About Andrew Mazer

Website designer-small business

I’m Andrew Mazer. I live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with my wife, 2 school-aged children at home with us and 2 older ones out on their own.

My first business, Mazer Wholesale, Inc. was started as a spinoff from my parent’s old fashioned hardware store in Philadelphia. I started that with $1000 in savings in 1986 at age 21. Today, Mazer Wholesale is still going strong. In year 2000, I took the initiative to learn how to market my business online. I soon began to get new customers online every day, usually several times per day. This has continued for me ever since, including today, as I type this web page. Learning how to get new customers online changed my business and my life.

As a wholesaler, I’ve always taken a great deal of satisfaction in being a part of so many other business owner’s lives. Purchasing products from my company which they would ultimately sell in their stores for a profit, feed their family, pay their rent, employ other people…wow…what a great feeling.

In 2009, I realized in my study and practice of marketing my business online, I had accumulated some very valuable and powerful skills. Bringing this knowledge to other business owners could be even MORE valuable than providing them with merchandise. PLUS, I could serve all kinds of business owners with this information.

By chance, I caught the eye of the Small Business Development Center at Stockton State College(now Stockton State University) in New Jersey. They invited me in to speak to a group of adults aspiring to start or grow a business. It was a marvelous experience and I knew there and then what I wanted my future to look like.

I immediately began assembling small seminars of 12 to 24 business owners and started teaching them my techniques. I called them in for 90-minute talks in small conference rooms and private dining rooms in restaurants. No sales pitch, just good, actionable advice which made sense. Some of them lined up to hire me to do the work for them. Some went back to do it themselves. Some fired their current providers the same day and called me later!

When you need professional services, it’s always good to have a friend in the business. I would like for YOU to consider ME “your friend in the business” because this is how I feel about all my customers and clients.


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