Introduction: The 3rd i in The 3i System of Sales & Influence™

In the first post on the topic of The 3i System if Sales & Influence™, I talked about the importance of


delivering valuable information to your prospective customer or client.  Value in the form of information shows you care.  It shows your a student and not just a salesperson.  It shows you’re an asset and you bring more to the table than just your product or service.

This system of sales and marketing gives you and your business a distinct advantage.

The 2nd i is for invitation.  When you reach out to a prospect with information or an invitation to something and not asking for an appointment or a sales, you’re showing patience and you’re delivering value.  All meaningful relationships start out with a courting process.  You know…a little romance.

The 3rd i in The 3i System of Sales & Influence™ is Introduction.

The 3i system is about contacting your prospect not about you, your business or your product, it’s about giving them something of value.  An introduction to someone influential,  a prospective customer, a politician or celebrity are examples.  Being matchmaker for 2 businesses puts you in a very good position for reciprocation.  This is gold.

The 3i system is as much about personal branding and marketing as it is selling….perhaps more because when your prospect views you as a knowledgeable expert, a valuable part of their circle, one who benevolently leads them to opportunity through information, invitation and introduction to other people of influence, you have transcended from unwanted pest into welcomed guest.

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