Print Ad Marketing-Consulting

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print ad consultantPrint ads, also known as space ads are a good way to get your name, your offers, and your brand out to a select region.

Advertising and Marketing Consultant for Small Business -Print Ads-Coupons

We love coupons because they measure feedback. Repeating the same ads over and over again diminishes the value of the feedback. We believe experimenting with offers can lead to business breakthroughs. This is why we recommend advertising on There, small businesses get to post unlimited coupons. They provide a full service of posting your coupons, coming up with unique coupon ideas,, updating and editing your coupons as well as marketing them for you. They work hand-in-hand with all your print advertising because when people see your print ad, they will often visit your website. When they go to your website and see more coupons, they will often make the decision to try you out.

There’s much more to the program which you can learn about if you CLICK HERE.

Offline-To-Online Marketing

You will see a common theme on the pages of this website: Your website can deliver a lot more marketing than your other marketing activities, print ads included. Offline-to-online marketing is a key ingredient to making ALL your marketing efforts and investments more efficient, effective, and profitable.

Print ads don’t last long. They’re soon in the waste basket. But when an ad brings a prospective customer to your website, you have pulled this prospect (and his/her wallet) closer to your cash register.

When you choose to hire us as your marketing consultant, we will bring your offline advertising together with your online marketing to make both work better.