Five Steps to Develop Initiative

Initiative is a top skill of personally effective leaders. 

Initiative-takers are often presented with significant opportunities because others know they will see things through.   

 So what is taking initiative really all about?

Take initiative, get more done and lead the field.

Take initiative, get more done and lead the field.

  1. The person is able to see what needs to be done, and starts to take action before being asked.
  2. Initiative-takers surprise others with their commitment and follow-through because they typically go above and beyond the initial expectation.
  3. They reach out to others so that their collective brain power makes for a stronger solution to an issue or problem.
  4. Initiative-takers often serve as re-directors.  They sense when to steer something in another direction.  They don’t fear rejection or embarrassment.  They take a risk for the good of the whole.
  5. Initiative-takers differentiate between the trivial many and significant few.  They determine what is important, take action, and see things through to completion.  They are regarded as movers and shakers.

 Use these powerful  initiative-based questions to build stronger influence with others:

    • What isn’t working quite right with this situation?
    • What kinds of solutions may make it right?
    • How can I help make it right?
    • Who else can help?


This article has been contributed by Diane Allen of Strategic Leadership Academy

  • Voted Best Executive Coach, South Jersey Biz Magazine, 2013
  • Winner of the Central New Jersey Women Business Owners’ Association SEED Award

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