A Restaurant Birthday Club

I don’t need to tell you WHY you want people to celebrate their birthday at your place, but I want to tell you HOW to get them to do it.

A Birthday Club is an Email List

See the form below I’ve used with my own clients. Make cards like this readily available. You acquire your customers’ name, email address and birthday month with a form like this near the end of their meal.

Use a sign-up card like this to grow your email list. It could end up to be your most valuable marketing asset.

Make a Birthday Offer

A birthday offer should be something like a FREE meal with the purchase of another meal of equal or greater value. Remember, most people celebrate in a group, and the cost of one free entree isn’t a big giveaway against a check of a party of 6, so be as generous as possible.

TIP: Your customer has a birth MONTH, not just a birth DAY. Send people on your June birthday list an email in the last week of May, and again each week in June. If your customer comes back 2x or 3x to redeem more birthday offers, celebrate the success…you have a customer who loves you!

TIP: Grow your list online. You can have a Birthday Club signup form on your website too.

Tip: Use moderncoupon as your coupon engine. For a very small fee, moderncoupon links with your website to distribute coupons, acquire your customers’ contact information and birthday month, and maintain your list for you.