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Build a Calendar Of Events on Your Website-Here’s Why!

This topic of events is probably NOT what you’re expecting. 

You may not THINK you have events, but you probably do. If you don’t, you can…and you should. In this article, I’m going to show you how easy it is to create events and how it makes you website,

Calendar of events-a restaurant marketing strategy

Post a calendar of events and market the events. It’s a great way to keep customers coming back.

social media marketing, and email marketing more potent.

A Calendar of Events is Important for Your Website and All Your Marketing

The first thing you need to understand is, Events don’t require any decorations, music, disc jockey, or any extra expenses at all. Here’s an example from our Monthly Marketing Ideas Calendar which we publish every month:  April 1st is National 1¢ Day. 1¢ Day can be an event!

  • First, you decide what you’re going to sell for 1¢. How about a side dish, an appetizer, a dessert, a $5.00 gift card to use on a future meal.
  • Put it on your website’s Marketing Calendar.
  • Post it on your social media accounts.
  • Aside from a regular Facebook post, you can post an Event on Facebook which get’s more reach than a post (and it’s free).
  • Yelp! provides free marketing of your events.
  • Eventbrite is also a free tool where you can market your events.

The idea here is that you can make an reason to post something on your calendar most days and when you do, it will make a difference. Read on to learn why:

People Look For Events Online

There are some people who find reasons to go out and make their choices around an experience or a theme, and not just for the food. Some love to perform karaoke. Some love to go to a piano bar, or a place where  a guitarist strums gently in the background while they eat. Some people will come on board if you’re running a coat drive: bring in your gently-worn coat and we’ll give you $5.00 off your check. All coats will be donated to XYZ cause.

You can run a discount event for 1st Responders, Nurses, Military Personnel, Little League Baseball Players…

…There are unlimited opportunities to promote your restaurant around themes like these, and all can be promoted on your Events Calendar, and all the other places mentioned above.

There are more opportunities to promote your business than ever before and more ways to reach prospective customers with your marketing message. If you make your website a place where people can go to look for something fun, romantic, or memorable to do, you’ll do more business…more repeat business. Post a calendar of events and let people know about it.

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