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Restaurant Website Tip #3- Add Photos of your Dining Area

Some people who see your advertising will go to your website to see what your place looks like.

It’s Important to Show Photos of Your Restaurant’s Dining Area

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Some views are better than others, but some people will choose the view of a parking lot over being inside on a warm summer night.

Your customers want to know what it looks like inside your restaurant (outside too). Demonstrate this with photos. Some people have special needs as they relate to their physical condition, and some people have needs regarding their personal preferences, such as booths, tables, window seating, and the availability for larger parties.

Do You Have Multiple Seating Areas In Your Restaurant?

If you have different seating areas, let’s show them all. Do you have a meeting room or banquet room? Do you host networking events, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinner? I know some restaurants who do have a banquet room that can accommodate dozens of people or hundreds of people and they don’t give this its own page on their website. That’s an extremely valuable piece of property there in your restaurant, so you should have an extra piece of property dedicated to it on your website.

Networking groups meet weekly. Some groups meet monthly. Booking these groups is great money you can count on. You want that money, you want that business and therefore you want to show everything you can about the interior of your restaurant.

Show Off Your Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is a major draw these days. If you have it, give it some space on your website. Give it its own page-with photos!