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Email Marketing Services

Your customer list is one of the most valuable business assets. With it, you can practically make money at will. Return On Investment Can Be Staggering.

email marketing services

Build a bigger and busier business with professional, affordable email marketing services. CLICK HERE for details.

For most businesses, 80% of their revenue comes from repeat customers and referrals. Email is an affordable method to keep your business in top-of-mind position. Customers return to you more frequently and refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.

Professional, Affordable Email Marketing Service by Small Business U.

  • Builds & Maintains Your Customer Contact List. There’s a direct correlation between the size of your email list and the revenue generated by email marketing.
  •  Sends Consistent, Scheduled Emails- professionally written and with purpose. Some businesses should email once per week. Others, 2x monthly and some 1x monthly.
  • Reminds-Reminds people you exist, reminds them to refer you to their friends, family and business colleagues.
  • Increases The Value of Your Business: Any business with a productive customer list not only generates more revenue, the value of the business and the business’ website increases in value. This is very attractive to a prospective buyer.
  • Birthday Club– Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday. Most people will give us their birthday month with the hope and expectation of receiving a birthday gift. We will build your email system to collect birthdays and deploy Happy Birthday messages and promotions.
  • Permission-Based Marketing– When people give you their email contact information, they have essentially looked you in the eye and said, “Send me your marketing messages.”  What a gift!

Email marketing is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to deliver a marketing message. We’ll work together with you to build a valuable and productive email marketing list and deployment strategy. To arrange a Free email marketing consultation for YOUR business, CLICK HERE.