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How to Choose a Website Designer

“A website should be considered and treated as a valuable employee who shows up every day and delivers more value to your business than the wage you pay.”

“How much do you charge for a website?” That’s the first question all business owners ask when shopping for a new website. It’s a fair question. However it’s not the right question.

A better question is “Can you make me a website to help me build my business?” Or, can you build a website to generate leads (make sales, make my phone ring, show up on Google searches [you get the idea]) for my business?”                      Want to talk about some website strategy? CLICK HERE

Creating a Working Website

A lot of thought, planning, marketing skill and experience is required to make a website work.  A good website is a customer-acquisition revenue-generating marketing machine.

What you don’t know about marketing your business online could be (and probably IS) costing you a fortune. Investing in a “cheap” website just for the sake of having a website WILL cost you a fortune in missed opportunities to get new customers and grow your business. There’s no doubt about it. Investing in a marketing website which enhances your business, works together with your other marketing efforts (online and offline), serves your customers and potential customers, and rises to the top of the search engines so people find your business online, will pay for itself many times over.

Cheap Websites

A “cheap” website will cost you a fortune. Yes. It will cost you a fortune in missed opportunities to land new customers. It’s really not possible to build a good, productive website on the cheap. It requires too much time in planning, research and development (not to mention skill).   Want to talk about some website strategy? CLICK HERE

Moments ago, I watched a commercial by, a do-it-yourself website building platform. The ad demonstrates in high-speed how a small business website can be created quickly and easily and for as low as $14/month. What you DON’T see in the ad is the time it takes to understand how to use the program, upload your images, developing the contents and typing it all in and choosing the design and layouts of the pages. They also don’t tell you how to optimize the website and its individual pages so the search engines (like Google, Yahoo & Bing) show it when people are looking for a business, product or service like yours.

In short, your cheap website will take a lot longer and than you thought, it’ll be more difficult that you think, and will likely come up short in becoming a marketing asset.

Good Websites

A good website is not an expense. It’s among your most valuable business assets. When choosing a website designer for your new website you want to look for someone who has experience in marketing. You want someone who either knows your business and the industry in which you work or knows how to ask you the right questions about them. They also need to ask you your goals.

Most business owners don’t understand what’s possible…what a website can really DO for their business. Therefore their goals, if they have any website goals at all, are vague at best. Most website developers are NOT marketing professionals and that’s okay…ask long as there’s a marketing professional on the team.

There are plenty of website builders available. I prefer websites built on the WordPress platform. WordPress powers more websites than any other platform out there, but that doesn’t mean it the best choice for you. Our friends at Cloudwards have a nice post highlighting what they believe are the 8 best website builders  Check it out, CLICK HERE.

Decide to Get a Good Website

Your website is worth more than your car. With a good website, you’ll be able to buy cars. A good website will bring you new customers, clients, or patients. A good website can make your business 2x-10x more valuable. A cheap website will cost you a fortune. A good website can make you a fortune. Don’t be cheap on your way to success. Want to talk about some website strategy? CLICK HERE

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