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Small Business Coaching and Consulting

Are you getting those frustrating calls and email every day from marketing companies making big claims about how they will can help you get higher Google rankings?

Small Business Marketing Consultant-Andrew Mazer

I’m Andrew Mazer. I help business owners get more customers, keep more customers, and make more money with long-proven strategies

Whenever you’re in need of professional advice or services, it’s always good to have a friend in the business. It’s about comfort, trust, getting a fair deal, and always getting the truth. It’s also (and especially) about avoiding getting, misled or ripped off.

You need a guy you can trust to get your website right and to be your trusted digital marketing advisor.

We’re ALL getting calls from Yelp!, Groupon, Google, Trip Advisor, Fishbowl, and any number of other marketers and marketing platforms, making offers and promises and it’s quite overwhelming. BUT if you just say “No” to everything, you COULD miss a good opportunity.

I will help you stretch your marketing dollar.

As a small business owner myself, I know you need every marketing dollar to work harder and return more new customers-more profits.

I’ve been a business owner since 1986 (age 21). I still own my very first business, Mazer Wholesale. (Learn more about me and my business background at www.AndrewMazer.com)

When marketing business online became “a thing” in the late 1990’s I began educating myself on the subject. I got pretty good at it. It changed my life.

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I have surrounded myself with other experts in the field of marketing. We learn and share techniques with each other in this fast-paced, ever changing field.

I love serving small business owners.

Need some advice on improving your website, making an advertising decision, planning a Groupon campaign or print ad? You got a guy! Let me help you sift through the B.S. and help you make make a better decision.


Andrew Mazer’s main office is in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He provides small business marketing services to restaurants, retailers, professionals, and service businesses anywhere in the United States.