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Friends and Fans Builder™


email marketing philosophy

You can build a list of 1000’s of followers-CUSTOMERS who want to hear from you. Customers who want to know what’s new and what’s on special. They want to know you remember them.

It’s a well-known fact: We like to do business with people we Know, Like, and Trust. This service helps create a closer relationship with your customers and keeps them coming back more regularly.

Turn More New Customers Into REGULAR Customers

Every time you invest your money on advertising, new potential customer who see your ad will visit your website.

Some of them will click away and forget about you. Some will give you a try.

Some who give you a try will never come back. Others will come back.

The Friends & Fans Builder™ is a combination of services which:

  • Makes your website more appealing so every time you invest in advertising, you get more new customers.
  • Immediately builds a friendly relationship between you (your restaurant) and your new customers.
  • Increases customer retention, which-
  • Builds a bigger base of REGULAR CUSTOMERS.

In addition to all these great benefits, here’s more:

  • Makes your restaurant more visible on Google search.
  • Helps to generate more 5-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp! Facebook, and Trip Advisor.
  • Builds a list of your loyal customers so they never forget you, come back more often, and tell their friends.
Marketing ideas for independent restaurants

Done right, your coupons get your customers to leave their contact information. Your website becomes a REAL marketing tool helping you build a list of Fans & Friends!

Service Description:

I. Website Modifications-Your website is going to start working harder than ever for you.

A. We add some interactive coupons to your website. These coupons deliver the same or similar offers you normally offer in your ads, except for these differences:

1. These coupons collect your customers’ names, birthdays, and email addresses. We keep these for you (more on this later).

2. These coupons increase your visibility online. This means you show up in more Google searches when people are looking for a restaurant like yours.

B. We add a good About Us page to your website (if needed). The About Us page is the #2 or 3 most visited page on a restaurant website. It’s important for an independently-owned restaurant like yours to share your story. Your story is a very important part of your marketing because it makes your restaurant different from all others. Don’t neglect this important element on your website.

C. We add Search Engine Optimization to your website. If you want to be discovered by more new customers who never knew you existed, your website needs to show up in Google search and on iPhone search. Search Engine Optimization makes your website more visible to new, potential customers, and unlike advertising, you don’t have to pay for it every month.

Yes…we’re going to make your website work harder for you, and you’re going to get many more new customers as a result.


We’re Going to Turn More of These New Customers into Regular Customers. To have a truly successful restaurant with a steady cash flow and predictable income, you need an army of loyal customers…these are your Friends and Fans. 

It’s Easier and Cheaper to Get a Repeat Customer back in the Door Than a New Customer.

Restaurant marketing ideas

People who fill out one of these cards are telling you, “Yes!…Send me your specials and news.” These are the people who will come more frequently and also more likely to give you a 5-Star Review.

II. Build a List and Keep in Touch. List Building-The Secret Groupon and All Other Advertising Media Don’t Want You to Know! The only reason you pay for advertising is because THEY have the list of potential customers and a delivery system. You can too. It’s the #1 easiest and cheapest way to keep customers coming back to you.

A. Your customers are going to signup for your monthly email. We’re going to give you 500 personalized Sign-Up cards. These simple signup cards offer your customers a monthly email update of your specials, coupons, and events. There’s nothing better than having 1000’s of customers who raise their hands and say, “Yes! Send me your advertising.”…and they will!

B. Give your signup cards to each table toward the end of their meal. Leave some by your cash register or Hostess stand. Train your wait staff to offer them to everyone. “The Money is In The List.”

C. As mentioned above, your online coupons will be configured to collect customer contact information. Your list will grow quickly.

III. Email: We’re going to build and maintain an automated marketing system so your customers never forget you when they say, “Where are we going out to eat?”!!! REMEMBER: Email is called Permission-Based Marketing. When your customers give you their email contact information, they have given you permission to keep in touch. This is not an intrusion, but rather an invitation

A. Keep in touch with your customers with email 2x per month. Email is the Holy Grail of marketing online. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to keep in touch with your audience…your customers. Keep in touch and your customers will come back more often.

B. Say Happy Birthday. Every customer who gives you their birthday when they sign up to be on your email list, does so with the hope for a special invitation to celebrate at your place. How can you beat that? We’ll setup an email system to send out a birthday email and a special offer (of your choosing) every month to invite those celebrating birthdays.

Get More 5-Star Reviews…It’s SO Important for a Restaurant

IV. Reviews For Results! Achieve and maintain a high review rating on Google, Yelp!, Facebook, and Trip Advisor.

A. We build a new page on your website where it’s easy for customers to leave a review on any of the top Review sites.

B. Customers who fill out and turn in a sign-up card get an email. When we add your sign-ups to your customer list, we also send them an email asking them for feedback on their experience. These are the best customers to ask for a review. Why? Because they just ate at your place. If they didn’t like it, they would not likely want to receive your specials and news. They’re likely eager for your offers. The email will provide a link to your Reviews pages on all these popular review sites.

The Friends & Fans Builder™ builds you a solid customer base and a revenue stream you can count on month after month. It grows and grows and gets bigger and better over time. A typical restaurant can build a list of 1000 or more per year. START NOW!