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Social Media Marketing Service

social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing is an important component of most any local business. But there’s a fine line between effective marketing and a total waste of time and money. CLICK HERE to discuss a sensible social media marketing plan for your business.

Social media marketing is a challenge. It takes a lot of time, planning and coordination. Few businesses are turning their investments of time and money in social media marketing into a profit. Is yours? STOP THE MADNESS!

Smart, Affordable Social Media Marketing

“Marketing” is the key concept here. Let’s not forget it. Social media encompasses a variety of concepts. Marketing is the process of getting new customers and keeping them coming back.  Let’s discuss a Social Media Marketing Plan that’s right for your business. CLICK HERE.

Our Social Media Marketing program is simple. We offer 1 post weekly, 3 posts, weekly, 5 posts weekly or 7 posts weekly on both Facebook and Twitter.

We optimize your profile on these 2 important platforms and GUARANTEE  you’ll reach a specific number of people within a targeted demographic. For example: Females over the age of 30 with household income over $75,000). Our posts reach more than just your “fans”, they reach your ideal audience.

Facebook & Twitter Posts With Purpose

Social media posts with purpose:

  • Your post in front of more people who don’t already know you exist.
  • Your message and offer in front of people who have money to spend.
  • Real marketing messages designed to generate revenue.
  • Build a bigger social media fan base (the right way)
  • Generates more Facebook reviews.