Adding Pictures to Google My Business

Why Should I Add Pictures to Google My Business?

“A picture is worth 1000 words” and Google knows it. I don’t always do what my wife tells me to do but I always do what Google tells me.
Google, love ’em or hate ’em is king when it comes to people discovering and learning about your business. Google publishes content telling us what to do to so new customers can find us. This is a GIFT! Take it!

Google Says: Add More Images to Google My Business

What you’re seeing in the image above is from an email Google sent me just a few minutes ago. No wonder Mazer Wholesale has been so busy…look at how many people saw our images!

Adding images to your Google My Business profile (GMB) is easy. I have some suggestions on how to do it best results:

  1. Do it. Do it often. Schedule to add an image at least once per week. Add more than 1 per week if you can.
  2. Use pictures of products people are looking for. If your product is a service, use an image of the service in action. Consumers are looking for answers to their questions or to find a product or service they need. The picture should align with the answer they’re looking for.
  3. Name the picture well. Every file has a name. Each image needs a name. Example: Fried Seafood Combination.jpg Not: img210.jpg. Google doesn’t see your images, but it does read your filenames.
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The Biggest Problem You have with GMB

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Your biggest problem with Google My Business is that it’s adding more to your workload. I get it. However, look at the payoff!

Those 10,000+ views of my company’s GMB images tell Google my company is relevant in the marketplace. Google sees my business and the things I sell on my website are relevant to what 1000’s of people are searching for month after month.

This is why Mazer Wholesale is growing. This is why my small business is competing for high ranking in search results against world-recognized companies like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and others.

I strongly advise you to care for your GMB property (yes, it’s valuable property) as if it were a Golden Goose.

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