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Restaurant Website Tip #1: A Great About Us Page

One of the most important pages on an independently-owned restaurant’s website is The About Us page.

How to build a great about us page for your restaurant website

When you open up about yourself, you and your restaurant become different from all others. You instantly gain an advantage.

Read the post below for additional information on the subject.

This is the first topic in a series of 17 topics of our Restaurant Website Checklist. I’m going to tell you why the About Us page on your restaurant website is extremely valuable and extremely important.

The About Us Page Makes You Different Than Every Other Restaurant

Differentiation is a key component on marketing, especially when your in a busy and competitive market. What makes you different starts with YOU.

When people see your ad or your Groupon, they will also visit your website. They’re going to want to get a better feel for the place to make sure it’s a place that they want to eat during the decision making process. They will probably want to take a look at your menu, but a great majority of people will also check out your about us page. Statistics show, the About Us page is the #2 or #3 most visited web page on most websites.

Here’s What Should You Include on The About Us Page

The About Us page should be about YOU.  What is the story behind the start of your restaurant, your cooking history, why are you in business. Did you start the business yourself or did you take over your family restaurant?  People are intrigued by stories. They grab us. It’s human nature to learn from stories and be entertained by them. Tell us about yourself, your family, your interests. People will gravitate towards you because of your story. They want to know you.

People Do Business With People

People prefer to do business with people. We do business with people we know, like, and trust. When you open up a little about yourself, we get to know you. When when we find out your interests, when get to like you. When you share your personal side, we get to trust you.

What about your family?  We don’t need to know the whole story about your family, but if you show us a photo of yourself playing Frisbee with your dog, we learn a little something. There’s not a person in the world who doesn’t like to see that (not even “a cat-person”). 

Share Your Interests and Hobbies

The more things that people find in common with you, the likability factor just goes up. Do you play golf? Love fishing? Scrabble? Fiction, Biographies? So even though your customers may not ever get to know you personally they will feel closer to you the more they know about you. Even people who don’t share all these specific interests will still feel just a little bit closer to you, and for those who do, they’ll feel like their practically a friend. 

Tell Them How Much You Care

Finish your About Us page by telling your potential customers how much you love to serve and how much you care about their satisfaction. Let them know that any and all concerns, complaints or deficiencies in quality or service are welcomed and appreciated and will be addressed with your prompt attention and remedy.




Don’t take the About Us page for granted. It’s easy and it really creates bonds between you and your potential customers many of whom will become your real customers and hopefully repeat customers if you treat them great. The other pages on the site can be about the restaurant, this page should be about YOU.  

If you need any help with anything that you see on my videos or on the blog, you’re always welcome to call me directly at  (866) 799-2825.