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Small Business Marketing Ideas for 2018-April

Marketing-promotion ideas for 2018-April

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April 2018 Marketing Ideas Calendar

Monthly Holidays in April, 2018

National English Language Month

National Month of Hope

National Canine Fitness Month

National Internship Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

National Donate Life Awareness Month

National Cannabis Awareness Month

National Fair Housing Month

Month of the Military Child

International Guitar Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

National Autism Awareness Month

National Couple Appreciation Month

National Decorating Month

National Humor Month

National Landscape Architecture Month

National Inventor’s Month

National Jazz Appreciation Month

National Soft Pretzel Month

National Straw Hat Month

National Poetry Month

National Pecan Month

National Volunteer Month

Occupational Therapy Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

National Safe Digging Month

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Famous February Birthdays

4/9/2018         Hugh Hefner

4/13/2018      Thomas Jefferson

4/23/2018      William Shakespeare

4/26/2018      Carol Burnett

4/26/2018      Melania Trump

4/27/2018      Erik Schmidt (Former CEO of Google)

Weekly Holidays in April

April 2-8

National Public Health Week

National Window Safety Week


April 8-14

National Work Zone Awareness Week

Animal Control Officer Awareness Week

Crime Victims’ Rights Week

National Library Week


April 10-14

Cancer Registrars Week


April 15-21

Boys and Girls Club Week

National Pet ID Week

National Volunteer Week


April 22-28

National Princess Week

Sky Awareness Week

Every Healthy Kid Week

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Daily Holidays in April, 2018

4/1/2018              April Fools Day / Easter

4/2/2018              National Ferret Day

4/3/2018              National Find a Rainbow Day

4/4/2018              National School Librarian Day / National Walking Day

4/5/2018              National Deep Dish Pizza Day / National Read a Road Map Day

4/6/2018              National Student Athlete Day

4/7/2018              National Handmade Day / National Love Our Children Day

4/8/2018              National Zoo Lovers Day

4/9/2018              National Name Yourself Day / National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

4/10/2018            National Siblings Day / National Equal Pay Day

4/11/2018            National Bookmobile Day / National Barber Shop Quartet Day

4/12/2018            National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

4/13/2018            Natinal Scrabble Day / National Thomas Jefferson Day

4/14/2018            National Reach As High As You Can Day

4/15/2018            National Tax Day / National Take A Wild Guess Day

4/16/2018            National Bean Counter Day

4/17/2018            National Ellis Island Family History Day

4/18/2018            National Animal Cracker’s Day

4/19/2018            National Hanging Out Day

4/20/2018            National Look Alike Day

4/21/2018            National Kindegarten Day / National Aucioneers Day

4/22/2018            National Earth Day

4/23/2018            National Picnic Day

4/24/2018            National Teach Children To Save Day

4/25/2018            National DNA Day / National Administrative Assistants Day

4/26/2018            National Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day

4/27/2018            National Arbor Day / National Day of Silence

4/28/2018            National Pool Opening Day

4/29/2018            National Shrimp Scampi Day

4/30/2018            National Military Brats Day

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how to get your business noticed on a small budget

How to Get Your Business Noticed On a Small Budget

Getting your business noticed in a world of heavy competition is actually easier now than it has ever been in history. Everyone, whether you’re a business owner, a professional, or just a regular citizen, we have the ability to create our own broadcasting channel.

One word says it all: CONTENT. Creating useful content your potential and existing customers will appreciate is it direct route to breaking through the noise, getting noticed, and creating an audience.

Information Marketing for Small Business

Did you ever think you would be in the information marketing business? Probably not. But read on!

Content comes in many forms.

My best suggestion is to look at your website as an information delivery system, not just an online ad where in inform and educate your potential customers.


You may be thinking, “How can I create content for my website? Why would anyone care about my content?” Here’s my response: Whatever you make, do, or sell in your business, whatever services you provide, there are people out there looking for it online. First, they’re looking for information about it. By providing information, you become visible (they land on your website). By providing helpful information, they begin to trust you. By being genuine and not delivering a sales commercial, they begin to trust you.

Create a web page or a blog post (like an article) about every product or service you make or sell. Describe it, in every detail. Describe the type of customer’s who buy it or use it. Describe the features and benefits.

Not only will this help the customers to understand what you’re doing and selling in your business, it’ll also tell the search engines (this is a natural search engine optimization process) so your business will become more visible when someone is looking for a business like yours.

Need help brainstorming content ideas? Ask Andrew


The more you imitate real-world media, the more your content will be seen. Think about TV shows and radio shows. They are consistent. There are weekly shows and daily shows. They are aired consistently on a schedule.

In the Information Age, even small businesses can leverage information to make acquire new customers and make more sales. 

Getting noticed means creating useful material on a regular basis. Some businesses will do this. Some won’t. The ones who do will benefit.

Aside from written content, I also recommend video. Video is as simple as looking into your webcam and talking. There’s no need for high-tech equipment. You can always move up into better quality equipment later but cheap equipment today provides very acceptable quality.

I started creating demonstration videos for products I sell in my wholesale business in 2011. In that time, my videos have accumulated more than 1 million views. Considering some videos go viral and can get a million or more views in a week, 1 million plays in 7 years seems like nothing. BUT, these videos have resulted in helping me sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product and driving tons of traffic to my website ( My point is, all content has the potential of getting you new customers and real sales…so it matters.

Your FREE Channel on YouTube

A YouTube channel is free. Uploading videos to YouTube is free. People love to consume information on video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine right behind Google. If your videos include information that people want to know about, your videos will be viewed. If you do a good job with your video then people will visit your website.

Your videos and your blog posts make terrific social media posts. Now you have a blog post with a corresponding video and then you use social media to syndicate that content. The best time to start blogging and creating videos was about 15 years ago. The second best time is right now. There will never be less competition than there is right now. My best suggestion and what I do every just about every day is write down ideas for new content.

Every time I read something in a book or an article or listen to it a podcast that I think is share worthy, I write it in my notebook for later consideration to share with my audience. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to have 100% unique thoughts or ideas.

Be real, be yourself, and deliver information you would want to have delivered to you. Be valuable and people will pay attention. This is how you get noticed in a world of competition. This is how you become a thought leader. This is how you get to be known, liked, and trusted in the marketplace.

You will of course need to make your content interesting and useful. Written, audio or video content is not about making a commercial message for your business, but rather it’s about value. Providing good, useful information is the only content you ever want to post online.

Need help with content marketing plans and ideas? Let’s talk. Start here. Ask Andrew.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Use Facebook “Events” to Generate Sales and New Customers

In this article, you’re going to learn how get your business in front of 1000’s of local and potential customers FREE with Facebook Events.

The 2 examples are restaurant-related but Facebook Events can be used in any type of local business. You just need a theme ans a little imagination.

You don’t have to put on a party, a parade, or hang banners or posters in order to have an “event.”

Learning about Facebook events and creating events to market your business on Facebook

Read this post and then see how other businesses are marketing their events using Facebook Events.

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Your Event Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

An event can be a one-day affair or it can last all month long! Your event can revolve around a single item or a theme.  It just takes a little imagination and a topic. The best way I can explain is with a couple of examples. Let’s pull an idea off of our March Marketing Ideas Calendar:


March 6th is National Oreo Cook Day. Take advantage of the popularity of this American favorite and create an Oreo Cookie Day Event!

If you’re in the restaurant business, you can promote Oreo Cookie milkshakes, Oreo cheesecakes, Oreo cupcakes, Oreo ice cream cake. Do you think there are some people around town who would be intrigued by the idea of an Oreo-inspired dessert selection? Of course, especially if it were a limited-time event.

But wait, National Oreo Cookie Day is just a 1-day holiday and maybe it’s not worth the trouble or risk of preparing all these Oreo-related desserts. No problem! Make your event last all week! Who’s stopping you? Here’s all you do: Announce how your restaurant is celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day by featuring Oreo Cookie-related treats all week (or all month, of you want) long!

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Coffee is a hot topic!

Coffee is a “hot topic” and March is Caffeine Awareness Month. Take advantage!

Here’s another idea: The month of March is Caffeine Awareness Month. Create an event on topic of coffee.

Your coffee vendor will be happy to provide free samples and personnel to entertain your customers with taste tests. You could market this event every day of the month OR just on weekends or just on Saturdays…whatever you want! Facebook lets YOU make the rules and they’ll keep marketing your event for as long as it lasts.

Use events to capture customers’ contact information so you can add them directly to your marketing list for future promotions/invitations.

You can even sell tickets to events by linking to a site like Eventbrite or a page on your own site which can sell tickets can collect money.

Facebook Marketing Ideas-Event marketing

Facebook Markets Your Events For You

Facebook has created a smart phone app which millions of people have already downloaded. This app informs people of events going on nearby. People who don’t have the app still have the ability to see events in their news feed.

Local Facebook Fan page

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Fewer and fewer people actually see your Facebook fan page posts due to recent changes on Facebook’s move to sponsored (paid) posts. However, events will appear in your Facebook fans’ Notifications. When someone clicks on an event notification, here’s an example of what they might see:


more about Facebook event marketing

When someone clicks on Interested or Going, many of their Facebook friends will see this in their Notifications. Some people will want to share this information because, let’s face it, we want to share good times with our friends. Another added bonus is the ability to sell tickets to an event and the Find Tickets button allows you to bring ticket buyers to your website or to another destination, such as Eventbrite (another place to market your event whether you’re selling tickets or not).

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So when a Facebook Friend clicks Going to an event, this is what appears in her friends’ Notifications. This acts as social proof and starts the whole cycle again of possibly reaching more and more people who may otherwise never have known your business exists, so maybe they’ll end up as customers.

Events for a Cause

Example of a Facebook Events promo

Supporting a cause will popularize and endear you and your business to a section of the population who feels affinity toward the cause. This locally-owned liquor store is running an event featuring food, wine and spirits and is donating proceeds to The Ronald McDonald House. I feel fairly certain the liquor and wine vendors will be supporting the store by sponsoring some food, drink, personnel, and maybe even some money for the event, all the while, driving customers to the store who will be obliged to support the cause by making a purchase.

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Marketing ideas for local businesses

Marketing Ideas for March, 2018

March 2018 Marketing Ideas Calendar

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Monthly Holidays

Asset Management Awareness Month

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Irish-American Heritage Month

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

National Caffeine Awareness Month

National Brain Injury Awareness Month

National Celery Month

National Craft Month

National Credit Education Month

National Frozen Food Month

National Kidney Month

National Noodle Month

National Nutrition Month

National Peanut Month

National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

National Music in Our Schools Month

National Professional Social Work Month


February Birthdays

3/3       Alexander Graham Bell

3/12    Mitt Romney

3/20    Kathy Ireland

3/24    Sam Ballmer – CEO of Microsoft

3/26    Larry Page – co-founder of Google

3/29    Sam Walton – known for Wal-Mart and Sams Clubs

3/30    Celine Dion

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Weekly Holidays


March 1-7

Universal Human Beings Week

National Write a Letter Appreciation Week


March 4-10

National Pet Sitters Week

National Consumer Protection Week

National Procrastination Week

Newspapers in Education Week

National Read and eBook Week

International Celebrate Your Name Week


March 11 – 17

National Sleep Awareness Week

Girl Scout Week

Brain Awareness Week


March 18 – 24

National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week

National Animal Poison Prevention Week
National Fix a Leak Week
Health Information Professionals Week

American Crossword Puzzles Week

March 26 – April 1

National Cleaning Week

Daily Holidays

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3/1/2018        National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

3/2/2018        National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss Day) / National Employee Appreciation Day

3/3/2018        National Anthem Day

3/4/2018        Marching Music Day / National Hug a G.I. Day

3/5/2018        National Cheese Doodle Day / National Multiple Personality Day

3/6/2018        National Oreo Cookie Day / National Dentist’s Day

3/7/2018        National Cereal Day

3/8/2018        International Woman’s Day / National Proofreading Day

3/9/2018        National Day of Unplugging / National Barbie Day

3/10/2018      National Pack Your Lunch Day / National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day

3/11/2018      National Promposal Day / Daylight Savings Day

3/12/2018      National Girl Scout Day / National Plant a Flower Day / National Napping Day

3/13/2018      National Good Samaritan Day / National K-9 Veterans Day

3/14/2018      National PI Day / National Registerd Dietitian Nutritionist Day

3/15/2018      National You Think Everything is Wrong Day

3/16/2018      National Everything You Do is Right Day

3/17/2018      St. Patricks Day

3/18/2018      National Awkward Moments Day / National Supreme Sacrifice Day

3/19/2018      National Let’s Laugh Day

3/20/2018      National Proposal Day / Spring Begins

3/21/2018      National Common Courtesy Day

3/22/2018      National Goof Off Day

3/23/2018      National Near Miss Day

3/24/2018      National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

3/25/2018      National Medal of Honor Day / National Tolkien Reading Day

3/26/2018      Epilepsy Awareness Day

3/27/2018      National Education and Sharing Day

3/28/2018      National Little Red Wagon Day / National Something on Stick Day

3/29/2018      National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

3/30/2018      Virtual Vacation Day / National Doctors Day

3/31/2018      National Crayon Day

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How to grow any business 33%

3 Business Growth Strategies

The information below is not new. It’s not my opinion. I learned it from Jay Abraham, known for his guru-status as a master marketer, author, and mentor to hundreds of successful people and business owners. I’m not certain Jay Abraham was the first to distill this “3-Ways” philosophy. It was probably determined decades (or perhaps generations) before him. It may have been Jay Abraham…I most certainly did learn it from reading his books.

The Only 3 Ways To Grow a Business

The 3 Ways are simple and straightforward and even if you’ve heard them or read them before, they’re worth pondering frequently. Doing so will help remind you to keep these facts in mind every time you invest in marketing, manage your people, and interact with customers. You may come up with some other ways but their most likely a subset of one of these 3 main ways.


How to Grow a Small Business

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Get More Customers

A continuing flow of new customers is one way to increase sales. It’s also necessary in order to maintain sales. We will always lose customers through attrition: they move, they change providers, change lifestyles, they die…So, it’s important to keep a customer acquisition strategy in your marketing plans.  Here are a few New Customer Acquisition Strategies:

  • A Referral System. Always remind your existing customers how you would appreciate their referrals. Consider setting up a referral rewards program.
  • A System for Acquiring 5-Star Reviews. An excellent bank of reviews are an important part of marketing today. Ask your customers (and make it easy for them) to leave public reviews on websites that matter in your industry. Some people will still write an old fashioned letter thanking you for taking good care of them. Take a photo of it and post it on your website. Don’t let a kind word about you or your business go unpublished.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Improving your website so it shows up in more Google searches is vital to acquiring new customers today. It’s a great and long-lasting marketing investment.


Increase the Average Size Transaction (and Profit)

Offer more selection, offer higher-priced options. Create incentives such as combining products or services to reach higher purchase plateaus. Do you know the size of your average sale? Set aside some time with a pen and a notebook and brainstorm some ideas on how you can create some value-added products or services (or combinations of products or services) to stimulate larger sales.

I was consulting a restaurant recently. They always had a selection of homemade cheesecakes. At the end of the meal, their wait staff would say, “Would anyone care for dessert?” That’s not how you sell dessert! I created a dessert menu featuring 4-6 selections which I trained the staff to deliver while the dinner plates were being cleared. Dessert sales soared. EASY! (We would have used a dessert cart if the dining room was situated differently.)

Did you know that adding this: (*) next to certain menu selections will increase the sales of those selections? It’s true! You don’t even need to explain what those symbols mean. You can train your staff to say, “They’re the chef’s specialties.” These should always be the dishes (or products or services) you love to deliver because you do them well and they’re profitable. Can you think of some  dishes, products, or services you can emphasize so you can sell more of them and charge more for them too?


Get Your Customers to Come Back More Often (Increase Purchase Frequency) 

How often do you serve the average customer? Get that pen and notebook back out and write down some ideas you have to increase customer frequency. Here are 3 ways I have used successfully over the 3 decades I’ve been in business:

  • Direct Mail: I have been sending out letters of thanks to my existing customer bags (and sometimes adding potential customers), flyers promoting groups of products or services, and postcards focusing on specific products are services. Direct mail is a bit expensive but it’s very effective. Today, out mailboxes aren’t as crowded as they used to be. So many businesses are relying on email these days, there’s less competition in the mailbox! And, since you’re not a stranger to your customers, your mail piece will be highly seen and considered. A direct mail invitation is a great way to encourage a new visit from an existing or former customer.


  • Email: Email is great for a lot of reasons. One reason is because it’s cheap. Another is because it can be automated. Lots of business owners feel like they don’t want to “bother” their customers with emails but when people give you their email address, it’s because they’re telling you, “Yes!…please send me your offers! Advertise to me!” Where else does this exist in the universe? Don’t worry about bothering your customers. They asked for your email and they can opt-out from your emails any time they want to. But for the ones who don’t, they are your loyal customers and they’re happy to hear from you and see your offers. Even if they don’t open your email, they can see who sent it and the subject line. This effectively keeps YOUR business in their mind. Big companies spend gazillions of dollars keeping their brand and their business in our minds. You can do it too for just a few bucks/month.

Collect customer contact information and keep in touch. It’s not your customers’ job to think of you all the’s YOUR job to remind them. Use email to inform them of your new menu, your specials, your promotions. Send them special Birthday Vouchers. When people give you their email address, they are TELLING you, “Send me your offers!” This is a gift, so don’t be shy to deliver. Use email.

  • Phone Calls and Personal Visits: In 2017, I got my biggest customer ever in my wholesale business (and this is my 32nd year!). This customer placed an order on my website. He just placed an order for $2200.00 and paid for it. He never called., never asked a question. Next month…same thing. Month #3, same thing again but this time, I decided it was time to call. I asked him, “what else do you buy?” and he asked me if I sell “_____” (sorry, but this part is my secret). The customer was on pace to spend about $20,000 with my company in 2017 but thanks to that phone call, he went on to spend $175,000.00.

This is an extreme example but a true one. I have also been known to show up at customers’ places of business. There is a bonding which takes place in these types of scenarios. I’ve found that most business owners become closer and more loyal with more face time and more handshakes.

One more thing: 

Never forget about giving your customers a 5-star experience. There’s no substitute for it.

How a 10% Improvement Can Create Exponential Growth

Consider this example of how a 10% improvement in each of these 3 areas create dramatic results:

Let’s say your average customer spends $30 per transaction. Let’s say you see him/her once/month. That’s $360 in sales per year. Let’s say you have 500 customers like this one. That’s $180,000 in sales.

Let’s say you increase your customer base, your average-size sale and your customer purchase frequency EACH by 10%.

Now you have 550 customers, each spending $33.00, 13.2 times per year. Here’s the math: 550 x $33.00 x 13.2=$239,580.00

That’s almost $60,000 in increased sales…a 33% increase. How much profit will you gain from a 33% increase in sales?

It’s good to have your eye on a goal and plans to help reach the goal. I hope this stirs your imagination and motivates you to take action.



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Monthly marketing ideas

Marketing Ideas Calendar for February 2018

Monthly Holidays

Free and Open Source Software Month

American Heart Month

An Affair to Remember Month

Black History Month

Canned Food Month

Creative Romance Month

Great American Pie Month

National Bake for Family Fun Month

National Bird Feeding Month

National Cherry Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Grapefruit Month

National Heart Month

National Hot Breakfast Month

National Library Lover’s Month

National Macadamia Nut Month

National Snack Food Month

National Weddings Month

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Famous February Birthdays


2/6 Ronald Reagan

2/7 Charles Dickens

2/12      Abraham Lincoln

2/17 Michael Jordan

2/18 Enzo Ferrari

2/22 George Washington

2/24 Steve Jobs

2/25 George Harrison

2/28 Randi Zuckerberg

Weekly Holidays

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Feb 1-4

US Snow Sculpting Week


Feb 1 – 7

Women’s Heart Week

National Patient Recognition Week

Solo Diners Out Week


Feb 5 – 11

Burn Awareness Week

Boy Scout Anniversary Week


Feb 7 – 14


International Week of Black Women in the Arts

Dump Your Signficant Jerk Week

National Crime Prevention week


Feb 12 – 18

Children of Alcoholics Week

International Friendship Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Feb 14 – 21

Alzheimers Disease and Dementia Staff Education Week

Learning Disabilities Week


Feb 19 – 25

Brotherhood / Sisterhood Week

Pay Your Bills Week

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week


Feb 26 – March 4

Telecommuter Appreciation Week

Peace Corp Week


Daily Holidays

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2/1/2018 National Freedom Day

2/2/2018 Groundhog Day

2/3/2018 National Missing Person Day

2/4/2018 National Homemade Soup Day

2/5/2018 National Weatherpersons Day

2/6/2018 National Frozen Yogurt Day

2/7/2018 National Send a Card to a Friend Day / National Periodic Table Day

2/8/2018 National Boy Scouts Day / National             Kite Flying Day

2/9/2018 National Pizza Day

2/10/2018 National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

2/11/2018 National Inventors Day

2/12/2018 National Clean Out Your Computer Day

2/13/2018 Fat Tuesday / Safer Internet Day

2/14/2018 Valentines Day / National Organ Do nor Day

2/15/2018 Singles Awareness Day / National Gumdrop Day

2/16/2018 National Caregivers Day

2/17/2018 National Random Acts of Kindness Day

2/18/2018 National Drink Wine Day

2/19/2018 Presidents Day

2/20/2018 National Love Your Pet Day

2/21/2018 National Sticky Bun Day

2/22/2018 National Chili Day

2/23/2018 National Dog Biscuit Day

2/24/2018 National Tortilla Chip Day

2/25/2018 National Clam Chowder Day

2/26/2018 National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

2/27/2018 Spay Day / National Polar Bear Day

2/28/2018 National Public Sleeping Day / National Tooth Fairy Day

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Success secrets of Richard Branson

Success Secret of Richard Branson

When I clicked on to LinkedIn today, the first thing that popped up was a post by Richard Branson. The article was about taking notes. He says if it were not for the notes that he took throughout the course of his career he would have lost the ability to  take advantage of numerous opportunities.

Success secrets of Richard Branson

Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Ideas are fleeting. They can slip through the cracks so quickly. Yesterday I heard that the human brain can only capture the equivalent of about a Post-It note’s worth of information at any given time. In a typical meeting or conversation with a person or a group of people the topics and ideas can bounce around by the dozens. Good ideas can just evaporate so quickly.

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Branson’s article validated me in a certain sense because I’ve been carrying around an  old fashioned marble composition book everywhere I go for about the last 15 years. I have hundreds of these books filled with notes and ideas and daily journals and customer orders and email addresses and all kinds of other information. I’m kind of proud of this and today a multi-billionaire validated my habit and routine.


The reason I’m sharing this with you today is to sort of enforce my new goal which is to review my notebooks habitually. Jim Rohn used to say, “Run the tapes again. Take 10 minutes to go over the day. Take an hour to go over the week. Take a day to go over the month, and take a week to go over the year.”


I’ve been hearing a lot about the word habit lately. Habit being more important than motivation or discipline. Discipline creates habits and habits are what creates consistency in behavior and, therefore, success. Habit, NOT discipline, is the key to the biggest successes. I believe my habit of rising early has made a massive difference in my success. I DO have the habit of taking notes. My weakness is in reviewing them. I’m determined to make a habit of reviewing my days.


To come public with my thoughts and feelings and notes on this subject, it’s my intention to make it a public announcement so that it will help me with the discipline I need to  continue the good habit of taking notes but also forming the habit of reviewing them and acting upon the good ones.


These are not only the stepping-stones to building my business but they are also the Mosaic of much of my life. Who knows, maybe they will come in handy for my children and even my grandchildren. I believe that would be my greatest gift and legacy. Not a bad aspiration, if I do say so myself.

I’m Andrew Mazer and I’ve been serving business owners my entire adult life. I started my own wholesale company, Mazer Wholesale, Inc. in 1986 when I was just 21 years old. This business still exists today. I learned how to successfully market my business and products online and eventually began helping other business owners in various fields do the same. I’ve help restaurants, hotels/motels, service companies like massage therapists, electricians, garage door repair companies, venture capital money lenders, law firms and more leverage the power of the web to get more customers and make more money.

I would like to share my wisdom and experience with you if you will SUBSCRIBE to my One Good Idea Newsletter. 

Restaurant Marketing tips

Restaurant Marketing Tips January 2018

Restaurant Marketing Tips

You have just seconds to make a connection with your website visitor. There’s nothing like a photo to send a message and keep your potential customer on your site so you can communicate your value proposition.

In this article, you’re going to understand why more pictures in your marketing translates into more revenue in your cash registers. The examples in this article are restaurant-related but any business can easily fit this advice into their online marketing strategy.

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Your marketing has only seconds to deliver a message. In order to get people to read the words on your website, you need to capture their attention with pictures first.


Speed Is Important in Effective Marketing, Especially Online

Fast and clear communication is a top priority when marketing your business. Eyes gravitate to images, the brain will understand the image and then the person may decide to read the text. Too many words and too few images and you run the risk of losing your website visitor before they’ve taken the time to learn more about your restaurant.


Sell More Food-Get More Customers With Your Website


What are you selling? Are you selling a high quality dining experience, speed and convenience, a casual family dining experience, or a romantic experience? Pictures of your food and photos of typical customers in your dining room help people to see themselves in your place, eating food and having an experience. Images help people confirm they’re looking at the kind of place for them or for their occasion. Pictures plant ideas, aromas and flavors into the mind and put people in the mood for food. Think about the national brands and how they advertise on TV using images of rich-looking, steamy pasta dishes, families laughing and smiling as they plunge a forkful of lobster tail into a dish of melted butter. YOU can do this too!

Better marketing with photos

Capture your work, your product, your service, and even your customers with images.

You Have The Tools to Improve Your Website


The smart phone in your pocket right now and a table with a white table cloth is all you really need to take a good photo of the food coming off your line. Take pictures of everything!


Build a Great Online Menu. It Will Serve You AND Your Customers


A picture is worth 1000 words. You have a wonderful selection…but it’s all words! The menu you post on your website can have photos of every dish! Your menu with photos will help people decide to choose your restaurant over your competitors simply by putting them in the mood for your food.

Restaurant Marketing Fundamentals Part 1


There’s an old saying in marketing: THE MORE YOU TELL, THE MORE YOU SELL.


First, say it with a picture. Next, say it with words.


Do you have a signature dish?…one that you like to sell more than any other? Sell more of it by showcasing it with a great photo and deeply detailed description. Give it its very own web page and get people to give you their feedback and testimonials on it. Post a photo of a customer preparing to devour that masterpiece! That’s marketing.


Restaurant Marketing Fundamentals Part II: Repurposing


What is repurposing? It’s reusing your marketing materials (assets) for more marketing actions. Now that you’re building this library of photos of your food, your dining room, and delighted customers, you can use these assets for your social media marketing, your email marketing and on all your online profiles. The more images uploaded onto your Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor profiles, the more likely it is you will attract new customers from these marketing engines.


Easy to Do– No Special Skills Required


Taking photos, saving them in your computer and uploading them to a website, social media post, or search engine profiles takes no special skills and can be done in a matter of minutes. Every bit of this kind of marketing will serve you and your business indefinitely…these are business assets that work for you driving more new customers, revenue, and making your business more valuable over time. •


If this makes sense but you need some help getting this process started, just ask for some help. That’s what I’m here for.


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Best wishes for a strong 2018.


Your friend in the marketing business,


Andrew Mazer


Small Business Marketing Ideas

January 2018 Marketing Ideas Calendar

Andrew Mazer-Founder at Small Business U

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January Calendar of Marketing Topics

How to Stimulate Sales Anytime

Using a topic (ideas provided below) and a CTA (a Call-To-Action) such as a limited-time offer or a coupon is a great way to stimulate sales.

Read through these off-beat holidays and use your imagination. How could you use any of these to make a unique marketing message for your business.

Monthly Holidays 

National Bath Safety Month

National Blood Donor Month

National Braille Literacy Month

National Hobby Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Mentoring Month

National Oatmeal Month

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

National Slow Cooking Month

National Soup Month

November Birthdays

Jan 3 – J.R.R Tolkien

Jan 8 – Stephen Hawking, Scientist

Jan 17 – Benjamin Franklin

Jan 17 – Muhammad Ali

Jan 22 – Guy Fieri

Jan 29 – Oprah Winfrey

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Weekly Holidays

January 1 – 7

Diet Resolution Week

Silent Record Week

New Year’s Resolution Week

January 8 – 14

National Pizza Week

Universal Letter Writing Week

Home Office Safety Week


January 11 – 17

National Soccer Coaches Week


January 15 – 21

Hunt for Happiness Week

Sugar Awareness Week

No Name Calling Week


January 23 – 27

Clean Out Your Inbox Week

National School Choice Week

National Irish Coffee Week

Catholic Schools Week


Daily Holidays


1/1/2018            National Hangover Day / New Years Day

1/2/2018            National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

1/3/2018            National Fruitcake Toss Day

1/4/2018            National Trivia Day

1/5/2018            National Whipped Cream Day

1/6/2018            National Cuddleup Day / National Technology Day

1/7/2018            National Bobblehead Day

1/8/2018            National Winter Skin Relief Day

1/9/2018            National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

1/10/2018         National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

1/11/2018         National Milk Day

1/12/2018         Kiss a Ginger Day

1/13/2018         National Rubber Ducky Day

1/14/2018         National Sunday Supper Day

1/15/2018         Dr. Martin Luther King Day

1/16/2018         National Fig Newton Day

1/17/2018         National Bootleggers Day

1/18/2018         Get To Know Your Customers Day

1/19/2018         National Popcorn Day

1/20/2018         National Disc Jockey Day

1/21/2018         National Hugging Day

1/22/2018         National Blonde Brownie Day

1/23/2018         National PIE Day

1/24/2018         National Compliment Day

1/25/2018         National Opposite Day

1/26/2018         National Spouses Day

1/27/2018         National Chocolate Cake Day

1/28/2018         National Have Fun At Work Day

1/29/2018         National Puzzle Day

1/30/2018         National Plan For Vacation Day

1/31/2018         National Backward Day


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Small Business Marketing Ideas for December

Monthly Marketing Planner-December 2017

December Marketing Ideas Calendar

This resource is prepared each month FREE for subscribers. Serious topics, fun topics, unusual topics, and historical topics, all make for interesting and entertaining emails, promotions, social media post and blog posts. Want some help with putting these ideas to work for you? All you need to do is Ask Andrew, CLICK HERE.

Monthly Holidays 
AIDS Awareness Month
Bingo’s Birthday Month
National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month
National Human Rights Month
National Tie Month
National Write a Business Plan Month
Operation Santa Paws (December 1-December 24)
Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month
Tomato and Winter Squash Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

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Famous December Birthdays

Dec 5 – Walt Disney
Dec 6 – Satoru Iwata, Former President and CEO of Nintendo
Dec 10 – Bobby Flay, American Chef
Dec 12 – Frank Sinatra, Singer and Actor
Dec 15 – J. Paul Getty, Businessman
Dec 20 – Dick Wolf, Television Producer
Dec 25 – Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
Dec 25 – Conrad Hilton, Hotelier
Dec 30 – LeBron James, NBA Star
Dec 31 – Donald Trump Jr.

December Weekly Holidays

Dec 3 – 9
National Handwashing Awareness Week, December 3-9
Recipe Greetings For The Holidays Week

December Holidays






Dec 18 – 22
Cookie Exchange Week, December 18-22

Dec 17 – 23
Gluten-free Baking Week

Dec 12 – 20

Dec 26 – Jan 1

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December Daily Holidays

12/1/2017 World AIDS Day / Rosa Parks Day / National Pie Day
12/2/2017 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery / National Mutt Day
12/3/2017 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
12/4/2017 National Cookie Day
12/5/2017 Bathtub Party Day / International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
12/6/2017 St. Nicholas Day
12/7/2017 National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
12/8/2017 National Brownie Day
12/9/2017 National Wreaths Across America Day
12/10/2017 Dewey Decimal System Day / Human Rights Day
12/11/2017 UNICEF Birthday
12/12/2017 Gingerbread House Day / Chanukah Begins
12/13/2017 National Cocoa Day
12/14/2017 National Bouillabaisse Day
12/15/2017 Bill of Rights Day / National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
12/16/2017 National Chocolate-covered Anything Day / Free Shipping Day
12/17/2017 Wright Brothers Day
12/18/2017 Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day
12/19/2017 National Oatmeal Muffin Day
12/20/2017 National Sangria Day
12/21/2017 Winter Solstice / Crossword Puzzle Day
12/22/2017 National Date Nut Bread Day
12/23/2017 Festivus
12/24/2017 Christmas Eve / National Eggnog Day
12/25/2017 Christmas
12/26/2017 Box Day (Canada) / National Candy Cane Day
12/27/2017 National Fruitcake Day
12/28/2017 Pledge of Allegiance Day
12/29/2017 Tick Tock Day
12/30/2017 Bacon Day
12/31/2017 New Year’s Eve

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