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The Perfect Storm Marketing Method™ for Professional Services Businesses

This is How to Sell More of the Products & Services You Sell

Perfect Storm of Marketing Online

"Thank you for all you've done. You gave us so much more than we ever expected."-Amy Kinzel, Be Well Massage

"You are magic. Our website is finally creating a steady flow of new leads."-David C. Interstate Lawsuit Funding​

Fuel the Fire!

With the Perfect Storm Marketing Method™

"This is how to market your professional services business properly and at the lowest possible price."

Does your average customer or client generate $500.00 per year (or $1500 or more lifetime) in profits to your business?

Do you want your website and social media to work harder to generate new leads and real sales?

Are you using email to keep in touch with customers and prospects so you remain in top-of-mind position in order to get reorders and referrals?

Would you like to have a professionally made Done-For-You marketing system​ for less than you'd pay a part-time minimum wage worker?

If you answered yes to these questions, The Perfect Storm Marketing Method™ is for you. What is it? Read on!

Search Engine Optimization-Social Media and Email Marketing Services

"We've never been busier. We're hearing from new customers more than ever".-Scott Sherry, Cherry Hill Residential Overhead Door

The Perfect Storm Marketing Method™ builds your online presence, increases your online visibility and expands your reach into your geographic and target markets...a proven process and system at the core of every successful marketing effort online. 

Want a robust online marketing strategy which will put your biggest competitors to shame? It's yours for less than you would pay a part-time minimum-wage worker. Here's what you get for one low, fixed monthly fee:

Consistent, Expertly Applied Marketing Actions Every Week on Multiple Channels

  • New Content Added to Your Website Every Week*: Each week we'll add one new Search Engine Optimized webpage or blog post to your website and include a Call-To-Action. The search engines love a website in motion...a website which grows and continues to deliver valuable content to your audience makes your business an authority in your field. This page will be at least 350 words of search engine-friendly content to increase the chances of your business showing higher in search results across all search engines. 

*We may determine your existing web pages need to be improved prior to adding new ones. Either way, your website will be come a continuingly more useful marketing tool for both you and your customers.

  • Social Media Posts (content syndication): Each new page or blog post we add to your website will be syndicated across each of your social media properties. We will add your business profile to any platforms where you don't already have one. These post will have a link back to your website. An appropriate image (photo) will be added to each post which increases visibility and engagement. Posts will include Hash Tags to further increase your online visibility when people are looking online for a business, products or topics like the ones your content provides. 
  • Email: Every smart business owner knows gently keeping in touch with leads & prospects will result in more sales. We also know keeping in touch with existing customers will result in repeat sales and referrals. There's no easier, cheaper or better way than with email. We'll help you build your email list and deploy a sensible and effective email marketing system.

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