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Add THIS Page to Your Restaurant Website-A Page For Coupons

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To convert more website visitors into customers, your website must make an offer.

If your website could do just ONE job, what would you hope the job would be? [I really hope you say…GET CUSTOMERS.]

This is the Best Way to Turn Website Visitors Into New Customers

Every time you place a print ad or run a deal (like Groupon), people are going to visit your website-ESPECIALLY, people who have never been to your place before.

A page on your site, dedicated to coupons will convert more visitors into customers. But that’s not all…this is also

The Best Way to Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers

Some people are “coupon people,” and some people aren’t. Some people look through their mail for coupons, some people don’t.

Some people make their restaurant decisions based upon price and where they can get a special or a discount. THESE are the people you’re going after when you advertise in Groupon or the coupon mailers.

Adding a page for Coupons & Specials to the navigation bar of your website is the best way I’ve seen to get large numbers of people to become repeat customers.

Those people who ARE “coupon people” will come back to you more often when they have easy access to a coupon. Think about it:

  1. Print coupons are usually published and mailed once a month. By having coupons available on your website, SOME customers will come every week. That’s worth a discount! If you have a rewards program, you’re giving someone a discount for being loyal and coming back often. It’s the same thing except coupons are simpler.
  2. If you do it right, coupons on your website collect the customers’ name, email address, and birthday. Now you’ll build up a database of customers who are most likely to respond to your offers.
  3. People who sign up to get your coupons are more likely to give you positive reviews, Like and Share your social media posts, and tell their friends about you.
People will give you their email address in return for a coupon. This is a great way to grow your email list. We recommend moderncoupon.com because it’s all done FOR you.

If you’re poking around the web looking for almost any kind of information, you’ll usually be interrupted with a Pop-Up form asking you to enter your email address in exchange for an instant discount or some other benefit.

If you do enter your email address, you are opting into an email list. These companies know that there’s money in the list. They’ll keep in touch because they have your permission. PERMISSION to send marketing messages.

I’m suggesting you do something similar, but instead of offering your coupons with an intrusive pop-up form, you simply make the coupons available with a link on your navigation bar on your website.

It works incredibly well. It’s fast and easy to do, and you don’t need to pay your webmaster to do any of the work if you choose moderncoupon as your coupon marketing tool.