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Ideas For Social Media Posts, Emails & Promotions, March 2017

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March Holidays, 2017

March – Monthly Holidays                                                                               

National Craft Month

National Kidney Disease Awareness Month

National Nutrition Month

National Professional Social Work Month


March – Weekly Holidays                                                                                 

National Pet Sitters Week                                                                                  Mar 1 – 7

National Consumer Protection Week                                                           Mar 5 -11

National Aplastic Anemia & MDS Awareness Week                                Mar 1 – 6

National PTA Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week                                        Mar 5 -11

Girl Scout Week                                                                                                     Mar 12-18

National Agriculture Week                                                                                March 12 -18

American Nurses Association Week                                                              March 8-10

Sherlock Holmes Weekend                                                                               March 17 – 19

National Button Week                                                                                         March 19 -25

National Animal Poison Prevention Week                                                  March 19-25

Shakespeare Week                                                                                              March 20-26

Act Happy Week                                                                                                    March 20 -26

American Crossword Puzzles Week                                                               March 24 -26

Gathering of Nations PowWow                                                                       March 27 -29

National Cleaning Week                                                                                     March 26-April 1

National Physicians Week                                                                                  March 25-31




3/1/2017              National Peanut Butter Day

3/2/2017              National Read Across America Day

3/3/2017              National Day of Unplugging / National Employee Appreciation Day

3/4/2017              National Grammar Day / National Hug a GI Day

3/5/2017              National Cheese Doodle Day

3/6/2017              National Oreo Cookie Day

3/7/2017              National B Heard Day / National Pancake Day

3/8/2017              National Registered Dietician Nutritionist Day

3/9/2017              National Get Over it Day / National Barbie Day

3/10/2017            National Pack Your Lunch Day

3/11/2017            National Promposal Day

3/12/2017            National Girl Scout Day / Daylight Savings Time

3/13/2017            National Good Samaritan Day / National Napping Day

3/14/2017            National Pi Day

3/15/2017            National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

3/16/2017            National Freedom of Information Day

3/17/2017            St. Patricks Day / National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

3/18/2017            National Sloppy Joe Day

3/19/2017            National Certified Nurses Day / National Chocolate Caramel Day

3/20/2017            National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day / First Day of Spring

3/21/2017            National California Strawberry Day

3/22/2017            National Goof Off Day

3/23/2017            National Chip and Dip Day / National Puppy Day

3/24/2017            Red Nose Day

3/25/2017            National Medal of Honor Day

3/26/2017            Epilepsy Awareness Day

3/27/2017            National Joe Day

3/28/2017            National Something on a Stick Day

3/29/2017            National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

3/30/2017            National Take a Walk in the Park Day

3/31/2017            National Clams on the Halfshell Day



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