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Vote for The Best Blueberry Pie in the USA

Andrew Mazer-Founder at Small Business U

I appreciate you helping me with this experiment.

Thank you for participating in this experiment.

In September, 2016, I was working on helping a client become visible online for a very specific product. In an attempt to prove my theory, I experimented by using my knowledge and skill in search engine optimization (SEO) to make my own business, Small Business U., rank highly on Google for the term The Best Blueberry Pie Near Me. In doing so, I included several specific towns near my home and business which is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This area, just outside of Philadelphia is also referred to as South Jersey. I intentionally named specific towns in South Jersey and also Philadelphia as to support the content and to also, hopefully, rank in multiple areas.

Within about 30 days, that web page, https://smallbusinessu.org/the-best-blueberry-near-me/ , has been ranking on page 1 of Google under The Best Blueberry Pie in Cherry Hill, The Best Blueberry Pie in Mount Laurel, The Best Blueberry Pie in Marlton, The Best Blueberry Pie in South Jersey, The Best Blueberry Pie in Philadelphia, and many others and this page has been there on the first page of the search results ever since.

The other day, I decided to try to rank for the Best Blueberry Pie in the USA. This is much more difficult because there’s so much more competition. There are 1000’s of websites in the USA who have a recipe for “the best blueberry pie”, or blueberry pie for sale, or blueberry pie on their menu.

I hypothesize that if you have helped me out with this experiment by visiting the page THE BEST BLUEBERRY PIE IN THE USA, and then clicked over to this page, Google will pick up on this activity and rank the page.