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Business coach and marketing professional

Missed opportunities can cost you a fortune. So can choosing the wrong marketing or website provider. Could you use a friend in the business? Let’s talk. CLICK HERE.

Whenever you’re in need of professional advice or services, it’s always good to have a friend in the business. It’s about comfort, trust, getting a fair deal, and always getting the truth. It’s also (and especially) about avoiding getting, misled or ripped off.

Ever wished you had ONE GUY you can trust to get your website right, to help you sift, sort, and screen all the marketing and advertising offers constantly coming at you?

We’re ALL getting calls from Yelp!, Groupon, Google, Trip Advisor, Fishbowl, and any number of other marketers and marketing platforms, making offers and promises and it’s quite overwhelming. BUT if you just say “No” to everything, you COULD miss a good opportunity.

One Guy, One Phone Call, One Conversation, ONE THING, Changed Everything for Me.

It was one good opportunity that happened for me because I didn’t hang the phone up on a guy back in the early days of marketing my business online. After failing to acquire a single customer or a single dollar in sales as a result of my website, I took a call which changed my business and my life forever. I could have just as easily told the guy, “Not interested.” and hung up the phone. I thank God I didn’t. Really.

That’s why I created “I Got a Guy” coaching and consulting.

It’s better to say, “I Got a Guy” and then let ME deal with it.

When you enroll in I Got a Guy coaching and consulting, you get

  • Direct access to me with unlimited email Q & A.
  • Once-monthly coaching call.
  • Unlimited marketing/advertising/website critiques.
  • The ability to tell any service provider who calls on you and say, I Got a Guy. You’ll give them my contact information and I will represent your best interests. I’ll either tell them “we’re not interested OR I’ll summarize their offer, advise you whether or not you should consider it and if so, help you negotiate the deal.
  • You get the One Good Idea Newsletter every month (like the one enclosed).

For my entire adult life, I’ve been making my living by helping OTHER business owners make more money. I love serving small business owners.

If you’re interested in taking your business to a new level with a coach who’s got the experience and dedication to serving independent business owners, CLICK HERE and let’s start the conversation.