How to create blog posts

How to Create Website Content Fast and Easy

The title of this post is called how to create website content fast and easy. I’m not actuallyask an expert about marketing a small business online
writing this blog post, I’m saying it. I’m using a free tool. It’s a Google app called Voice Note II.

Voice Transcription Helps Create Website Content and Blog Posts Like This One Fast & Easy

This FREE app transcribes everything you say! I’m speaking into a microphone and my words are being transcribed into this program. It’s a great
tool which is saving me a lot of time and letting me write the way I speak.

Search Engines Love an Active Website

Adding fresh content to your website periodically is a really good idea because Google loves to see
a website that’s alive and in motion. A website which continues to add content is viewed by Google
as a website that has a higher level of authority in its industry. Even if you are in a small
business which only serves customers locally, you will be rewarded by having lots of activity on
your website, specifically new pages or blog posts added regularly.

While adding these pages to your website you will naturally be adding content which could be a match
to what people are looking for online. This is how you get your business and your website to show up
when someone is looking for a product or service like yours- even if they don’t already know you
exist. This is the magic of search engine optimization.

Optimize Your Website By Talking!

Talking into the microphone on a subject that’s on your mind- this could be as simple as describing
a product or a service, or telling the story about a service experience. You don’t have to know anything                                                                                                                                                                      about search engine optimization to better optimize your site.

SEO and Social Media Fuel Combined

You’ll be adding valuable content to your website, but this sort of content also makes excellent fuel for your social                                                                                                                                               media posts. Simply copy the website address also known as the URL into the post along with a sentence or two
about what the post is about and a photograph or image. Facebook will show your post to more people
if you include an attention-getting image. When they click the link or click the image your web
page or blog post will open for your audience to read. This click brirngs the person back to your
website. This is a little bit of extra website traffic. All website traffic is an indicator to
Google that your website is relevant. And relevancy is a criteria which Google uses to determine if
they’re going to show your website in the search results. Clicks from social media to your website
are a valuable component of search engine optimization.

Proof Read Your Transcription Thoroughly

After you’re done speaking to this voice recorder it will be necessary for you to proofread and make
some corrections and add some punctuation. But you will have created valuable website content which
will help your business. Of course this technology can also be used for drafting letters or emails.

Sure, it may lack the finer elementsof grammar but people can deal with this and it’s also fairly acceptable today in business talk so
long as you’re not in a white collar industry. If you are in a white collar industry then you should
have no problem fixing the grammar when you go back through the content and make your corrections.

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This blog post contains over 700 words. When I type I struggle to reach 300 or 400 words. By
speaking into the microphone I can make a more complete message which serves both my audience and my
search engine optimization goals.

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