Success is a Process…Not an Event!

At our March 16th event I will be sharing the fundamentals and distributing the tools of Tactical

Founder and CEO of Achievement Dynamics Institute &

Founder and CEO of Achievement Dynamics Institute &

Productivity. You will have what it takes to get unstuck and make powerful ideas stick!

Success is a Process…Not an Event!

Motivation is Inspiration…Training is Information…Empowerment is Transformation!

It doesn’t matter how high we jump, it’s how straight we walk once we hit the ground. How many times do we become energized by a great speaker or new and exciting ideas only to have them never become a natural and automated part of our success journey. The world is full of people who could write books with what they know concerning health and nutrition but never personally apply it and exist in a state of physical decline.         (Register for the March 16th event now)

It’s human nature, but overcome this and excel in your career and personal life.

This reality exists in all areas of our personal and professional lives! Our present knowledge base is greater than our action base. We live in an information age. Finding information is cheap and easy. More information doesn’t change mediocrity! Seeking more knowledge has become the path of least resistance and a false security for those looking to break their success barriers. Applying knowledge is the path to our success. So how do we transform ideas into reality?

We strengthen our mental and emotional muscles over a period of time by developing the skills, habits and perspectives that are needed to make the climb to achieve our goals. Like physical muscles, mental and emotional muscles need to be carefully stretched into place.

Irrefutable research proves that we stretch who we are by becoming accountable to the actions we are taking – not just being left to our own good intentions. Proclaim to do the right things within a designated period of time. Then be accountable to that proclamation!

Fighting against resistance makes us stronger and better

It is very similar to strengthening physical muscles in weight training. The weight creates resistance which causes the stretching of our muscles against the pressure on the bar. The resistance on the bar is what causes muscle growth and within time, increased strength!

Declaring our intentions and measuring our results creates the resistance we need to strengthen our personal effectiveness characteristics. The principles are the same, but the muscles are mental and emotional rather than physical.

Success is the progressive realization of our predetermined goals. Accountability on the numbers generates greater levels of commitment, progressive growth and incremental advancements. Also major breakthroughs begin to happen along the way! All of this is called “Tactical Productivity”. You stay open to learning new techniques and to “figure out” how what it takes to integrate new ideas that produce the results we want.

Measuring results using Tactical Productivity is best executed when supported by means of a Power Partner. Our Power Partner or Partners can be close friends, a peer group, manager, mentor or family member. Power Partners keep the flow pattern of achievement moving. They are a source of inspiration, creativity and support. Their most important quality is a sincere desire to see you progress and achieve!

At our March 16th event I will be sharing the fundamentals and distributing the tools of Tactical Productivity. You will have what it takes to get unstuck and make powerful ideas stick!

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