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Keep Your Restaurant Website Current

In this installment of the Restaurant Website Checklist, we’re talking about how important it is to keep your website up to date.

Keep Your Website Current

It’s not unusual for a restaurant website to have old promotions like, CELEBRATE NEW YEARS EVE WITH US and we’re already in February.  People who are visiting your site are considering eating at your restaurant. When they see your Valentine’s Day promotion on your website in March, they take notice of this outdated information. Either consciously or subconsciously, they realize it’s sloppy. If your website is sloppy with outdated information, what else is sloppy about your restaurant? If you can’t keep your website current, how will your service be, how will your food be, will your restaurant be clean?

Update Menu Prices

When a potential customer is visiting your website, one of the key items they are looking for is the menu.  They want to see your selection and your prices. Some people plan their meal according to budget. They record or remember the prices so it’s important your menu prices match your website prices. 

Routine Website Maintenance is Worth the Time, Effort, and Expense

Today, the website is the centerpiece of your marketing. Every other marketing investment usually results in people going to your website to get more information. This is why keeping your website current is so important. But there’s other benefits too:

  • Google takes notice every time information is updated on your website. Regular updates keep the Google robots visiting your site and indexing the new data on your site. This is a good thing.
  • Most of the changes and updates you make can be posted on social media or sent out as a message to your customer email list. It’s always good to find a reason to keep in touch with customers.

If you don’t have time to maintain your website or if you’re not happy with your current website provider, we can do this for you. For more information on our services, give us a call (866) 799-2825.

The Restaurant Website Checklist is Free

Download the entire checklist here.  If you want help with any of the items in the checklist, contact us at (866) 799-2825.  We love to help small business owners. Thanks for watching and reading.