Frequently-Asked Questions

Is Small Business University Really a University?

No. Small Business University is not really a school.

When I first started my marketing business I put an ad in a local paper about a small seminar in the conference room in my office. Only one person showed up. Fortunately for me it was the head of the Small Business Development Center at Stockton State College in Southern New Jersey. She was willing to sit alone with me and hear my 90 minute presentation on what I called The Three Cornerstones of a Rock-Solid Online Presence.

Immediately following the presentation she asked me if I would consider speaking at the college. I said okay. It went swimmingly. After that I went back and immediately started face-to-face sales calls to local business owners… not to sell them my consulting or marketing services but rather to invite them to a seminar. I rented small conference rooms in hotels and restaurants and each time attendees would stand in line after the event and asked me to help them with their marketing. This is how I got my first clients. Shortly after I gave these seminars a name Small Business University.

Do you have any upcoming events?

Check our website smallbusinessu.org and check the event schedule page. We also welcome you to join our business owners-only Facebook Group to participate in the conversation and keep abreast of upcoming events.

What types of services do you provide?

Small Business University does several functions. As a resource for small business owners there are the occasional live seminars delivered by various experts and authors. There’s also the Facebook group we’re all members are encouraged to ask for help and advice and draw on the experience of other members of the group. This is a fantastic use of social media And in a private group setting, you’re not exposing the inside of your business with customers.

Through the expertise pool which exists in Small Business University there is