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Marketing tips for small business

Easy Marketing Tip-Just 2 Words

I don’t know who said it first, I think I heard it from Joe Polish. The saying is, “Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.” In this case, marketing is what happens when the bill has been paid and the transaction is completed. Praise goes out to the retail store, Five Below, for listening to my complaint and responding with speed and sincerity. 

It’s easy to stand out against just about all others in your industry by doing the simplest, easiest, most obvious, common sense things.

Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer from small business university where the philosophy is one good idea can change your business and change your life. I’m going to tell you a quick story today about something that happened last night after I got The High Impact Marketing Newsletter by Mike Capuzzi. I’m a member of his high impact marketing club and Mike is a friend of mine and a very good marketing brain. His stuff is really, really good. And when I get the newsletter I try to set aside some time to go through it right away. It’s several pages and it’s very, very valuable. So I decided to take the kids out for water, ice and bring the newsletter with me, and while they ate their water ice, I’d sit on the bench and go through some of the newsletter. And so the kids decided that, since Five Below, a discount store that has mostly a kid’s stuff in it, they decided to trade their opportunity for water ice to go to Five Below and get a treat there.

So we walked over to Five Below and , my daughter picked out something and, my son changed his mind, decided to go back for water, ice. But anyway, we got to the counter, the guy took our money and , gave me the change in the receipt and that’s it. No, “thank you.” And that is like my biggest pet peeve, I think, whenever I go to a place and they don’t say thank you when they take your money…when they take my money, it really, really pisses me off. I mean, every cashier, every owner, every manager should train their cashiers to say thank you. And it really makes me crazy when the owner doesn’t do it. But it’s crazy. You’re supposed to. I mean, they look at you like you’re supposed to thank them for buying something at their store. Man, that drives me nuts.

Customer service mistakes can cost $1000’s

And the real irony is that Mike Capuzzi was talking about mistakes. Look at the headline, Do You Make This Mistake in Business? And he talks about a bunch of mistakes that people make in their business.

This is like the one that I hate the most-when people don’t say Thank You. So it was really ironic that this newsletter came at the same afternoon I had this experience. And so, when I got home I went onto the Five Below website and I just had to get it out of my system. So I dug in and I found a place where I could contact consumer affairs desk or, or whatever they call it. And I sent an email and I told them that I must have been in their store 50 times, and I don’t think anybody ever said thank you when they took my money.

I woke up early in the morning, but by 8:30 in the morning I got an email back from Five Below and they were sincerely concerned about my experience. And they said, thank you for bringing this to our attention. And if you would please let us know where you shopped last night or if you usually shop at different stores. Let us know more about what happened and we’ll see if we can fix up that situation. And I told them that, I always go to the same place. I’ve been to other stores, but I can’t really put my finger on that, on the locations, but I’ve been to this store before. I told them where it was. The lady got back to me and she says, “There’s a gift certificate in the mail for you for 25 bucks.”

Now I didn’t do it for the gift certificate. I’ll take the gift certificate, but it didn’t do it for the gift certificate. And I’m not telling you to do it so you can go get a gift certificate. But I’m telling you that number one, if you’re in the restaurant business, the retail business, any kind of business, were you dealing with the public…if you don’t take a moment to make some eye contact and say thank you or send a thank you email or a thank you card or something, you’re leaving something on the table. I think a lot of people may be numb to it now. They don’t even expect a thank you. So even if you do give a thank you and they’re not expecting it, you’re a leg up on most other businesses out there, so I highly recommend you do everything you can to thank people for giving you money.

Okay, so please, business owners get with it. The least you could do is say thank you when somebody gives you a piece of business.

I’ll  give another shout out to Mike Capuzzi and The High Impact Marketing Letter. Give it a try. If you’re in business, you’re going to learn some valuable stuff and surround yourself with more smart people and great business ideas. Learn about The High Impact Marketing Club at

I always say one good idea can change your business and change your life. And this newsletter is always full of good ideas and just being in Mike Capuzzi’s world will definitely introduce you with a bunch of good ideas. So that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Sign up for The One Good Idea Newsletter so you never miss a valuable article, video, or idea. . Check out the blog and catch you next time. Thanks for watching and reading. Share this with a friend and on your favorite social media spot.

Small business marketing tips-permission based marketing

The Best Marketing is Permission-Based Marketing

When I owned a warehouse and sold merchandise to independent retailers, I knew I could buy 100 cases of just about anything and sell it almost at will. Why? Because I had a big list of customers who wanted to know when I had a good deal on something. In the early days, I would call them one-by-one. when fax machines became ubiquitous, I’d send fax offers. When email came around, I sent emails. The point is: having a list of customers who welcome your offers and marketing messages is as good as gold…like money in the bank.

Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer or from Small Business University and this is your one good idea video which goes hand in hand with The One Good Idea Newsletter: subscribe to to it! CLICK HERE.

I want to tell you about a subject that’s a really important subject for just about any kind of business and it’s called permission based marketing. What is that? Permission based marketing is when people actually ask you to send them your marketing information to send them your advertising. Now, how does that happen? When people subscribe to your list, when people say, sign me up for your newsletter or sign me up to receive your specials and coupons…when they give you their business card and they drop it in the, fish bowl or the basket, or when they sign up on your website, They’re giving you permission to market to them. This is a gift!

I’m teaching small business owners, especially those in restaurants, retail businesses, service companies how important it is to try to capture customers’ contact information and potential customers’ contact information.

How do you get peoples’ contact information? You make a value proposition: a good offer, a coupon, or some good information are good incentives to offer in exchange for their name and email address. This can be executed very easily if you don’t know how to do it yourself. It’s easy to set up. (We can help you with this, just ask). It’s very, very simple and suddenly you can start to build a list of people who say, “Yes, send me your stuff!”

Interruption Marketing-The Opposite of Permission-Based Marketing

The opposite of permission based marketing is called interruption marketing. This is the kind of marketing that lands on your kitchen table, you see on TV commercials while you’re watching a show or hear on the radio. Clipper Magazine, Money Mailer, and ValPack,are example of interruption marketing you may be marketing with. It’s an interruption because people haven’t asked for it. They need to deal with it regardless if they open it to see its contents or not. As you can imagine, most of the people toss in in the trash without looking at it.

Interruption marketing is hitting a lot of non-prospects and it’s more expensive. About 100% of the permission-based marketing list prospects. Why else would they give you permission to send them your marketing message?

Why Some Business Owners Resist This Type of Marketing

Lots of business owners don’t want to send their customers email. They don’t want to be a bother. This is wrong thinking.

When people ask you for your email information, you’re not being a burden to them. “I don’t, I don’t want to be that guy that bombards people with email.” Well guess what? Permission based marketing means they asked you for it. It’s almost your obligation to send them your stuff. You don’t have to be worried about bombarding. People will always be able opt out of your list, and some will…that’s okay. Most people will stay on.

Email Marketing is a Numbers Game

Let’s say you get 1000 people on your list. That may sound like a lot, but it’s really not a lot. If you’re in the restaurant business and if you advertise in print and things likeGroupon , people will visit your website in large numbers. If you give them a good incentive on your website, they will opt into your list. You can build a very big list rather quickly once you have a plan to do it.

Let’s say for example, we started out of the out of the thousand subscribers, every time you send out an email, on average, about 30 percent of those people will open your email. That’s 300 people will open your email and then if you have something they want, about 10 percent of those 300,(between 5 and 10 percent…let’s say 7 percent) will end up doing business with you. That’s 21 people. People generally don’t just show up at the restaurant alone, they’ll bring somebody else with them, maybe their whole family, so this 21 people could easily turn into 50 or more. Now this turns into some significant money.

What about those other 70 percent of people who don’t open your email? Well, people don’t always buy. They don’t always have time to look, but they can delete your email or ignore it altogether, but guess what? They will look at your at, at their email inbox and they’ll see the name of your business and the subject line and they may choose not to open it this time, but you’ll still make an impression on their brain. They’ll still remember you. This is a way to stay in top of mind position. There are businesses out there that spend millions and millions of dollars on TV ads and radio ads just to stay in top of my position.

Reminding Your Customers You Exist

A lot of very big companies spend millions of dollars just to keep their brand burned into our consciousness. You can do that with all the thousands of people who already know you. It’s not their job to remember to do business with you, it’s your job to remind them you exist and just by having one email showing up in their email inbox once a week or once every other week, will remind them that you exist. This matters. This will really help you but you don’t have to spend a lot…this is pennies.

Okay, so permission based marketing is yours. It’s a 21st century phenomenon and you can add it to your marketing tool box. It’s not difficult. It’s very, very cheap and you can even automate most of the process. I urge you to look into permission based marketing, email marketing, and build a big valuable marketing list so you can push a couple buttons and get customers to make your phone’s ring, your doors swing, and your cash register cha-ching. Ask me if you need help with this CLICK HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the one good idea video newsletter, and if you have any questions, if I can help you in any way, just let me know. If you want to subscribe to our digital newsletter, which will send you a about once weekly or twice monthly, just go to which stands for One Good Idea and that’ll take you right to the page. Thanks a lot for reading/watching and I hope to hear from you. See you next time.

June 2018 marketing calendar

Monthly Marketing Calendar for June 2018

As a service to small business owners, we provide this free resource to make your marketing more memorable, fun, and effective. 

June 2018 Monthly Marketing Ideas Calendar

Monthly Holidays

African-American Music Appreciation Month

Aquarium Month

Fight the Filthy Fly Month

LGBTQIA Pride Month

Men’s Health Month

National Accordion Awareness Month

National Adopt a Cat Month

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

National Candy Month

National Camping Month

National Country Cooking Month

National Dairy Month

National Great Outdoors Month

National Iced Tea Month

National Papaya Month

National Safety Month

National Soul Food Month

Rose Month

Turkey Lovers Month



6/1       Marilyn Monroe

6/8       Barbara Bush

6/12    George H W Bush

6/12    Anne Frank

6/14    Donald Trump

6/21    Edward Snowden

6/27    Helen Keller

6/28    Elon Musk



Weekly Holidays


June 3 – 9

National Business Etiquette Week

National Headache Awareness Week

Pet Appreciation Week


June 11 – 17

Men’s Health Week



June 17 – 23

Animal Rights Awareness Week

Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Old Time Fiddlers Week

Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week

Universal Father’s Week


June 28 – July 1

Watermelon Seed Spitting Week

North American Organic Brewers Days


Daily Holidays


6/1/2018              National Leave the Office Early Day / National Say Something Nice Day

6/2/2018              National Trails Day / National Rocky Road Day

6/3/2018              National Cancer Survivors Day

6/4/2018              National Cheese Day

6/5/2018              World Environment Day / National Moonshine Day

6/6/2018              National Drive in Movie Day / National Running Day

6/7/2018              National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

6/8/2018              National Best Friends Day / National Name Your Poison Day

6/9/2018              National Donald Duck Day

6/10/2018            National Iced Tea Day / National Herbs and Spices Day

6/11/2018            National Corn on the Cob Day / National Making Life Beautiful Day

6/12/2018            National Jerky Day / National Red Rose Day

6/13/2018            National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day / National Weed Your Garden Day

6/14/2018            World Blood Donor Day / Flag Day

6/15/2018            National Smile Power Day / National Flip Flop Day

6/16/2018            National Fudge Day

6/17/2018            Father’s Day

6/18/2018            National Go Fishing Day / National Splurge Day

6/19/2018            National Martini Day

6/20/2018            National Ice Cream Soda Day / National Vanilla Milkshake Day

6/21/2018            National Selfie Day / World Music Day / Summer Begins

6/22/2018            National Onion Rings Day

6/23/2018            National Pink Day / International Widow’s Day

6/24/2018            National Take Your Dog to Work Day

6/25/2018            National Strawberry Parfait Day

6/26/2018            National Beauticians Day

6/27/2018            National Sunglasses Day

6/28/2018            National Handshake Day / National Paul Bunyan Day

6/29/2018            National Camera Day

6/30/2018            National Meteor Watch Day / Social Media Day


How to Make a Great Facebook Post

I got an email the other day and I just HAD to open it. The subject line was just irresistible. It said:

How to Create the Perfect Post on Facebook

This blog article could just as easily be about creating a great email as it is about making a great Facebook post. That’s why I decided to just talk it out in video.

Below the video, I have linked to the  article the email was originally linked to. There’s also a Free Report available called, The Groupon Solution I want to give you. If you’ve ever done a Groupon “Deal” or if you’re thinking about doing one, this report will shed light on how to squeeze more profit out of each customer, plus how to get more repeat customers (the real reason for ALL advertising).

Attention business owners. Sign up for my Free Newsletter to get where I share ideas like this one every month. I call it The One Good Idea Newsletter™ because I know that one good idea can change your business and change your life.

A company called Manta sent me the email which inspired the video. Follow this link to read their article.

Marketing Ideas for May 2018

May 2018 Marketing Ideas Calendar

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Monthly Holidays for May, 2018

National English Language Month

National Month of Hope

National Canine Fitness Month

National Internship Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

National Donate Life Awareness Month

National Cannabis Awareness Month

Month of the Military Child

International Guitar Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

National Autism Awareness Month

National Couple Appreciation Month

National Decorating Month

National Humor Month

National Landscape Architecture Month

National Inventor’s Month

National Jazz Appreciation Month

National Soft Pretzel Month

National Poetry Month

National Volunteer Month

Occupational Therapy Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month


Famous Birthdays in May

5/2       Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

5/2       Donatella Versace

5/5       Lysie Snyder (Heiress of In-N-Out Burger)

5/14    Mark Zuckerberg

5/21    Al Franken

5/27    Jamie Oliver


Weekly Holidays


April 29-May5

Small Business Week


May 6-12

National Pet Week

National Nurses Week

Public Service Recognition Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week


May 13-19

National Etiquette Week

National Salvation Army Week

Police Week


May 20-26

Public Works Week

National Emergency Medical Services Week


Daily Holidays in May, 2018


5/1/2018              May Day / National Foster Care Day

5/2/2018              National Truffle Day

5/3/2018              National Day of Reason / World Password Day

5/4/2018              National Star Wars Day

5/5/2018              National Cartoonists Day / Free Comic Book Day / Cinco de Mayo

5/6/2018              National Nurses Day

5/7/2018              National Melanoma Monday

5/8/2018              National Teacher Appreciation Day

5/9/2018              National Bike to School Day

5/10/2018            National Shrimp Day / National Clean Up Your Room Day

5/11/2018            National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

5/12/2018            National Archery Day / National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day

5/13/2018            Mother’s Day / National Apple Pie Day

5/14/2018            National Dance Like a Chicken Day

5/15/2018            National Chocolate Chip Day

5/16/2018            National Sea Monkey Day

5/17/2018            National Graduation Tassel Day

5/18/2018            National Visit Your Relatives Day / Nascar Day

5/19/2018            National Learn to Swim Day / National Armed Forces Day

5/20/2018            National Be a Millionaire Day / National Pick Strawberries Day

5/21/2018            National American Red Cross Founders Day

5/22/2018            National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

5/23/2018            National Lucky Penny Day

5/24/2018            National Scavenger Hunt Day

5/25/2018            National Missing Children’s Day / National Wine Day

5/26/2018            National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

5/27/2018            National Grape Popsicle Day

5/28/2018            Memorial Day / National Hamburger Day

5/29/2018            National Paperclip Day

5/30/2018            National Senior Health and Fitness Day / National Creativity Day

5/31/2018            National Speak in Sentences Day

email marketing-small business marketing

Email To Serve Your Customers

Email as a marketing initiative seems to have no appeal to most small business owners. While email pours into our inboxes by the hour from the smallest of businesses to mega-brands and retail giants, Main Street business owners dismiss email as a marketing initiative. Why? The biggest reason I hear is because they don’t want to be a burden to their customers’ inbox.

Your Email Message is NOT a Burden to Your Customers (not if you follow some simple guidelines)

If your customer willingly gives you their email address in exchange for some information, in response to an offer, or for some other value, they have given you permission to send them email messages. Your email messages are NOT a burden if you keep your messages relevant, helpful, informative and useful. In other words, if your email serves the people on your list, you’re doing email right.

Examples of Service-Oriented Emails Your Clients and Prospects Will Appreciate:

Restaurant: Weekly specials and discounts. Live entertainment announcements, new seasonal menus, special offerings for those with special diet or lifestyles. Birthday and Anniversary offers.

Massage Therapist: Health & beauty tips for the body and mind. Announce special offers when massage bookings are light for the upcoming week. Massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, and chiropractors can team up to cross promote each other while building useful and engaging email messages.

Electrician & Plumber: These professionals can team up with one another and provide home safety tips, energy conservation advice, preventative maintenance.

Landscaper: Tips on curb appeal, low-cost landscape improvements you can do yourself, home gardening tips.

It’s a gift when people sign up for your email. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have your own audience who says, “Yes! Send me your info and your offers!”


Email Marketing is About Being Helpful and Keeping in Top-Of-Mind Position

Customer loyalty transcends price. Being convenient and helpful with good advice and information matters. If you take the approach of being a helpful resource with your email message, your marketing message will be received in the same spirit.

Don’t stress if your emails don’t all get opened. The name of the sender (you) and your message will usually be seen. You’re still keeping you and your business in top-of-mind position. Not everyone is ready to buy at any given time…but when they are, your helpful presence in their inbox will remind them you’re there and ready to serve them. You also stand a much better chance at getting a referral from a member on your email list by keeping in touch.

Email Topics Make Good Social Media Posts

The great thing about marketing your business online is, most of your efforts can be repurposed. A blog post (like this one), can be used in an email and also as social media post. Once the content is finished, the deployment of the message on other media is quick and easy. Each can serve to deliver your marketing message, be shared by members of your audience, and to further grow your list and reach.

How to Build a Big Email Marketing List

Today, a large percentage of people who see your ads in print, your participation in a Groupon deal, or see your vehicle on the road, are going to check out your website. This is a unique chance to acquire a lead ad grow your email marketing list. Your website needs to make an offer of some sort. We call this a Lead Magnet. It’s something irresistible like a discount or some piece of valuable information. Customer interactions of all kinds should include a method to record their contact information.

There’s Money In the List

“There’s money in the list” is the mantra of so many mega-successful entrepreneurs. Why? Because when someone gives you their email address, they are giving you permission to send them your  information and offers. We call this Permission-Based Marketing.

email marketing-small business marketing

Your Customer List is an Asset

A productive customer list is a valuable asset. Your business is worth more to you and also to a potential buyer if you have a list of customers whom you have serves and who respond your marketing.

Statistically, a restaurant email will be opened by about 34% of its recipients. So if you have 1000 people on your email list, 340 people will open your email message on average every time you send. If just 5% off those people decide to come in to patronize you, that’s 17 more tables served. If the average table is 3.5 people and your average check is $20 per person, that’s $1190.00 in sales for every time you send out an email. Does that want to make you double the size of your email list?

Granted, a massage therapist or an electrician isn’t likely to get the heavy response of a restaurant, but the effect will be similar-a few extra bookings, a few extra quotes, a few extra referrals, and A several thousand dollars in extra sales throughout the year.

A big email list can recession-proof your business. In every economy there are winners and losers. Have a big list and there will be a portion of the list who are doing well even in a down economy. Keeping in touch with email is dirt cheap as compared to most any other marketing media.

Email is Versatile

If disaster strikes and you have a fire in your place of business or if your landlord sells out and you lose your lease, you can quickly reach out to your customers and tell them you have moved into a new location. If you need to make any other kinds of special announcement, you can reach all your customers to let them know with email.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs Are Unnecessary

When you have a big email list, you don’t need to spend time and extra marketing cash on loyalty programs, equipment or training. Marketing automation delivers your message and your offers consistently.

Email Marketing Automation is Here and Any Small Business Can Afford It

Email marketing IS a project. The best way to do it is to schedule several months worth of messages in advance. Although it’s not an easy task, it IS worthwhile.

The good news is, you can get professionally written emails sent to your list weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for a fee that allows you to come away with a strong return on investment.

To learn more about our Email and List-Building Marketing Program for Small Business Owners, contact us today. There’s no charge for a strategy session.


Customer Complaint Management #1

Your customer is pissed off. Somebody messed up. The order is wrong, someone lost the reservation, under cooked the pasta, over cooked the steak, the delivery was late, you shipped the wrong item, or otherwise just screwed up the customer experience some way. There’s only one thing you can do…only one thing you can say to quell the anger.

Magic Words that Turn Angry Customers Into Raving Fans

Swallow your pride and say it. Even if you didn’t make the mistake. “I take full responsibility.”

Customer complaint management

9 times out of 10, the customer’s anger and hostility will be instantly diffused and replaced by appreciation (and sometimes even a little guilt about their angry or confrontational behavior).

I’ve been in business for 32 years. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes as have my employees. I realized early on how effective this statement is to resolve a situation.

Just take responsibility for everything. It’s the best way to handle it, even if an employee was completely responsible…just say “I take full responsibility.”

Mistakes Happen and Everyone Knows It. Integrity Wins Admiration.

The customer is usually taken aback, both surprised and pleased with your honesty and integrity (which is rare). We are sometimes too eager to defend ourselves, but coming with this sincere and apologetic response, the customer’s offensive softens drastically.

The next thing you say is, “How would you like me to resolve this for you?” Then listen. Usually, the customer’s proposed resolution will be reasonable, and sometimes less than you were even prepared to offer yourself.

Avoid a Negative Review by Being Generous

If the customer’s suggested resolution is not reasonable, pause. Say nothing. Don’t negotiate. This person already knows he or she is not being reasonable. In the silence, the customer may renegotiate the proposal to something more realistic. Be prepared to excuse yourself and walk away, “Please excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Take some time to think about it. If the customer is completely unreasonable, it will be evident. You don’t need unreasonable customers. It’s probably best to give him/her what they want OR tell them what you’re willing to do and say “That’s the best I can do.” (Do all you can do without risking a negative public review as this can be more costly than a full refund.)

However, in most cases, 9 out of 10 or better, “I take full responsibility” will be resolution-enough. You will have a customer who admires you, feels good about the transaction after all and will likely patronize you again.

You may potentially end up being publicly praised in the form of a positive online review for making good on a bad situation.

Want to turn an angry customer into a raving fan? Never make excuses. We all make mistakes. Even if an employees make a mistake, it’s still your responsibility. Saying so and taking full responsibility shows your leadership, strength, and integrity…and everyone admires these traits.

Do you have a comment or a story to share about this topic? Share it in the comments section below.

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Ideas for small business marketing, free resource

Small Business Marketing Ideas for 2018-April

Marketing-promotion ideas for 2018-April

Looking for ideas or themes for your emails, social media, videos, or in-store promotions? Small Business U. provides this FREE RESOURCE every month to help you prime the pump so you can create interesting, fun and engaging content to help your marketing and message stand out from your competition. Never miss an issue: SUBSCRIBE!

April 2018 Marketing Ideas Calendar

Monthly Holidays in April, 2018

National English Language Month

National Month of Hope

National Canine Fitness Month

National Internship Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

National Donate Life Awareness Month

National Cannabis Awareness Month

National Fair Housing Month

Month of the Military Child

International Guitar Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

National Autism Awareness Month

National Couple Appreciation Month

National Decorating Month

National Humor Month

National Landscape Architecture Month

National Inventor’s Month

National Jazz Appreciation Month

National Soft Pretzel Month

National Straw Hat Month

National Poetry Month

National Pecan Month

National Volunteer Month

Occupational Therapy Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

National Safe Digging Month

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Famous February Birthdays

4/9/2018         Hugh Hefner

4/13/2018      Thomas Jefferson

4/23/2018      William Shakespeare

4/26/2018      Carol Burnett

4/26/2018      Melania Trump

4/27/2018      Erik Schmidt (Former CEO of Google)

Weekly Holidays in April

April 2-8

National Public Health Week

National Window Safety Week


April 8-14

National Work Zone Awareness Week

Animal Control Officer Awareness Week

Crime Victims’ Rights Week

National Library Week


April 10-14

Cancer Registrars Week


April 15-21

Boys and Girls Club Week

National Pet ID Week

National Volunteer Week


April 22-28

National Princess Week

Sky Awareness Week

Every Healthy Kid Week

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Daily Holidays in April, 2018

4/1/2018              April Fools Day / Easter

4/2/2018              National Ferret Day

4/3/2018              National Find a Rainbow Day

4/4/2018              National School Librarian Day / National Walking Day

4/5/2018              National Deep Dish Pizza Day / National Read a Road Map Day

4/6/2018              National Student Athlete Day

4/7/2018              National Handmade Day / National Love Our Children Day

4/8/2018              National Zoo Lovers Day

4/9/2018              National Name Yourself Day / National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

4/10/2018            National Siblings Day / National Equal Pay Day

4/11/2018            National Bookmobile Day / National Barber Shop Quartet Day

4/12/2018            National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

4/13/2018            Natinal Scrabble Day / National Thomas Jefferson Day

4/14/2018            National Reach As High As You Can Day

4/15/2018            National Tax Day / National Take A Wild Guess Day

4/16/2018            National Bean Counter Day

4/17/2018            National Ellis Island Family History Day

4/18/2018            National Animal Cracker’s Day

4/19/2018            National Hanging Out Day

4/20/2018            National Look Alike Day

4/21/2018            National Kindegarten Day / National Aucioneers Day

4/22/2018            National Earth Day

4/23/2018            National Picnic Day

4/24/2018            National Teach Children To Save Day

4/25/2018            National DNA Day / National Administrative Assistants Day

4/26/2018            National Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day

4/27/2018            National Arbor Day / National Day of Silence

4/28/2018            National Pool Opening Day

4/29/2018            National Shrimp Scampi Day

4/30/2018            National Military Brats Day

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how to get your business noticed on a small budget

How to Get Your Business Noticed On a Small Budget

Getting your business noticed in a world of heavy competition is actually easier now than it has ever been in history. Everyone, whether you’re a business owner, a professional, or just a regular citizen, we have the ability to create our own broadcasting channel.

One word says it all: CONTENT. Creating useful content your potential and existing customers will appreciate is it direct route to breaking through the noise, getting noticed, and creating an audience.

Information Marketing for Small Business

Did you ever think you would be in the information marketing business? Probably not. But read on!

Content comes in many forms.

My best suggestion is to look at your website as an information delivery system, not just an online ad where in inform and educate your potential customers.


You may be thinking, “How can I create content for my website? Why would anyone care about my content?” Here’s my response: Whatever you make, do, or sell in your business, whatever services you provide, there are people out there looking for it online. First, they’re looking for information about it. By providing information, you become visible (they land on your website). By providing helpful information, they begin to trust you. By being genuine and not delivering a sales commercial, they begin to trust you.

Create a web page or a blog post (like an article) about every product or service you make or sell. Describe it, in every detail. Describe the type of customer’s who buy it or use it. Describe the features and benefits.

Not only will this help the customers to understand what you’re doing and selling in your business, it’ll also tell the search engines (this is a natural search engine optimization process) so your business will become more visible when someone is looking for a business like yours.

Need help brainstorming content ideas? Ask Andrew


The more you imitate real-world media, the more your content will be seen. Think about TV shows and radio shows. They are consistent. There are weekly shows and daily shows. They are aired consistently on a schedule.

In the Information Age, even small businesses can leverage information to make acquire new customers and make more sales. 

Getting noticed means creating useful material on a regular basis. Some businesses will do this. Some won’t. The ones who do will benefit.

Aside from written content, I also recommend video. Video is as simple as looking into your webcam and talking. There’s no need for high-tech equipment. You can always move up into better quality equipment later but cheap equipment today provides very acceptable quality.

I started creating demonstration videos for products I sell in my wholesale business in 2011. In that time, my videos have accumulated more than 1 million views. Considering some videos go viral and can get a million or more views in a week, 1 million plays in 7 years seems like nothing. BUT, these videos have resulted in helping me sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product and driving tons of traffic to my website ( My point is, all content has the potential of getting you new customers and real sales…so it matters.

Your FREE Channel on YouTube

A YouTube channel is free. Uploading videos to YouTube is free. People love to consume information on video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine right behind Google. If your videos include information that people want to know about, your videos will be viewed. If you do a good job with your video then people will visit your website.

Your videos and your blog posts make terrific social media posts. Now you have a blog post with a corresponding video and then you use social media to syndicate that content. The best time to start blogging and creating videos was about 15 years ago. The second best time is right now. There will never be less competition than there is right now. My best suggestion and what I do every just about every day is write down ideas for new content.

Every time I read something in a book or an article or listen to it a podcast that I think is share worthy, I write it in my notebook for later consideration to share with my audience. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to have 100% unique thoughts or ideas.

Be real, be yourself, and deliver information you would want to have delivered to you. Be valuable and people will pay attention. This is how you get noticed in a world of competition. This is how you become a thought leader. This is how you get to be known, liked, and trusted in the marketplace.

You will of course need to make your content interesting and useful. Written, audio or video content is not about making a commercial message for your business, but rather it’s about value. Providing good, useful information is the only content you ever want to post online.

Need help with content marketing plans and ideas? Let’s talk. Start here. Ask Andrew.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Use Facebook “Events” to Generate Sales and New Customers

In this article, you’re going to learn how get your business in front of 1000’s of local and potential customers FREE with Facebook Events.

The 2 examples are restaurant-related but Facebook Events can be used in any type of local business. You just need a theme ans a little imagination.

You don’t have to put on a party, a parade, or hang banners or posters in order to have an “event.”

Learning about Facebook events and creating events to market your business on Facebook

Read this post and then see how other businesses are marketing their events using Facebook Events.

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Your Event Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

An event can be a one-day affair or it can last all month long! Your event can revolve around a single item or a theme.  It just takes a little imagination and a topic. The best way I can explain is with a couple of examples. Let’s pull an idea off of our March Marketing Ideas Calendar:


March 6th is National Oreo Cook Day. Take advantage of the popularity of this American favorite and create an Oreo Cookie Day Event!

If you’re in the restaurant business, you can promote Oreo Cookie milkshakes, Oreo cheesecakes, Oreo cupcakes, Oreo ice cream cake. Do you think there are some people around town who would be intrigued by the idea of an Oreo-inspired dessert selection? Of course, especially if it were a limited-time event.

But wait, National Oreo Cookie Day is just a 1-day holiday and maybe it’s not worth the trouble or risk of preparing all these Oreo-related desserts. No problem! Make your event last all week! Who’s stopping you? Here’s all you do: Announce how your restaurant is celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day by featuring Oreo Cookie-related treats all week (or all month, of you want) long!

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Coffee is a hot topic!

Coffee is a “hot topic” and March is Caffeine Awareness Month. Take advantage!

Here’s another idea: The month of March is Caffeine Awareness Month. Create an event on topic of coffee.

Your coffee vendor will be happy to provide free samples and personnel to entertain your customers with taste tests. You could market this event every day of the month OR just on weekends or just on Saturdays…whatever you want! Facebook lets YOU make the rules and they’ll keep marketing your event for as long as it lasts.

Use events to capture customers’ contact information so you can add them directly to your marketing list for future promotions/invitations.

You can even sell tickets to events by linking to a site like Eventbrite or a page on your own site which can sell tickets can collect money.

Facebook Marketing Ideas-Event marketing

Facebook Markets Your Events For You

Facebook has created a smart phone app which millions of people have already downloaded. This app informs people of events going on nearby. People who don’t have the app still have the ability to see events in their news feed.

Local Facebook Fan page

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Fewer and fewer people actually see your Facebook fan page posts due to recent changes on Facebook’s move to sponsored (paid) posts. However, events will appear in your Facebook fans’ Notifications. When someone clicks on an event notification, here’s an example of what they might see:


more about Facebook event marketing

When someone clicks on Interested or Going, many of their Facebook friends will see this in their Notifications. Some people will want to share this information because, let’s face it, we want to share good times with our friends. Another added bonus is the ability to sell tickets to an event and the Find Tickets button allows you to bring ticket buyers to your website or to another destination, such as Eventbrite (another place to market your event whether you’re selling tickets or not).

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So when a Facebook Friend clicks Going to an event, this is what appears in her friends’ Notifications. This acts as social proof and starts the whole cycle again of possibly reaching more and more people who may otherwise never have known your business exists, so maybe they’ll end up as customers.

Events for a Cause

Example of a Facebook Events promo

Supporting a cause will popularize and endear you and your business to a section of the population who feels affinity toward the cause. This locally-owned liquor store is running an event featuring food, wine and spirits and is donating proceeds to The Ronald McDonald House. I feel fairly certain the liquor and wine vendors will be supporting the store by sponsoring some food, drink, personnel, and maybe even some money for the event, all the while, driving customers to the store who will be obliged to support the cause by making a purchase.

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