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The Best Search Engine Optimization Expert in Philadelphia

Do you want to sell MORE of what you sell? Of course you do. Higher position in the search results makes the phone ring, the doors swing, and your customers sing the beautiful song, “I found your business online.” THIS is the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

No matter what you sell or what services you provide, there are people online nearly every minute of the day looking for products or services like the ones you sell. If you want your product, your service and your business to be discovered online by people in the Philadelphia area (or anywhere in the world), you need the best search engine optimization specialist on your side.

The 3 Best Things About SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The best thing about having a well optimized website is that a single piece of content on your website can deliver customers for months or even years. In many cases, it even gets better with time. Good SEO can revolutionize your business. It can turn your business around.

  1. New Customers: People who find your business online are often people who never knew about your company. SEO brings new customers. Businesses pay big dollars to sales staff or sales representative. They send people to networking events and conferences…but good SEO is the 24/7 workhorse which works longer and harder for a fraction of the price and it never takes a day off. ‘
  2. They’re Already in Decision-Making Mode: People who find your business because you’re website is well-optimized are already in “buying mode.” They’re actively looking for a product or a service like yours. These people are 75% into their decision-making process.
  3. Good SEO Lasts Longer Than Advertising: A single piece of content on your well-optimized website can deliver customers for months or even years. In many cases, it even gets better with time.
SEO Expert

Andrew Mazer, founder of Small Business U.

“I’ve been leveraging the power of SEO since year 2000 merchandising merchandising physical products and services online. Learning how to make products show up in the search results, Google, Yahoo, Bing and their affiliates, has been a game-changer for me. I became good at SEO and and started getting new customers every day. Hearing these magic words, ‘I found your business online,’ changed my business and my life. I’m Andrew Mazer, Founder of Small Business U.”  Get your FREE SEO Audit and Consultation. CLICK HERE

Top SEO Services Provider

Quick question: You found ME, didn’t you? 

Selling SEO services is a very competitive field. I didn’t pay to have this web site or this web page to show up in the search results. Unless you got here as a result of a social media post or some other link somewhere across the web, you’ve entered some words into a search engine (most likely Google or one of their affiliates) and you found this page.

I became a search engine optimization service provider in 2009. I started by just advising a couple of friends who had businesses. I knew my techniques worked well or me and my business but I wasn’t 100% sure they would work for a limo company, a massage therapist, a garage door sales & service company, or an Indian restaurant…but they did. That’s when I decided I had developed some seriously marketable skills and began giving seminars on the subject on marketing online.

Search engine optimization is not an exact science. It is an ever-changing and evolving set of processes, and as such, it is never actually finished. Many of the search engine optimized web pages and blog posts I’ve created years ago still remain in high positions on search results. However, some can slip down the list and the farther they slip, the less likely they will be seen and engaged by potential customers. This is why I tell my clients, “Google like to see a website in motion.” This means a website which is constant state of change and providing new content is going to be seen by the search engines as keeping up-to-date in its content and its relevance to the audience or marketplace.

Good Search Engine Optimization Techniques Follow Fundamental Principles

Quality search engine optimization is not a trick. It is rooted in fundamentals. The fundamentals can be observed on this page and on this website. The fundamentals of delivering information can be imitated by what you observe on a city street newsstand. A newsstand is packed with information of all kinds, packed in the pages of mostly newspapers, magazines. The newsstand represents the search engine…let’s say it’s Google.

The newspapers and the magazines in a newsstand represent the websites, packed with all matter of topics, subjects, articles, and ads. Each publication features an attention-grabbing headline in an attempt to grab your attention and most likely a stimulating photo as well. This is what a good website would do, right?

Each article in these publications also has a headline, usually a photo, and some subheadlines too…just as this web page has, you see? The headline indicated what the page or article is about. The image is congruent.

Key SEO Indicators

No one will pick up a magazine or a newspaper without a catchy photo and a strong headline…nor will the search engines give a website top positions in the search results if it doesn’t have its content organized in a similar fashion. The elements of good SEO are many. The best of them follow ageless fundamentals of human nature and the ways we react to consuming printed information. It’s really very interesting.

Every article in a magazine has a headline. You would never waste time reading an article if you didn’t know what it’s about. The search engines read the headline on web pages and blog posts in order to gather the gist of the content, just as people do.

Next, the search engines read the first couple of sentences of the content, looking for content which supports the headline. I’m sure you’ve picked up a publication and got immediately bored or disinterested with the content because the author failed to capture your interest. The same is true from the search engine robots which consume website content. Just as the reader will move on to the next thing which captures their attention, so will the search engine bots and the chances of the web page showing up in search results is greatly diminished.

After that, most magazine articles have sub-headlines, also known as subheads. These are usually indicated by bold type in the space between paragraph spaces. Subheads telegraph the highlights of the content of the next paragraph or section of a written piece. The web page you’re reading now is a demonstration of this technique as it’s equally important on web pages as it is for old fashioned ink & paper content.

Subheads are equivalent to headlines but for their specificity to the upcoming content. All these factors count to the search engines whose primary function is to deliver the most relevant content when someone is searching on any subject.

The Purpose of This Article On the Subject of Search Engine Optimization

This article on Search Engine Optimization has been provided to enlighten you on both how and why SEO works in terms of on-site written content. If you have found this article in pursuit of knowledge of the subject of SEO or if you’re looking for the best search engine optimization expert in the Philadelphia area, you could easily come to the conclusion that you found the right guy.

Search engine optimization is a very competitive field. If you’re looking for a top SEO specialist, it’s probably a good idea to find one whose content you found online organically. It clearly means his website (and this web page) have been well optimized.

You found me…didn’t you?

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