ONE Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Business, Your Income and your Life

Over the last several months I’ve been studying the concept of single-minded thinking as it pertains to business.  What I mean by single minded thinking is focusing major time on the most important and high highest value task. NOT tasks (plural). Task (singular).  It’s not an easy thing to do. Much of the reading done on the subject describes how focused thinking is one of man’s most difficult of all tasks.

Single Minded Thinking on the Highest-Priorities

The big question is this: what is your highest value task, which, if you spent 4 concentrated hours per day on it, would make the biggest difference in your income and the quality of your life?  Do you know what it is? Have you given it much thought? Even if you have, are you sure this is the thing which is the most important and highest value task?

We often tend to pull ourselves by having a long to do list. But you know what? If you were to focus on your highest value task which produces the most new business, additional business and flat out income, most of the other things on your list would either become obsolete or you could easily afford to outsource them to an underling or Virtual Assistant for pennies against the value of your own time.

Do You Struggle With Focusing on the Activities Which Produce the Most Value?

Why am I studying this and writing about it? Because I struggle with it too.   It’s a very important subject and it’s a very real subject for almost all of us. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the things you already KNOW you should be spending more time, MAJOR time to improve your chances of growing your business. Sure, there’s probably more than one. Pick one. Pick the most important one which, if you were to spend 4 hours of uninterrupted time on it per day, would make a long-term impact on your business and your life.

Have you ever noticed how you have the ability to look at someone else’s business and know what they’re doing wrong? Pretty interesting isn’t it? Guess what? So can other people can look at your business and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Well maybe I shouldn’t say what you’re doing wrong but rather what you could be doing better or more of to improve any one of a number of areas in your business.

The Power of the Mastermind

The power of the mastermind puts a small group of like minded, forward thinking and dedicated people together in a positive spirit to help you see the things in your business you can’t see yourself. They bring a lifetime of experiences, resources and ideas from different angles which you could not otherwise get sitting all alone with pen and paper.

I know of mastermind groups which charge tens of thousands of dollars to join, meet only 4 times per year and member fly in and pay for hotel rooms just so they can be in the presence and brainpower of the other members of the group.

A mastermind group is a great place to run your ideas and your to do list or your priority list to get feedback. Another aspect of the mastermind is the stuff you learn from the general discussion going around the room even when you are not the focus of the conversation. The ideas that bubble and bristle in a mastermind meeting are dramatic.

A mastermind group is much more than just a networking group yes it is a place for members of the group to share referrals but it is more for sharing ideas and experiences. For asking questions. For getting answers.

As one of my mentors, Jim Rohn, used to say everybody wins when somebody shares.  And interestingly he also said “The more you pour out, the more will be poured in.” So when you do join one, be active in it and share.

Get your own mastermind group put together or find one to join.   Try it. Many of the most successful people in the world are part of one.

About the Author Andrew Mazer

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