"I've got to thank you. Our business in 2017 is up 76% over 2016. It just keeps getting better year over year." Bill O'Donnell, Bayhill Environmental.

Want Your Website to Be a
Customer Acquisition Machine?

Most websites fail to get highly ranked by the search engines OR they fail to convert new visitors into leads & customers. 

I'm Andrew Mazer and I specialize in analyzing websites and transforming them into customer acquisition machines.

Website expert in New Jersey

Is your website a customer-acquisition money machine?

"Our website traffic increased by over 400% since your SEO consultation. It happened so quickly! Now we're booking more rooms directly and saving a ton on commissions to the booking agents." Peggy C. Atlantic Palace Suites

"I've got to thank you. Our business in 2017 is up 76% over 2016 and I have to give you credit. We're just amazed." Bill O'Donnell, Bayhill Environmental

Small Business U Testimonial

"Mr. Mazer, you are amazing. I should call you Mr. Amazing! Our website NEVER got us any new clients, until now. Leads are now coming in consistently. You were right. Thank you." -David and Lisa, Interstate Lawsuit Funding

“I now get at least $300 of new business every week since putting your system to work for my business. A game-changer. ”-Harold, Niederman, Ernie’s Airport Transportation

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Resolve to Spend Major Time on Major Things
Time.  It's more precious than anything because no matter how successful we are, we can't get any more of it.[...]
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How to Create a Mailing List: Free Resource
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Sales Techniques: The 3i System of Sales & Influence™ (Part 1)
One of my core philosophies is, one good idea or one good connection can change your business or your life.[...]
Seek Business Coaching & Consulting to Stay at the Top of Your game
Running the Business with Your Fingertips The most successful business executives and owners understand that even the best athletes, as[...]
Advice for Business Owners and Managers
You need your employees more than they need you. “Wait a minute that sounds like heresy to me! I’m the[...]
Why People Stop doing Business With You
People die and there's nothing you can do about it. It's generally only about 1% for most businesses. People move[...]
The Power of Persuasion
The Powers of Persuasion Persuasion is the single most important skill for a person to master both professionally and personally.[...]
The Best Sales Tip Ever – Really
This is the best sales tip I ever got. Introducing: The 3 i’s These concepts are simple to implement in a[...]
Small Business: The Backbone of the American Economy
In a discussion among the founders of Small Business University recently, we debated the notion of "labeling" our audience "small[...]
Personal Branding- How to Attract Your Ideal Client, Customer or Patient
Are You Dreaming About Your Dream Client? You Should Be. Target audience. Ideal client. Target market. Niche. You’ve heard the[...]
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Sales expert, author, trainer and consultant, Rich Lucia is presenting at The Small Business University Back-To-School event Monday, September 8th.[...]
Advice for Successful Thinking and Behavior – By Manny Nowak
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The Best Way to Grow Your Business- Referrals
Referrals are The best way to grow your business, we all know that. Referrals produce the highest return on your[...]
Business to Business Sales & Advertising Tip
Business-to-business sales and advertising should be treated no differently than business-to-consumer.  Why?The products and services we sell to businesses as[...]
Facebook Marketing on Your Personal Account
Have something to brag about?  Want to get it out there but you don't want to appear conceited? I pulled[...]
Business Networking & Seminar in South Jersey May 5, 2014
Fantastic event and overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees...the Cinco de Mayo event was another SBU success. Thanks to our speakers:[...]
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