017 St. Nicholas Day
12/7/2017 National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
12/8/2017 National Brownie Day
12/9/2017 National Wreaths Across America Day
12/10/2017 Dewey Decimal System Day / Human Rights Day
12/11/2017 UNICEF Birthday
12/12/2017 Gingerbread House Day / Chanukah Begins
12/13/2017 National Cocoa Day
12/14/2017 National Bouillabaisse Day
12/15/2017 Bill of Rights Day / National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
12/16/2017 National Chocolate-covered Anything Day / Free Shipping Day
12/17/2017 Wright Brothers Day
12/18/2017 Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day
12/19/2017 National Oatmeal Muffin Day
12/20/2017 National Sangria Day
12/21/2017 Winter Solstice / Crossword Puzzle Day
12/22/2017 National Date Nut Bread Day
12/23/2017 Festivus
12/24/2017 Christmas Eve / National Eggnog Day
12/25/2017 Christmas
12/26/2017 Box Day (Canada) / National Candy Cane Day
12/27/2017 National Fruitcake Day
12/28/2017 Pledge of Allegiance Day
12/29/2017 Tick Tock Day
12/30/2017 Bacon Day
12/31/2017 New Year’s Eve

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Marketing Ideas for November

November 2017 Marketing Ideas Calendar

Just so you know, these marketing calendars we share each month will often vary from year-to-year because of interesting new holidays or topics. Plus, some of these don’t happen on the same date each year but rather a certain day-for example: the 2nd Tuesday in November. We will add various celebrity (or otherwise historical figures’) birthdays, and historic events so be sure to subscribe so you never miss an edition of this Monthly Marketing Ideas Calendar.

Marketing Ideas for November 2017

Looking for ideas for social media posts, blogs, emails or in-store promotions? Take a look at these ideas and stand out from the crowd.

Novemeber Monthly Holidays

Adopt a Senior Pet Month
Aviation History Month
Banana Pudding Lovers Month
Diabetic Eye Disease Month
Epilepsy Awareness Month
Family Stories Month
Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month
Greens and Plantains Month
Historic Bridge Awareness Month
International Drum (Percussion) Month
Lung Cancer Awareness Month
Military Family Appreciation Month
National Adoption Month
National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
National COPD Month
National Diabetes Month
National Family Caregivers Month
National Fun with Fondue Month
National Georgia Pecan Month
National Gratitude Month
National Home Care and Hospice Month
National Inspirational Role Models Month
\National Long-term Care Awareness Month
National Marrow Awareness Month
National Native American Heritage Month
National Family Literacy Month
National Novel Writing Month
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month
National Pepper Month
National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
National Pomegranate Month
National PPSI AIDS Awareness Month
National Raisin Bread Month
National Roasting Month
National Scholarship Month
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
Prematurity Awareness Month
Vegan Month

Weird Holidays to Use for Marketing Ideas

Famous November Birthdays

Nov 6 – Laurene Powell Jobs – Famous as Businesswoman, Widow of Steve

November 7 – Marie Curie – First Woman to Receive a Nobel Prize

Nov 8 – Gordon Ramsey – Chef, Restaurateur

Nov 19 – Jack Dorsey – co-founder of Twitter

Nov 19 – Ted Turner – Media Tycoon

Nov. 20 – Joe Biden – Famous as Vice President

Nov 27 – Bill Nye – Known as the Science Guy

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November Weekly Holidays

November 5-11

Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week


November 11-19

National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week


November 12-18

Geography Awareness Week

National Split Pea Soup Week

World Kindness Week


November 13-17

American Education Week


November 17-23

National Farm-City Week


November 19-25

International Fraud Awareness Week
National Family Week, November

National Game and Puzzle Week
Better Conversation Week
Church/State Separation Week


November 22-28
National Deal Week

November Daily Holidays


11/1/2017        World Vegan Day / National Authors Day

11/2/2017        National Men Make Dinner Day (Must Cook, No BBQ Allowed!) / Traffic Directors Day

11/3/2017        National Housewife’s Day

11/4/2017        National Candy Day / National Stress Awareness Day

11/5/2017        Daylight Saving Time Ends – First Sunday in November

11/6/2017        National Nachos Day / Saxophone Day

11/7/2017        National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

11/8/2017        National Cappuccino Day / National STEM/STEAM Day

11/9/2017        National Scrapple Day

11/10/2017      Marine Corps Birthday

11/11/2017      Veterans Day / National Sundae Day

11/12/2017      Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

11/13/2017      World Kindness Day

11/14/2017      World Diabetes Day

11/15/2017      America Recycles Day / National Educational Support Professionals Day

11/16/2017      National Fast Food Day / World Philosophy Day

11/17/2017      National Take a Hike Day / National Baklava Day

11/18/2017      Mickey Mouse Birthday

11/19/2017      International Men’s Day / National Play Monopoly Day

11/20/2017      International Transgender Day of Remembrance / Universal Children’s Day

11/21/2017      World Hello Day / National Stuffing Day

11/22/2017      Tie One On Day – Day before Thanksgiving

11/23/2017      Thanksgiving Day

11/24/2017      National Day of Listening / Black Friday

11/25/2017      Small Business Saturday – Shop Small

11/26/2017      National Cake Day

11/27/2017      Cyber Monday

11/28/2017      National French Toast Day / National Day of Giving

11/29/2017      Electronic Greetings Day

11/30/2017      National Meth Awareness Day / Computer Security Day

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October 2017 Marketing Ideas Calendar

Good marketing gets attention. Here’s a list of more than 50 ideas you can use to create blog posts, social media posts, and in-store promotions.

Marketing Ideas for October, 2017

October is National Chili Month

I found a fantastic new FREE image library. Click this image and find all kinds of great photos to use in your marketing. (Oh, and October is National Chili Month.)

Monthly Holidays

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

AIDS Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Class Reunion Month

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Dyslexia Awareness Month

Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Emotional Wellness Month

Employee Ownership Month

Financial Planning Month

Halloween Safety Month

Health Literacy Month

International Walk To School Month

LGBT History Month

National Animal Safety and Protection Month

National Apple Month

National Arts and Humanities Month

National Book Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

National Chili Month

National Chiropractic Month

National Cookie Month

National Crime Prevention Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Dessert Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Depression Education and Awareness Month

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Ergonomics Month

National Go On a Field Trip Month

National Pasta Month

National Physical Therapy Month

National Pizza Month

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

National Pork Month

National Pretzel Month

National Protect Your Hearing Month

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

National Reading Group Month

Tackling Hunger Month

Vegetarian Month

World Menopause Month



Weekly Holidays


October 1 – 7

Great Books Week

International Postcard Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week

National Work From Home week

Kids Goal Setting Week


October 8-14

Earth Science Week

Veterinary Technicians Week

National School Lunch Week


October 15 – 21

Bully Bystanders Unite Week

Freedom of Speech Week

Medical Assistants Recognition Week

National Business Woman’s Week

National Friends of Library Week

National Teen Drivers Safety Week


October 22 -28

Red Ribbon Week

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

National Massage Therapy Week



Daily Holidays


10/1/2017        International Day of Older Persons

10/2/2017        International Day of Nonviolence

10/3/2017        National Techies Day

10/4/2017        World Animal Day / National Taco Day

10/5/2017        World Teachers Day / National Do Something Nice Day

10/6/2017        World Smile Day

10/7/2017        National Frappe Day

10/8/2017        National Pierogi Day

10/9/2017        National Kick Butt Day / Columbus Day

10/10/2017      World Mental Health Day

10/11/2017      National Coming Out Day / National Emergency Nurses Day / National Stop Bullying Day

10/12/2017      National Gumbo Day

10/13/2017      Navy Birthday

10/14/2017      National Motorcycle Ride Day

10/15/2017      Global Handwashing Day / National I Love Lucy Day

10/16/2017      National Dictionary Day / Boss’s Day

10/17/2017      National Pasta Day

10/18/2017      National Chocolate Cupcake Day / Medical Assistants Recognition Day

10/19/2017      National Seafood Bisque Day / National Get Smart About Credit Day

10/20/2017      National Mammography Day

10/21/2017      National Sweetest Day

10/22/2017      International Stuttering Awareness Day // National Mother in Law Day

10/23/2017      iPod Day

10/24/2017      National Food Day

10/25/2017      Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day / Sourest Day

10/26/2017      National Day of the Deployed

10/27/2017      National Frankenstein Day

10/28/2017      National Make a Difference Day

10/29/2017      World Stroke Day

10/30/2017      National Candy Corn Day / National Speak Up For Service Day

10/31/2017      Halloween

seo or ppc which is better

The Search Engine Optimization 80/20 Rule

SEO is the long-term investment that pays for itself over and over

SEO is the long-term marketing investment that pays for itself over and over. This is where you get the customers who are in “buying mode”…the best kind of prospect! Get a free SEO analysis to learn how your website can be even better at getting new customers. Click Here.

This article is about the fact that organic search results get more clicks than paid ads…and why this is important for business owners to know and understand.

1st I will define ORGANIC SEARCH RESULTS: When a person searches (on Google, for example) for something online, they get a list of search results. On this search results page (SERP), there is often a group of listings (results) at the top of the page which are notated as Ads.  Google sells these spots to businesses who are willing to pay for this space on the search results page. The results beneath the Ads are called Organic Search Results. These are placements which Google considers the most relevant search results. That is, the search results most likely to meet the needs of the person searching.

The higher a website or a web page ranks in the organic search results, the more likely the person will click and visit the website.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time or at least studied business or even personal development in any capacity, you’ve probably heard of the 80-20 rule also known as the Pareto Principle.  The core of this principle is that 20% of your activities make up 80% of your productivity. It also usually means that 20% of your customers represent 80% of your income. It could also mean that 20% of your Investments produce 80% of your positive results.SEO is the long-term investment that pays for itself over and overSEO is the long-term investment that pays for itself over and over

Comparing Search Engine Optimization to Google Adwords (Paid Traffic)

This post compares building a better, search eingine optimized website to investing cash into Google Adwords (also known as pay-per-click or PPC).

This morning I was watching a webinar  talking about Google search results and  the relationship between paid advertising online and organic search engine optimization and how the 80/20 rule applies.

In most cases where people are looking online for  a local business, for example a plumber, an electrician, an attorney, an accountant, a chiropractor,… The search results will almost always yield about 7 search results on page one which are paid ads. These are also known as AdWords ads. These are usually in a group of three or four at the top of the page and three or four all the way down at the bottom of the page. They are indicated by a specific emblem which indicates these are ads.

Between the ads are what we call organic search results. These are the search results which are generated by Google and are determined by a number of criteria,  many of which can be influenced by search engine optimization techniques. These are NOT paid ads.

Organic Search Results Get 80% of the Clicks

It’s a well-known fact, and you can look it up, that organic search results get more clicks and therefore more visibility than the AdWords ads. And guess what the ratio is.  You got it… 80% organic and 20% ads. Therefore, out of every 1000 searches, the ads get 200 clicks, and the organic ads get 800. Both marketing tactics have their advantages. Read on!

Advantages of Using Adwords

The advantages of using AdWords are

  1. You will drive traffic to your website and your message.
  2. You only pay if people click on your ad and visit your website. If no one clicks you don’t pay.
  3. You can set a daily, weekly, monthly budget and a maximum price you’re willing to pay per click.

Disadvantages of using Adwords:

  1. Clicks can be expensive. Depending on your industry and the competition fighting for those High positions on the search rankings you could pay anywhere from $0.50 per click to over $20 is per click.
  2. Clicks don’t necessarily mean customers. You will pay for a lot of clicks which never become customers. Only a fraction of them will.
  3. Advertising with AdWords is a process and very much a science. The average person cannot possibly hope to optimize their AdWords campaigns effectively. Yes, you may meet with success but hiring a trained and experienced expert will yield better results. Therefore you are looking at  adding a professional fee on top of the cost of the ads.

 Advantages of investing in organic search engine optimization

  1. For every 1,000 searches for a business like yours if you occupy a spot on the organic search results, you have an 80% better chance of being selected over the adwords ads. As I said above 80% of the people choose from the organic listing and only 20% of the people choose among the ads.
  2. A click on your organic listing cost you nothing. This is a gift. Google helps businesses with good websites and good search engine optimization show up in the search results.
  3. The investment you make in time to learn and Implement search engine optimization where the money you spend to get an expert to do it for you will continue to work for you almost indefinitely. Yes, there is a cost to this either to pay an expert or to spend the time and money to learn this skill but the payoff is enormous.  In many respects, search engine optimization gets even better with time.
  4. If you are optimization is exceptionally good (and with a little luck) and you are the first search result under the paid ads, statistics show that this position gets 40% more clicks than all the other search results on the page. So out of 1000 searches for a product or business like yours, you could potentially get 400 website visitors.

Disadvantages of Organic SEO

  1. Slower results. Once you start paying for AdWords you are almost certain to start showing up on search results and getting traffic to your website. Not necessarily so with Organic search results.
  2. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Search engine optimization is a process. It’s actually a continual process.  It takes time and time is money.

In my personal and expert opinion I think search engine optimization is one of the best investments you can make in marketing your business. Search engine optimization can work in conjunction with almost every other marketing investment and activity you engage in. Including social media, blogging, video, and even offline marketing efforts such as print ads, sponsorships, radio ads, Adwords campaigns and any other Grassroots marketing you may do will all be enhanced by the efforts you make in building a better website with content that will  be a benefit to your potential customers, clients, or patience.

The FASTEST way to get people to your website is by paying for the traffic. Adwords works.

The best LONG TERM MARKETING INVESTMENT is a methodical and well-planned investment in search engine optimization.


How to create blog posts

How to Create Website Content Fast and Easy

The title of this post is called how to create website content fast and easy. I’m not actuallyask an expert about marketing a small business online
writing this blog post, I’m saying it. I’m using a free tool. It’s a Google app called Voice Note II.

Voice Transcription Helps Create Website Content and Blog Posts Like This One Fast & Easy

This FREE app transcribes everything you say! I’m speaking into a microphone and my words are being transcribed into this program. It’s a great
tool which is saving me a lot of time and letting me write the way I speak.

Search Engines Love an Active Website

Adding fresh content to your website periodically is a really good idea because Google loves to see
a website that’s alive and in motion. A website which continues to add content is viewed by Google
as a website that has a higher level of authority in its industry. Even if you are in a small
business which only serves customers locally, you will be rewarded by having lots of activity on
your website, specifically new pages or blog posts added regularly.

While adding these pages to your website you will naturally be adding content which could be a match
to what people are looking for online. This is how you get your business and your website to show up
when someone is looking for a product or service like yours- even if they don’t already know you
exist. This is the magic of search engine optimization.

Optimize Your Website By Talking!

Talking into the microphone on a subject that’s on your mind- this could be as simple as describing
a product or a service, or telling the story about a service experience. You don’t have to know anything                                                                                                                                                                      about search engine optimization to better optimize your site.

SEO and Social Media Fuel Combined

You’ll be adding valuable content to your website, but this sort of content also makes excellent fuel for your social                                                                                                                                               media posts. Simply copy the website address also known as the URL into the post along with a sentence or two
about what the post is about and a photograph or image. Facebook will show your post to more people
if you include an attention-getting image. When they click the link or click the image your web
page or blog post will open for your audience to read. This click brirngs the person back to your
website. This is a little bit of extra website traffic. All website traffic is an indicator to
Google that your website is relevant. And relevancy is a criteria which Google uses to determine if
they’re going to show your website in the search results. Clicks from social media to your website
are a valuable component of search engine optimization.

Proof Read Your Transcription Thoroughly

After you’re done speaking to this voice recorder it will be necessary for you to proofread and make
some corrections and add some punctuation. But you will have created valuable website content which
will help your business. Of course this technology can also be used for drafting letters or emails.

Sure, it may lack the finer elementsof grammar but people can deal with this and it’s also fairly acceptable today in business talk so
long as you’re not in a white collar industry. If you are in a white collar industry then you should
have no problem fixing the grammar when you go back through the content and make your corrections.

I hope you find this information and this tool valuable to you. If you want to receive more useful
tips in technology or online marketing simply click here to subscribe to our One Good Idea
Newsletter. We will never bombard you with emails. Just good information delivered to your inbox a
couple times per month.

We also have a YouTube channel where you can subscribe consume tidbits of information
on short videos and you can subscribe to that in order to be notified every time a new video is
published. You never know when your next good idea could be a business breakthrough for you. It
happens all the time.

This blog post contains over 700 words. When I type I struggle to reach 300 or 400 words. By
speaking into the microphone I can make a more complete message which serves both my audience and my
search engine optimization goals.

Low tech free software

Productivity Tool-Screen Capture Technology

I love using the screen capture software. When I need to explain something I want one of my helpers to do, I just open Screencast-O-Matic.

Speed and Accuracy Increases With This Low-Tech Tool

I often work with people who aren’t in the same room with me. Sometimes they’re not in the same city, state, or country. When I need to get something done through my team of experts, I’ll use Screencast-O-Matic to capture what’s going on on my computer screen and speak to narrate my message and my instructions are crystal clear. This is a big time-saver and the message can be saved and reviewed by the recipient indefinitely.

I also use Screencast-O-Matic a lot when I want to explain something to a client. It’s great to be able to capture what’s going on on my computer screen and narrate the situation. Not only is it as good as looking over my shoulder, it’s actually better because they can watch it over and over again and save it for future reference if needed. It’s also easy to share the screen cast video with someone else or even use it to make social media posts.

Training Videos and Client Demonstrations

In the video accompanying this blog post I demonstrate how I was showing a client of mine this successes we’re achieving with their search engine optimization. It’s convenient for the recipient too because they can watch and listen instead of read which is often faster and more comprehensible.

Screencast-O-Matic is a free software. I pay $20 a year for the pro version because sometimes I make longer videos. I think they give you unlimited videos which are up to 10 minutes in length for free. But since I sometimes make longer videos I’m happy to pay a mere $20 to have longer-length videos. This software has been serving me well.

Can you use Screencast-O-Matic in your business? I’m finding it very useful. I hope you do too. If you like these tidbits of information then please sign up for my newsletter so you can be notified every time a New Edition comes out. Go to the small business University YouTube channel And subscribe. That’s another great way to be notified of small business tips and ideas.
And don’t forget, anything that’s on your mind about marketing your business online is fair game. Just ask me anything you want about your website, social media, email, search engine optimization, Google AdWords… I’m happy to help you out with some expert guidance.

Best practices according to google

Optimize Online With Photos

We live in a very visual world today. People consume more pictures and videos now that we have all have pocket sized devices with which to take photosask an expert about marketing a small business online
and record video as well as consume it. Pictures capture attention which then lead us to read on for details.

Effectively Use of Photos: Advice According to Google

This blog post is specifically focusing on recommendations by Google to optimize your local business profile page ( at this point in time it is
called the Google My Business Page, formerly known as Google Places).

Google recommends adding photographs to your Google my business page.
They say specifically that businesses who post new photos have a better chance of their business showing up on the search more often.

If Google is flat-out telling you this is a smart strategy for getting your business more visibility online, I think you should take their advice.
In the video embedded in this post I show a business which I’m aware of and their Google profile image use old and serves only to confuse ho tential
customers. See below for a snippet of Google’s advice.

The business is in Allstate Insurance Agency office. They have taken space in this little shopping center in New Jersey. The photograph which is the
profile photograph for this page does not show the Allstate Insurance office because the photo was taken before the Allstate Insurance office took
over the space. Ideally someone should go out and take a fresh picture of this Shopping Center and post it on the Google my business page. When a
business takes control of their Google my business page they have the ability to add unlimited numbers of photos. I would also recommend to the owner
of this agency to take photographs of the inside. Maybe get some photos of some smile and smiling employees, the Allstate logo, a picture of the
receptionist desk, and maybe the franchise owner. The old image of the shopping center should be removed entirely and refreshed with the new photo.
Besides Google there are other places where a local business profile and be optimized with fresh photos. There’s Yelp and yellow pages and business
finder and plenty of others. You never know how somebody is going to discover your business For the First Time online. It’s a simple exercise anyone
can do and it’s worth an investment of a couple hours to find your online profiles and optimize the information and the photographs.

Search engine optimization for local business

small business online marketing

3 Local Business Marketing Tips

One of the easiest ways to stand out online over your competition is by having a bigger and more complete website. What do I mean by that?ask an expert about marketing a small business online

Search Engine Optimization Is Much About Website Content

A website with more content matching what people are looking for is going to show higher in search results.

Most websites have about four five six pages. Home Page. About Us page. Contact Us. Our Services. Our Mission.
Testimonials. And most business owners can’t imagine what else they could possibly need on their website.

The way to expand your website is to add pages for every single product or service you sell. For example, it’s not
enough just to say you’re an electrician on your website. People don’t always look or an electrician. Sometimes they’re
looking for outdoor patio lighting. Where they may be looking for swimming pool lighting. Or motion detector lighting.
Or they may be looking for LED lights to replace their current lighting. There are all kinds of ways people look for the
things they want online and when you have a page dedicated to each and every service or product you provide you have a
greater chance of getting the higher positions on the search engines for that specific search. When people land on your
website and find that you have a page dedicated to exactly what they’re trying to buy, then your chances of getting the
call is drastically better.

If you own a bakery you might bake bread, rolls, cakes, pies, donuts, cupcakes, danish. Maybe you specialize in certain
items. I would suggest you make web pages or all your products. But you need to start somewhere so first you start with
the things that you specialize in- the things that are most important to you.

Let’s take pies for example. If it were my bakery I would showcase every individual pie that I sell on its own web page.
This way if someone is looking for the best pumpkin pie in town, your bakery would likely occupy the top position in the
search. And you can do this with every single item you sell.

Search Engines Favor Businesses Which Get A Lot of Reviews

Another vitally important aspect of local business marketing today he is acquiring lots and lots of favorable online
reviews. You need to have reviews on Google, Yelp and maybe TripAdvisor, or maybe Home Advisor, depending on your type
of business. It’s very important to ask your customers to review your business, especially when you know you’ve done a
great job serving them. The more favorable online reviews you have the greater the chance that you will show up higher
in search results especially on Google. But lots of people use Yelp as their search engine and your highly rated reviews
will go a long way and getting you new customers.

Mobile Friendly Websites Move Up In Search Engine Rankings

Mobile friendly websites are websites which change their visual form depending upon what type of device is accessing
them. We call this “mobile-responsive.” Google knows if your website is built on a mobile friendly platform. If it’s
not, and if there are other websites competing for the same positions in the search results, your website will drop down
on the results list  and mobile responsive websites will take its place.

If you our website is more than a couple years old there’s a good chance that it was made on a platform which is not
mobile friendly. It is crucial today to have a mobile-friendly website. Portable devices now account for about half of
all website traffic. The search engines favor websites which are mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly
it will drop lower and lower on the search results.

Your website and and should be an asset to your business. It should be a customer acquisition machine. Do you need any
help with these Concepts we are here to help. All you need to do is ask us some your questions and we’re happy to answer
without any cost of obligation.