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Add Video to Your Restaurant Website

Add at least one video to your website. There are many benefits to having video on your site.

Benefits of Video On Your Restaurant Website

The first thing I must tell you about video on your website: It should NOT be a commercial message. People do not go online to be pitched a commercial advertisement. They visit your website because they’re in the process of making a decision: where to eat, and what to eat.  Video on your restaurant website should be strictly for information and/or demonstration.

Here are some ideas:

  • A walking and talking visual tour of your dining room(s). Here you can show your seating arrangements. Some people prefer a table with chairs, some prefer a booth. Do you have window seating, perhaps something with a view? Are there any separate rooms where guests can seat a larger party for a business meeting or event? Do you have outdoor seating? Gotta include it in your video.
  • Cooking videos made excellent content for your website. They entertain and demonstrate. 

We know how engaging cooking videos can be-just look at all the cooking shows on TV and recipe videos on YouTube. When people visit your website and see cooking demonstrations, they’ll watch. 

We do business with people we know, like, and trust. A cooking video is a boost to the know-like-trust factor.

Places top upload video to market your restaurant

Make a video once and use it for all kinds of marketing opportunities.

More Benefits of Video

  • Posting to YouTube can help your business. 

Your video should be uploaded and posted to YouTube. YouTube is one of the most widely used websites on the internet. It’s also the #2 most used search engine, right behind Google. Having your video posted and “hosted” there improves your chances of being discovered by more people. 

  • Your videos can be posted on Facebook and most other social media sites. Video beats words and pictures every time. (Remember: NO commercials-just information and demonstration.)
  • It’s possible your videos could actually end up as Google search results. The more your business shows up in search results, the more likely you are to acquire a customer. 

Video has been responsible for a great deal of my success online.