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Small Business: The Backbone of the American Economy

In a discussion among the founders of Small Business University recently, we debated the

notion of “labeling” our audience “small business owners”.  As business owners we strive to grow and become bigger, right?  One could argue, the word “small” has a negative denotation in the realm of business.  I say, “BALONEY”!

Small Business Powers the American Machine and We ARE the Backbone of the American Economy…Take Pride in It!

Criteria which places companies in the category of “small business” varies by industry and

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specific type of business.  But on average, “small”, a business may have up to 500 employees and do up to $9 million is sales.  Seems to me, one could be a pretty big fish in the small business pond without feeling like a minnow.

Small business employs nearly 90% of working Americans.  Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you’re not big.  Big is a relative term.  I’m talking about serving big.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person show or if you have 500 employees.  Your business matters.

Being in business is a privilege and a responsibility, no matter what level you’re on.

I never had a LOT of employees at any given time but I’ve had dozens over the course of time.  Between all the business owners I’ve touched, customers I’ve served and employees I’ve paid over the years, it’s a remarkable feeling to know I’ve made a difference in many people’s lives.

WE matter as small business owners. And if you work for one, you have no less prestige or importance than of you work for a world-renowned corporation.  

The small business owners I served over the years in my wholesale business have used the merchandise I sold them to resell for a profit so they could pay their bills, their employees and take car of their families.

The employees I’ve paid have built new sets of skills and paid their expenses (and hopefully saved a little) while under my employ.  One of my favorite parts about being in business has been the experience of former employees who have come back for a visit or called me just to say hello.

It Takes Energy, Courage and Hard Work to be a Small Business Owner.  It’s Not Easy.

Nobody thinks it’s easy to be a small business owner.  It’s not easy.  It takes passion, early mornings, weekends and evenings.  We are a special breed.

The Joys of Being a Small Business Owner

One of my core philosophies is “Service to Many Leads to Greatness”.  It’s what drives me to wake up early and hit the ground running every day without ever the need for an alarm clock.

I’m a small business owner and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Small Business University was born of the idea of greater service through delivering information and a networking experience to business people.  On November 10th, we’re celebrating our last major event of the year: Talking Turkey About Business.

Dozens of business owners, executives and professionals will gather to network and learn some key information about sales, maximizing  your networking investment and performance management.  Get more information about this event here.  Don’t miss it!