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Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer. In 1986, I started my own company, Mazer Wholesale. 

In 2000, I started marketing my business online. I got pretty good at it and eventually, I was serving customers all over the country...and I still do today!

I started encouraging a couple of friends of mine who had their own businesses to get online and start marketing their business as I did. With my help, they met with similar success.

Realizing I had developed the knowledge, experience and valuable skills​ of an expert, I decided make a business of becoming a marketing consultant and service provider. 

Most business owners have been sorely disappointed by providers of online marketing services. They spent a lot of money but little (if any) results. I know, I was one of them. This is why I had decided to learn this stuff myself! 

Rather than "sell" my marketing services, I decided to showcase my expertise to business owners by inviting them to educational seminars on the subject of marketing online. Ultimately, these seminars came to be known as:​ SMALL BUSINESS UNIVERSITY

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Business owners know how to do pretty much every aspect of their business EXCEPT the online marketing. My seminars shed light on the subject like they had never heard nor understood before. 

Delivering valuable information, with examples, from the heart, and speaking in language any business owner can understand, SMALL BUSINESS UNIVERSITY and my marketing business was born. 

The Challenge For Business Owners 

Who Can You Trust? Business owners understand everything about their business except the web stuff.

I started Small Business U because I saw business owners struggling with understanding how the internet and a website could help them.

When you don't know what you don't know, it's not easy to know what you're missing! It's also impossible to make good decisions about what to do, who to hire or even what to expect from investing in a website or internet marketing services. So I invited business owners to short seminars under the title, Small Business University

I have been able to improve the lives of many more business owners by way of educating them on the important subject of marketing online. This is a thrill for me.

Sometimes I teach them and they take over. Sometimes they hire me and I do the work for them.  

Internet marketing seminars for business owners.

This is me teaching a group at the Stockton State College Small Business Development Center in Atlantic City.