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The Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing Online Seminar & Workshop

Business owners can not manage what they don’t understand. That’s why most of them are frustrated by writing checks to marketing service providers and getting little or no return on investment.

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My methods have been working for me and my clients since year 2000. Anyone can learn this stuff. Click here to register for an upcoming event near you.

Click here to find an upcoming event near you.

3 Hour Seminar and Workshop is 100% Pure Educational Content on the Topic of Marketing Your Business Online

The material covered in this presentation is specifically for the benefit of the owners of businesses. NOT necessarily so they can become the internet marketer for their company but so they can understand it enough to set goals, plan, manage, monitor and make sure they’re making wise marketing decisions and investments.

In this 3-hour seminar and workshop you will learn: 

  • How to make every aspect of your website work harder for you. Most websites are made by “geeks.” They’re a little bit like artists. They know how to create things but they’re usually not good at business or marketing. I will show you how to improve your website so it acts like a customer-generating machine and business ambassador.
  • How Search Engine Optimization works and how to do it yourself. This is how people find you online who don’t even know you exist. Most websites are lacking in good SEO. I will show you how to fix its current deficiencies and how to add new content to your website which will match how people are searching for a business like yours online. Find an upcoming event near you. Or call 1-866-799-2825
  • How to stop wasting time and money on social media and learn how to do it right. There’s a lot of fake-phony frauds taking people’s money to post useless crap on social media to a list of fans who don’t buy anything. If you’re paying one of these people, register for my seminar.
  • How to build a valuable customer list and keep in touch with the power of automation. A list of customers is a real and powerful asset. Technology makes it easy to keep in touch and it’s really important. It’s not your customer’s job to remember you. It’s your job to remind them you exist. I’ll show you how.
  • How to multiply the effect of offline marketing and online marketing simultaneously. . Print ads, radio ads and TV ads all work better in coordination with a website. In this seminar, you’re going to learn how to 2x, 3x or even 10x the results of your offline marketing.

When you know what to do and how to do it, much of the execution can be done by a minimum wage worker. But this is important stuff and I urge business owners to take a special interest in it because when this stuff works, it becomes more enjoyable and then you can escalate your skills and activity to produce even greater results. It’s really very exciting.

Bonus (if we have attendees interested in the subject):   Find an upcoming event near you

  • Secrets Groupon Doesn’t Want You to Know. Most businesses engaging in “Deal” marketing are getting people in the door but missing out on the hidden opportunities.

100% Educational Content-100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Internet marketing workshop

If any attendee is not completely satisfied they got at least double their money’s worth in terms of the ideas and information shared in this seminar within the 90 minutes, their money will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked.

The tuition is backed by a 100%, No-Questions Asked, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Any attendee who isn’t completely satisfied the content delivered within the first 90 minutes of the presentation is worth 2x the cost of tuition, may leave at the break and get a full refund. Who does this? Only those who KNOW their stuff works. I love business owners. Let me help you.


Seminar/Workshop includes breakfast, a follow-along action guide, and a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call any time within 60 days after the event.

Small class size (between 5-15 people) assures everyone’s most pressing questions get answered and all are equipped to take control of their destiny online.

If you can’t find an event in your area, let us know you’re interested by emailing: 

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing Online Seminar

The Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing Online

More and more business owners are ready to take control of their online marketing. They should. It’s not difficult. It’s really very simple. To see all scheduled dates for this seminar, click here.

Andrew Mazer-Small Business University

I’m Andrew Mazer and I’m passionate about helping and supporting small business owners.

Save Money, Make More Sales, Get More Customers-Learn How it Works…Online

What’s more important in your business than saving money, getting more customers and making more sales? Nothing. This is why you must invest a couple bucks and a couple hours. This stuff can change your business and your life. I know…it happened for me! And when I started sharing this information, it started happening for my friends and my clients. It’s the real deal.

I have been using the concepts I teach in this presentation for my businesses and for my clients for 15 years. Even though the internet has changed, computers and internet-connected devices have changed, websites have changed and technology has changed, the fundamentals I teach have not changed. They work and they will make sense to you…even if you’re not a computer-person.

In a 2-1/2 hour seminar, I break it down into 7 basic fundamentals.

  • They’re easy to understand.
  • There’s nothing technical about them.
  • These fundamentals form the foundation (and are really ALL that are necessary) to have a Rock-Solid Online Presence™ which will get you a steady flow of new and existing customers, clients or patients.

Some of the things I’ll be teaching are:

  • How marketing online is similar to marketing a garage sale!
  • How to make sense of Social Media
  • How Google and the other search engines decide which businesses (websites) to show in the search results
  • Lessons of a Cheeseburger
  • Misconceptions about email