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Photos Of Restaurant Customers and Food

Have you been to restaurants where there’s a wall (or walls) of photos of customers? It’s difficult NOT to look at them. Are they “regulars,” are they celebrities? It makes you curious, and it also tells you quite a bit. It tells you, “This place is popular. People like it here. People are comfortable here.”

Photos of customers-good marketing

Smiling customers and photos of food, and the background scene all serve to tell a story about the experience people can expect at your restaurant. Photos like these actually help you to attract your ideal type of customer. Everybody wins with smart marketing!

Customer Photos Tell a Big Story

Photos of customers in your restaurant sends a powerful message. The main message being, “We like it here.” This is called Social Proof and an it’s probably the ultimate testimonial.

restaurant marketing ideas

A picture is worth 1000 words. Maybe more!

Why do I say a photo is the ultimate testimonial? Because it’s easy to fake a written testimonial or review, but it’s easy to identify the mood, message, and emotion in a photo. After all, we know a picture is worth 1000 words.

How to Get Customer Photos

Most of your customers have a digital camera with them at all times. ASK them to take photos and send them to you. Give them your email address, invite them to post on your Facebook fan page, ask them if YOU can take a photo. If you’re uncomfortable about putting your customers on the spot, setup a sign on your table or have your server mention an incentive where they will get a discount, a gift card, or dessert if they will cooperate in your mission to build a photo library.

What to Do With the Photos

As with much of your marketing assets, photos can be used for multiple purposes.

When you acquire photos,

  1. Use them on your website,
  2. Make a collage, frame them and frame them to hang up someplace in your restaurant.
  3. Use them in your social media posts.
  4. Post them on your Yelp, Google, and Trip Advisor page.