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Do you have a really special product or service you’re really good at, love to do and make good money at it? This is really common in most businesses. In fact, a lot of businesses started with one single item or service which was the seed, the foundation, from which the business grew. This article is a demonstration on how to get your business and your website to become visible for specific items or services you provide.

where to get the best blueberry pie in south jersey

Looking for the best blueberry pie in South Jersey?

You may have a number of items or services you’ve become excellent at delivering. I’m suggesting you start with one and periodically, systematically and consistently add one more. Start with the ones you’re passionate about, the ones which are profitable and the ones for which you have a great reputation. We don’t make nor sell blueberry pie, but I’m going to demonstrate how to become visible for the item. This blog post will be dated and I will watch to see how long it takes for Small Business U to show up in search results for a dessert treat which many people may, at any given time, type into a search:

The Best Blue Berry Pie Near Me

If you’re in the mood for a delicious slice of blueberry pie, you have found it here at SBU in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. You may think Cherry Pie would be the pie of choice here in Cherry Hill, (and believe it…we make a darn good cherry pie too), but it’s really just a matter of taste!

Did you know that Hammonton, New Jersey is the Blueberry Capital of the World? It’s true. Right here in South Jersey we’re blessed with an abundance of plump, sweet, delicious blueberries and all the pies we make all year ’round are made with blueberries grown right nearby.

Stop by for a slice of blueberry pie. Would you like a scoop of ice cream with that? How about a fresh, hot cup of coffee?

Blueberry Pies in South Jersey

Whole blueberry pies are also available right here in our Cherry Hill location. We’re just minutes away from Philadelphia, Marlton, Haddonfield, Voorhees, Moorestown, and Mount Laurel.

Blueberry Pies Come With a Selection of Crusts

blueberry pie in South Jersey Cherry Hill

The best blueberry pie is right here in South Jersey. It’s worth the trip!

It’s always worth the trip to our Cherry Hill store in Southern New Jersey because you’re almost always going to experience a new twist on blueberry pie. Depending on the season we may have up to 6 different crusts on our freshly baked pies. The Almond Crumble is a favorite in late summer and fall. We make the lattice-crust blueberry pie every day sprinkled with course-ground raw sugar crystals.

Blueberry pie lovers, come and enjoy this South Jersey treat in our one and only location in Cherry Hill, NJ

Although we have the best blueberry pie recipes, this one is pretty good too:

Who Has The Best Blueberry Pie?

Well, for now it right here at SBU but it could be YOU.

This is an example of what’s called Organic Search Engine optimization. By the merit that this post will probably ra-nk highly for likely searches for blueberry pie in areas around South Jersey, -Philadelphia, and other towns in the area, it is evidence my systems and processes are effective. The sales you will make by having a presence on the search engines will far outweigh the cost, time and effort to optimize a post or page on your website for a specific product or service you’re passionate about and profitable.

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