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Best practices according to google

Optimize Online With Photos

We live in a very visual world today. People consume more pictures and videos now that we have all have pocket sized devices with which to take photosask an expert about marketing a small business online
and record video as well as consume it. Pictures capture attention which then lead us to read on for details.

Effectively Use of Photos: Advice According to Google

This blog post is specifically focusing on recommendations by Google to optimize your local business profile page ( at this point in time it is
called the Google My Business Page, formerly known as Google Places).

Google recommends adding photographs to your Google my business page.
They say specifically that businesses who post new photos have a better chance of their business showing up on the search more often.

If Google is flat-out telling you this is a smart strategy for getting your business more visibility online, I think you should take their advice.
In the video embedded in this post I show a business which I’m aware of and their Google profile image use old and serves only to confuse ho tential
customers. See below for a snippet of Google’s advice.

The business is in Allstate Insurance Agency office. They have taken space in this little shopping center in New Jersey. The photograph which is the
profile photograph for this page does not show the Allstate Insurance office because the photo was taken before the Allstate Insurance office took
over the space. Ideally someone should go out and take a fresh picture of this Shopping Center and post it on the Google my business page. When a
business takes control of their Google my business page they have the ability to add unlimited numbers of photos. I would also recommend to the owner
of this agency to take photographs of the inside. Maybe get some photos of some smile and smiling employees, the Allstate logo, a picture of the
receptionist desk, and maybe the franchise owner. The old image of the shopping center should be removed entirely and refreshed with the new photo.
Besides Google there are other places where a local business profile and be optimized with fresh photos. There’s Yelp and yellow pages and business
finder and plenty of others. You never know how somebody is going to discover your business For the First Time online. It’s a simple exercise anyone
can do and it’s worth an investment of a couple hours to find your online profiles and optimize the information and the photographs.

Search engine optimization for local business

small business online marketing

3 Local Business Marketing Tips

One of the easiest ways to stand out online over your competition is by having a bigger and more complete website. What do I mean by that?ask an expert about marketing a small business online

Search Engine Optimization Is Much About Website Content

A website with more content matching what people are looking for is going to show higher in search results.

Most websites have about four five six pages. Home Page. About Us page. Contact Us. Our Services. Our Mission.
Testimonials. And most business owners can’t imagine what else they could possibly need on their website.

The way to expand your website is to add pages for every single product or service you sell. For example, it’s not
enough just to say you’re an electrician on your website. People don’t always look or an electrician. Sometimes they’re
looking for outdoor patio lighting. Where they may be looking for swimming pool lighting. Or motion detector lighting.
Or they may be looking for LED lights to replace their current lighting. There are all kinds of ways people look for the
things they want online and when you have a page dedicated to each and every service or product you provide you have a
greater chance of getting the higher positions on the search engines for that specific search. When people land on your
website and find that you have a page dedicated to exactly what they’re trying to buy, then your chances of getting the
call is drastically better.

If you own a bakery you might bake bread, rolls, cakes, pies, donuts, cupcakes, danish. Maybe you specialize in certain
items. I would suggest you make web pages or all your products. But you need to start somewhere so first you start with
the things that you specialize in- the things that are most important to you.

Let’s take pies for example. If it were my bakery I would showcase every individual pie that I sell on its own web page.
This way if someone is looking for the best pumpkin pie in town, your bakery would likely occupy the top position in the
search. And you can do this with every single item you sell.

Search Engines Favor Businesses Which Get A Lot of Reviews

Another vitally important aspect of local business marketing today he is acquiring lots and lots of favorable online
reviews. You need to have reviews on Google, Yelp and maybe TripAdvisor, or maybe Home Advisor, depending on your type
of business. It’s very important to ask your customers to review your business, especially when you know you’ve done a
great job serving them. The more favorable online reviews you have the greater the chance that you will show up higher
in search results especially on Google. But lots of people use Yelp as their search engine and your highly rated reviews
will go a long way and getting you new customers.

Mobile Friendly Websites Move Up In Search Engine Rankings

Mobile friendly websites are websites which change their visual form depending upon what type of device is accessing
them. We call this “mobile-responsive.” Google knows if your website is built on a mobile friendly platform. If it’s
not, and if there are other websites competing for the same positions in the search results, your website will drop down
on the results list  and mobile responsive websites will take its place.

If you our website is more than a couple years old there’s a good chance that it was made on a platform which is not
mobile friendly. It is crucial today to have a mobile-friendly website. Portable devices now account for about half of
all website traffic. The search engines favor websites which are mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly
it will drop lower and lower on the search results.

Your website and and should be an asset to your business. It should be a customer acquisition machine. Do you need any
help with these Concepts we are here to help. All you need to do is ask us some your questions and we’re happy to answer
without any cost of obligation.

monthly marketing calendar

Monthly Marketing Calendar for September, 2017

monthly marketing calendar

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September, 2017 Holidays and Marketing Idea-Starters

Use this list to jog your mind so you can create interesting, attention-grabbing Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, In-Store Specials & Promotions, and Email Messages. 

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September – Monthly Holidays

Baby Safety Month
Better Breakfast Month
Classical Music Month
Fall Hat Month
Little League Month
Intergeneration Month
International Square Dancing Month
National Blueberry Popsicle Month
National Chicken Month
National Courtesy Month
National Honey Month
National Learning and Development Month
National Mushroom Month
National Papaya Month
National Piano Month
National Potato Month
National Preparedness Month
National Rice Month
National Sewing Month
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month
Self Improvement Month
Whole Grains Month
National Suicide Prevention Month

March – Weekly Holidays                                                                                    

Sept 1 – 7

National Childhood Injury Prevention Week – September 1-7, 2017

Sept 4 – 8

National Payroll Week

Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week

National Waffle Week

Sept 10 – 16

National Suicide Prevention Week

National Biscuit and Gravy Week

September 9 – 11

National Days of Prayer and Remembrance


Sept 11 – 17

National Assisted Living Week

Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week

National Environmental Services Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Nephrology Nurses Week


September 13 – 21

National Eczema Week


September 17 – 24

National Farm Animals Awareness Week

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

National Singles Week

National Keep Kids Creative Week

National Security Officer Appreciation Week


September 25 – 30

Active Aging Week

Health Information and Technology Week

National Fall Foliage Week


DAILY HOLIDAYS             

9/1/2017              National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

9/2/2017              National Blueberry Popsicle Day

9/3/2017              National Welsh Rarebit Day

9/4/2017              National Labor Day

9/5/2017              National Day of Charity

9/6/2017              National Read a Book Day

9/7/2017              National Beer Lover’s Day / National Grandma Moses Day

9/8/2017              International Literacy Day / National Ampersand Day / Stand Up To Cancer Day

9/9/2017              National Teddy Bear Day

9/10/2017            World Suicide Prevention Day / National Grandparent’s Day

9/11/2017            Anniversary of 9/11 / Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

9/12/2017            National Video Games Day / National Day of Encouragement

9/13/2017            National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

9/14/2017            National Eat a Hoagie Day

9/15/2017            National LGBT Center Awareness Day / Greenpeace Day / Day

9/16/2017            National Play-Doh Day / National Stepfamily Day

9/17/2017            Wife Appreciation Day

9/18/2017            National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day / National Cheeseburger Day

9/19/2017            Talk Like a Pirate Day

9/20/2017            National Punch Day

9/21/2017            International Day of Peace

9/22/2017            AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day / American Business Women’s Day

9/23/2017            National Great American Pot Pie Day

9/24/2017            National Cherries Jubilee Day

9/25/2017            National Comic Book Day / National One Hit Wonder Day

9/26/2017            National Pancake Day

9/27/2017            National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

9/28/2017            National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

9/29/2017            National Coffee Day

9/30/2017            National Hot Mulled Cider Day

Marketing calendar for August

August Holidays 2017

Hahah…and you thought there were no holidays in August!

Marketing Ideas for Small Business in The Dog Days of Summer

August Marketing Calendar

Monthly Holidays For August, 2017

National Crayon Collection Month
Family Fun Month
National Catfish Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Golf Month
National Peach Month
National Water Quality Month
Romance Awareness Month
National Coffee Month
National Goat Cheese Month

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Weekly Holidays for the Month of August

August 1 – 7

International Clown Week
National Bargain Hunting Week
National Minority Donor Awareness Week

National Psychic Week
Simplify Your Life Week
World Breast Feeding Week

August 6 – 10

National Scrabble Week – August 6-10

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August 7-13

National Fraud Awareness Week
National Farmers Market Week
National Health Center Week August

National Smile Week
National Apple Week
National Assistance Dog Week

Exercise with Your Child Week
August 8 – 12

Elvis Week – August 8-12

August 14 – 20

National Motorcycle Week
National Resurrect Romance Week
August 15 – 21

National Aviation Week

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August 19 – Sept 5

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over
August 25 – 31

Be Kind to Humankind Week

Daily Holidays

8/1/2017          National Raspberry Cream Pie Day / National Minority Awareness Day / Respect for Parents Day

8/2/2017          National Coloring Book Day

8/3/2017          National Watermelon Day / National Grab Some Nuts Day

8/4/2017          National Coast Guard Day

8/5/2017          National Mustard Day

8/6/2017          National Root Beer Float Day / American Family Day

8/7/2017          Purple Heart Day / Lighthouse Day

8/8/2017          National Happiness Happens Day / National Frozen Custard Day

8/9/2017          National Rice Pudding Day / National Book Lovers Day

8/10/2017        National Lazy Day / National S’mores Day

8/11/2017        National Sons and Daughters Day / National Presidential Joke Day

8/12/2017        International Youth Day / National Middle Child Day / National Garage Sale Day

8/13/2017        International Lefthanders Day

8/14/2017        National Creamsicle Day

8/15/2017        National Relaxation Day

8/16/2017        National Tell a Joke Day / National Rum Day / National Roller Coaster Day

8/17/2017        National Thrift Shop Day

8/18/2017        National Mail Order Catalog Day / National Ice Cream Pie Day

8/19/2017        Orville Wright’s Birthday / National Soft Ice Cream Day

8/20/2017        National Radio Day

8/21/2017        National Senior Citizens Day

8/22/2017        National Tooth Fairy Day

8/23/2017        National Hug Your Boss Day

8/24/2017        National Waffle Day

8/25/2017        National Whiskey Sour Day / National Kiss and Make Up Day

8/26/2017        National Dog Day / National Women’s Equality Day

8/27/2017        National Just Because Day

8/28/2017        National Cherry Turnovers Day

8/29/2017        International Day Against Nuclear Tests

8/30/2017        National Grief Awareness Day

8/31/2017        National Trail Mix Day

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Small business marketing ideas

How to Advertise Free Online

The purpose of Small Business U. and the information we provide is to help business owners navigate the minefields of marketing, advertising, necessary computer equipment, tools & technology, and to protect you against perils and expense of misinformation so you can make better decisions on these topics.

This post is contains information which is easy to understand, easy to implement, requires no technical skills and, the value of which should not be underestimated.

There’s much more information in the article below than in the video. The video is 15 minutes but you can read the post in 6 minutes. 
If you have any questions or comments about anything on this video or article, CLICK HERE.

Free Online Advertising and Marketing For Any Small Business

There’s no need to be tech-savvy to leverage many of the free marketing and advertising resources on the web. Want more new customers? In this post you’re going to learn five ways to expand your online footprint so your business become can become more visible online. If you want new customers who don’t already know you exist, I’m about to teach you how to do it.

1. Do a Google Search of Your Phone Number

The first thing you do is type your business phone number into a Google search. Look at the results. I advise you to do this on a laptop or desktop computer so you can see all the search results.


You’re probably going to find your phone number is listed on some websites you’ve never heard of. Click on them. It’s very likely you have your business profile on websites you never knew existed!

However, many of them will probably have incomplete or sometimes incorrect information about your business.

Most of these websites will give you the opportunity to claim your listing and modify it. Take advantage of this free advertising opportunity.

A. Make sure your business address and phone number are accurate. Sometimes these websites get this Vital Information wrong.

B. Add your website address. If someone visits this page you want your website address to be there as a clickable link so they can visit your website directly.

C. Add your logo and photos. Most of these sites will allow you to upload dozens of photos. Take advantage of this, especially on Google and Yelp.

Local business marketing ideas

This image illustrates how you can have your business profile and website link on many different online directories and search engines. All these points get thousands or even millions of monthly visitors. And when you have a presence there, it creates a sort of gravitational pull when someone is online looking for a business, product or service like yours.

D. Thoroughly describe your business, products, and services. Use whatever resources these website make available. Take advantage of this and be as thorough as possible.

How to Keep Up With Your Competitors Online

2. Spy on Your Competitors Online and Expand Your Marketing Reach

This will be an eye-opener and a possible marketing breakthrough for your business. Type the phone number of your competitors into a Google Search and compare the results with yours!

Is your business listed everywhere your competitors are listed? If not click on those listings. Most of them will have a link or a button somewhere on the page which says “add a business.”

Add your business profile to every Free Directory possible. I’ve been providing this service to local business owners ever since the search engines and directories for local businesses first began to emerge and bring focus to “local business” marketing. I call it the internet gravity wheel.

It was and still is the cornerstone of my message in seminars consulting and services we provide at Small Business University.

If you have any questions or comments about anything in this article, CLICK HERE.

Online review strategies, advice,ideas

Online reviews are an amazing marketing opportunity. Read on!

Online Reviews as Free Advertising

3. Online Reviews-A Powerful (and FREE) Marketing Weapon

Yelp, Google, Home Advisor, Facebook, these are all places (and there are others) were you can acquire online reviews. These are valuable opportunities most businesses neglect. In fact, most business owners frown upon them because there is source of headache. But they truly are a marketing opportunity and I’ll explain why:

A. The Search for Online Reviews Puts Your Business in Front of More People Actively Looking for a Business Like Yours RIGHT NOW. Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers refer to online reviews when making buying decisions these days. If you have a presence on review sites, you will be seen. Often, you don’t even have the choice of having a presence on review sites because they’ll put you on without your knowledge. It’s a reality we have to live with so we might as well make the best of it. People who look at reviews are almost always in the process of making a buying decision very, very soon.

B. Take Control of Your Profile. When you intentionally add your business profile to review sites or claim a review site which is was done for you, then you will have the ability to modify and optimize your profile. You may also be notified by email (depending upon the site) when someone leaves an online reviews and this is the opportunity.

C. Positive Reviews

Obviously positive reviews are essential. And your business you should take every measure to make sure your customers know you plan to deliver a five-star experience. When I work with restaurants for example, I recommend printing and inserting a card inside the menu which reads something like this:  “Thank you for joining us for dinner. Your satisfaction is our priority. If your experience tonight is anything less than perfect, please let us know now. We’re here to serve you to the best of our ability and to deliver a great experience. The chef is in the kitchen right now whipping up his/her amazing creations and every one is made to order, so please be patient.”

On the bottom of this card, it reads: “To get our weekly specials list, coupons, and a birthday gift, fill out the form below” where thee’s a place for at least 2 names and email addresses.

By insisting that customer to let us know of any dissatisfaction now, during the meal, this card effectively gives the customer bit of responsibility for their satisfaction and has has effectively reduced negative reviews and improved the quality of reviews overall.

Further, those who fill out their contact information are clearly interested in returning to the restaurant and will likely cooperate if asked to provide a positive review. Even of you’re not in the restaurant business, can you think of a way to prepare your customers in advance to assure a quality experience?

D.  Negative Reviews: Turning Lemons into Lemonade.

Negative reviews can even turn positive if you handle them in a positive way. Let’s face it, some people just want to find something to complain about. Also, sometimes it’s possible to have a quality or service failure. Negative reviews are inevitable.

The good news is, you can respond to negative reviews and if you do it in a classy fashion, potential customers can read your classy of response. A classy response will garner respect for you. The negative review is neutralized. In some cases you can even win back the unhappy customer who could actually become a raving fan. This is good stuff.

E. Repurpose Your Reviews

You can copy and paste positive reviews from the review sites onto your own website. Adding a page of testimonials on your site is smart marketing. You can even link them back to their source (on Yelp, for example), which confirms their legitimacy.

YouTube as a Marketing Powerhouse and it’s FREE

Marketing with Youtube

Need help leveraging YouTube for your business? We can help! Call 1-866-799-2825 or CLICK HERE

My last and very effective recommendation for free advertising online is YouTube. By having videos on YouTube, You’re effectively adding content to the world’s number two search engine behind Google. YouTube videos can also be easily embedded onto your website. The topic of video marketing can fill a book. I won’t go into great length here but I WILL be writing more on this topic. I’m very passionate about it.

I will say that effective videos online are not like TV commercials. Instead, they’re more like helpful tips or demonstrations which add value to the consumer experience. Informational and demonstration videos position you as the helpful expert and your business as the trusted business in your field.

Anyone with a smart phone has a camera good enough to capture video to post on YouTube and your website. It’s truly a gift.


If you have any interest in learning more about any of these topics, please give me your feedback here. Perhaps we can do a webinar or an online group discussion. Likewise, if you want me to go into depth in any of these topics let me know that too. Thank you for reading this post.

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Small business Video marketing

Marketing Small Business With Video

This post is about using video to help you Market your Small Business Online. I’m qualified to talk on this subject because I’ve been using video for about 10 years at this point to market my wholesale business and specific merchandise in particular.

What are the benefits of using video for a small business like yours?

There are a lot of benefits to marketing your business with the help of video. I won’t mention them all on this blog post because the list would just be too long. Here are some of the highlights.

First of all, it’s super easy. Technology today makes it easy. If you have a smartphone, you have a video studio in your hand or in your pocket at almost all times. If you have a tablet or a laptop computer you have a video cam built in. A good quality webcam can be purchased for less than $30 and can be attached to any computer built in 2010 or later.


YouTube for Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing your business on YouTube is free. It’s free to create your own broadcasting channel on the internet for the world to access. In your small business, the chances are you’re not really worried about communicating with the whole world, you just want to communicate with the local area that you serve or a certain demographic who may be interested in the products or Services you sell. What a gift!

By having a video posted on YouTube you are placing high-quality video content on the world’s second most important search engine. Yes, YouTube is the number to search engine behind Google. So many people today turn to YouTube so they can watch and listen to information rather than read it.

Good Marketing Requires Informational Videos, NOT Commercial Ads!

Good video marketing on YouTube means delivering value in the form of information, not commercials. People don’t tune in to YouTube to watch commercials. They tune in to either be entertained or informed. Unless you’re a magician, a singer, a comedian or offering some other form of sensational entertainment, stick with giving people want:  to get answers to their questions.  They want to know how to do something or otherwise scratch an itch to satisfy some curiosity or need to know.

YouTube Is Easy to Use

A YouTube video is easily embedded on any typical website without special skills. So you create a video, uploaded to YouTube, and grab a short piece of code which is readily available on your YouTube video and then paste it into a certain spot in the back end of your website. Again, it’s very easy to do and if you can’t or don’t want to do it it’s easy to find someone who can, it only takes a couple of seconds. Another good reason to create video is to have content for your social media posts. All you need to do is write a couple of sentences on a social media post and copy and paste a link right into the post and now your Facebook fans can read your post and watch your video.


Online video is a gift that keeps on giving. It never goes away. If the video is good and people like it, they will watch it all the way through. When people watch your video all the way through YouTube recognizes this as valuable content. If people are watching it all the way through it naturally means people are getting something good from it. Google and YouTube are the same company. Their objective is to provide the best content results on the web. Therefore, if your video is popular it will become even more popular because people are watching it.

Making Viral Videos

You’ve probably heard the term viral video but you don’t need to create videos which go viral to be successful with video for your own small business. In the past 10 years I have accumulated approximately 1 million video views across all my videos on the Mazer Wholesale YouTube channel. Considering some videos get a million plays within a couple of days sometimes that doesn’t seem like much but 1 million video plays has resulted in helping me make tremendous numbers of sales totaling at least several hundred thousand dollars and maybe even more. Almost everyday people actually subscribe to the mazerwholesale YouTube channel. That means every time I make a video and post it on the mazerwholesale YouTube channel all of those 700 plus people are getting a an email from YouTube saying mazerwholesale just posted a new video. I am building an audience.
I have only just begun creating content for The Small Business University YouTube channel. I am determined to create value enough for small business owners all over the world to enjoy the content I share and eventually start subscribing to this channel. I hope you do. Thank you for watching this. There will be lots more to come. There are lots more valuable aspects to sharing your expertise and your products and services on YouTube and on your website. You are welcome to contact me personally anytime. The phone number is 866-799-2825 and I welcome you also too like our Facebook fan page which is small business you org

I’m Andrew Mazer founder of small business you and I’m passionate about helping small business owners succeed. Thank you so much for watching my videos and reading the blogs.


Marketing Ideas for the Month of July

July, 2017 Marketing Ideas Calendar

The Marketing Ideas Calendar is provided to help you come of with ideas to make your business communications unique so you can stand out from the crowd. Challenge yourself to use some of these in your email marketing, social media posts, and in-house promotions. The more you differentiate from your competitors, the more you’ll stand out, and the more chatter there will be about your business. This can only help when you deliver in good humor and good taste.

July’s Holidays, 2017

World Watercolor Month

National Anti-Boredom Month

National Baked Bean Month

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

National Culinary Arts Month

National Grilling Month

National Horseradish Month

National Hot Dog Month

National Ice Cream Month

National Independent Retailer Month

National July Belongs to Blueberries Month

National Picnic Month

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Weekly Holidays

July 3 -9

Be Nice to Jersey Week
July 4 -10

Nude Recreation Week
July 10-16

National Farriers Week
Everybody Deserves a Massage Week
Week of Major League All-Star Baseball Game
July 17-21

Captive Nations Week
National Zoo Keeper Week
National Parenting Gifted Children Week
July 24-28

National Moth Week

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Daily Holidays

7/1/2017          National Postal Worker Day  / National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

7/2/2017          World UFO Day

7/3/2017          National Fried Clam Day

7/4/2017          Independence Day (USA) / National Barbecued Spareribs Day

7/5/2017          National Apple Turnover Day

7/6/2017          National Fried Chicken Day

7/7/2017          National Strawberry Sundae Day / World Chocolate Day

7/8/2017          National Chocolate with Almonds Day

7/9/2017          National Sugar Cookie Day

7/10/2017        National Pina Colada Day

7/11/2017        All American Pet Photo Day / National 7-Eleven Day

7/12/2017        National Simplicity Day

7/13/2017        Rock Worldwide Day / National French Fry Day

7/14/2017        Collector Car Appreciation Day

7/15/2017        National Give Something Away Day / National Pet Fire Safety Day

7/16/2017        National Ice Cream Day

7/17/2017        World Emoji Day / World Day for International Justice

7/18/2017        National Sour Candy Day / National Caviar Day

7/19/2017        National Daiquiri Day

7/20/2017        Get to Know Your Customers Day

7/21/2017        No Makeup Day / National Junk Food Day

7/22/2017        National Hammock Day

7/23/2017        National Parent’s Day  / National Hot Dog Day

7/24/2017        National Tequila Day / National Cousins Day

7/25/2017        National Merry-Go-Round Day / National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

7/26/2017        National Aunts and Uncles Day

7/27/2017        National Scotch Day

7/28/2017        National System Administrator Appreciation Day  / National Talk in an Elevator Day

7/29/2017        National Chicken Wing Day / National Dance Day

7/30/2017        International Day of Friendship / National Father-in-Law Day

7/31/2017        National Raspberry Cake Day / National Mutt Day

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marketing tools and tips

Online Marketing Tools and Tips

In this post I’m going to describe 4 tools that I use frequently to help me create content for my website. These actually capture my voice, video, and create written content all at the same time. Talking to the camera to describe or demonstrate products and services is a great way to reach potential customers and establish trust and expertise. It adds excellent website content at the same time.

Make sure you read the blog post below because it contains some extra content not included in the video.

Tips for Making Online Video Tutorials

I do a lot of video tutorials to talk about my products and services and also to give helpful information as I’m doing right now.

The video-capture software I use when I’m at my desk and talking into the webcam is called Zoom.  You can check it out at It’s GREAT and it’s free! (I imagine there are some extra bells and whistles you can pay for if you need them but so far, I’ve been loving the free version.) With Zoom, you can hold online group meetings or do what I do and simply capture myself speaking to my webcam.

Good Webcam Recommendation

Speaking of webcams I have an external webcam which I use called Logitech HD 720P. It works very well and even though I have a special lighting available, I don’t even use it because this webcam along with the natural lighting in my office, I fell, is sufficient. It’s only in the $30-$40 range and it’s better than the one that’s built into my laptop. It also has a very decent microphone.

Good Microphone Recommendation

Although my webcam has a decent microphone, I already have a high-quality external microphone to recommend, and that’s my next tool to talk about. It’s called the Blue Yeti. The Blue Yeti is a high quality desk top microphone which I learned about from studying other online marketing experts. It costs between $120-$150. It does make a significant difference when you have good quality audio to accompany your video.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of amateur  videos on YouTube (most are, and that’s fine, so are mine) and sometimes the audio is awful and it’s terribly distracting. Audio quality is super important  in video so if you’re going to use it to talk about your products and services as I do, decent audio quality is really important.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to produce some really good quality information and deliver it with class online.

Free Voice to Text Technology

And the next tooltip I have for you is Voice-To-Text and it’s how I  created the majority of this article. I just spoke into my Blue Yeti microphone while having a Google app called VoiceNote II Speech to Text.

Voice-to-text software used to be very expensive, but no more. This app is great. All you need to do is use Google Chrome web browser and it comes free with a bunch of other terrific apps. Just activate the app and start talking.

I plug in my high quality Blue Yeti microphone and I’m off to the races just talking to the mic on the topic of my choice and by the time I’m done I’ve got several hundred words worth of information. Then I copy and paste right into a blog post on my website.

how to sell products and services online

How to Sell More Products or Services With Your Website

I’ve acquired 1000’s of customers and sold millions of dollars worth of products and services using this technique. Watch the video but also read the article. The article contains additional information not mentioned in the video.


Is your website a 24-hour a day sales representative acquiring new leads, new customers and real sales? In order to sell your products or services to new customers who never previously knew of the existence of your business, you need to learn:

How to Get Your Business and Your Website Discovered Online

The video on this page describes how I sold 4000 pieces of some obscure item which is been on my website for over 7 years without ever having sold a single one before this particular sale. (In fact, I don’t even have a single one in stock. I sold it first, THEN I purchased it from our vendor.) I sell a lot of stuff this way.
The point is, whatever you sell, whether you sell physical products or whether you sell services there are people looking for it online at some point in time. Here I’m going to give you a few tips on

How to get your website, describing your products or services visible on the search engines when someone is looking for them.

Here’s the method I use to sell more products and services for my business and for my clients’ businesses:

  • Make a web page for every single thing starting with the most important, and most profitable products or services. Since you can’t do this all at once at the flip of a switch you might as well go in priority order. I asked the following questions:
  • What are the products or Services you like to sell or deliver the most?
  • What are the most profitable products or Services you like to provide the most? In most cases they are the same but not necessarily. It doesn’t matter.

This is just our starting point. We start with the highest priorities and then continue to the lesser priorities. The personal mini fan is a perfect example. It’s not a “hot” item so it was very low on the list to get on our website. It DID, however, end up on the site and therefore, I sold 4000 pieces at a handsome profit.

About 7 years ago, I or someone in my company invested about 10 minutes to post this item. That 10 minutes cost about $5.00. Not another dime or a minute of time was invested in marketing that item again. The return…about $1000 in net profit. The customer uses this item as part if a kit and will very likely come back and purchase it again in the future.

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Good Search Engine Optimization Technique

Don’t neglect this very good search engine optimization technique because you were too cheap or too lazy to do it. I’m demonstrating the power of this method with a cheap and obscure item. The products and services you supply are likely in higher demand and worth a lot more. I can not emphasize this enough: Every item and every service should have its own page dedicated to describing it in complete detail. 

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The ability to market your business online in this way is truly a gift. Why do I say this? Because when someone is looking for a product or service like the ones you sell, they are actively in the decision-making process and when they land on your website and they see exactly what they’re looking for your chances of converting a sale are very, very good.

The old Yellow Pages used to do a good job this way. If you spent a few hundred dollars a month you could get a small ad in the phone book under your specific category and when people were looking for a business, a product, or a service like yours and they dialed your number you had the same situation… a potential customer in the decision-making process. This is someone who is 80% sold in advance. But as you know, that old phone book has been replaced by the internet. And to the extent to which you invest time effort or money (or all of the above), your chances of moving up in the search and being seen by potential customers is increased. Drastically increased.

A Well Optimized Page Will Deliver More Customers

Have you ever noticed that you don’t always land on a company’s home page when you visit a website from a search you have done on Google? You will often land on a specific page of the website. That is the page which most matches the criteria of your search. This is why I recommend optimizing every single product or service with a dedicated page your website.

For advice on how to implement this strategy in your own business, all you need to do is call Small Business U at: 866-799-2825

A FREE Consultation on This Strategy is Available. All you need to do is ask! CLICK HERE or Call: 1-866-799-2825

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Avoid this website mistake

Is Your Website Not Getting Enough Traffic?

Whatever you make do or sell their people looking for it online. If the search engines aren’t displaying your website when people are looking for a business or product like yours, it’s unlikely you’re going to get new customers unless you pay for advertising (and that’s sooo 20th century, dude).

Possibly the Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistake

In the video on this page, I describe one of the biggest and surest SEO mistakes that’ll get your website blacklisted by Google. Because I don’t script my videos, I sometimes don’t tell the whole story so this blog post fills in the gaps. (And, if you haven’t picked up on it, this is also my way of creating Search Engine Optimized content.)

In Preparation for a Meeting with a Local Business Owner

I’ve written this post because I recently met a local business through one of the business-to-business networking sites. It may have been Linkedin or a new one called Alignable. He looks like he may be a good referral source since we probably serve similar types of clients but in a non-competitive way. As a search engine optimization professional, prior to our meeting, I took a close look at the business’s website to see if there’s any way I can provide some advice and value to the business owner in the meeting.

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Major SEO Flaw

This company’s website is very clean and nice looking but I found a major flaw which could have a seriously detrimental impact on the SEO of the website.

I took a look at the SERVICES page which has listed a lot of services and all those services were hyperlinked to website pages describing those particular services. This is a technique I use myself and for my clients and so I was really impressed. HOWEVER, when I clicked on one the links and read the content, it seemed very generic. Something was missing…so I investigated.

Free SEO Tool Discovers Plagiarized or Duplicate Content

There’s a free SEO tool which checks website content for original or plagiarized content. The tool is demonstrated in the video on this page. The results: the tool showed  75% of the content was plagiarized, meaning it was copied and pasted from another website.

Most business owners leave it to their website developer to do the content creation for their website. Many businesses, especially professional services business, join a membership where they get monthly marketing done FOR them. The problem is, the content is the same as dozens (or hundreds, or even thousands) of other similar businesses around the country.

Getting content for your ink & paper or email newsletter in this way is fine. But it’s a definite NO-NO for website content.

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Duplicate Content Will Never Get Ranked in the Search

Google and the other search engines utilize incredibly smart robots which record and index content on billions of websites. Original content is rewarded and duplicate content is not. The pages on a website containing content from other websites are not likely to show up on search results. Therefore, the magic of landing new customers as a result of them finding you online are seriously diminished.

As a business owner, you should make sure whomever is populating your website pages with content is using original content. 

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