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How to Sell More Products or Services With Your Website

I’ve acquired 1000’s of customers and sold millions of dollars worth of products and services using this technique. Watch the video but also read the article. The article contains additional information not mentioned in the video.


Is your website a 24-hour a day sales representative acquiring new leads, new customers and real sales? In order to sell your products or services to new customers who never previously knew of the existence of your business, you need to learn:

How to Get Your Business and Your Website Discovered Online

The video on this page describes how I sold 4000 pieces of some obscure item which is been on my website for over 7 years without ever having sold a single one before this particular sale. (In fact, I don’t even have a single one in stock. I sold it first, THEN I purchased it from our vendor.) I sell a lot of stuff this way.
The point is, whatever you sell, whether you sell physical products or whether you sell services there are people looking for it online at some point in time. Here I’m going to give you a few tips on

How to get your website, describing your products or services visible on the search engines when someone is looking for them.

Here’s the method I use to sell more products and services for my business and for my clients’ businesses:

  • Make a web page for every single thing starting with the most important, and most profitable products or services. Since you can’t do this all at once at the flip of a switch you might as well go in priority order. I asked the following questions:
  • What are the products or Services you like to sell or deliver the most?
  • What are the most profitable products or Services you like to provide the most? In most cases they are the same but not necessarily. It doesn’t matter.

This is just our starting point. We start with the highest priorities and then continue to the lesser priorities. The personal mini fan is a perfect example. It’s not a “hot” item so it was very low on the list to get on our website. It DID, however, end up on the site and therefore, I sold 4000 pieces at a handsome profit.

About 7 years ago, I or someone in my company invested about 10 minutes to post this item. That 10 minutes cost about $5.00. Not another dime or a minute of time was invested in marketing that item again. The return…about $1000 in net profit. The customer uses this item as part if a kit and will very likely come back and purchase it again in the future.

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Good Search Engine Optimization Technique

Don’t neglect this very good search engine optimization technique because you were too cheap or too lazy to do it. I’m demonstrating the power of this method with a cheap and obscure item. The products and services you supply are likely in higher demand and worth a lot more. I can not emphasize this enough: Every item and every service should have its own page dedicated to describing it in complete detail. 

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The ability to market your business online in this way is truly a gift. Why do I say this? Because when someone is looking for a product or service like the ones you sell, they are actively in the decision-making process and when they land on your website and they see exactly what they’re looking for your chances of converting a sale are very, very good.

The old Yellow Pages used to do a good job this way. If you spent a few hundred dollars a month you could get a small ad in the phone book under your specific category and when people were looking for a business, a product, or a service like yours and they dialed your number you had the same situation… a potential customer in the decision-making process. This is someone who is 80% sold in advance. But as you know, that old phone book has been replaced by the internet. And to the extent to which you invest time effort or money (or all of the above), your chances of moving up in the search and being seen by potential customers is increased. Drastically increased.

A Well Optimized Page Will Deliver More Customers

Have you ever noticed that you don’t always land on a company’s home page when you visit a website from a search you have done on Google? You will often land on a specific page of the website. That is the page which most matches the criteria of your search. This is why I recommend optimizing every single product or service with a dedicated page your website.

For advice on how to implement this strategy in your own business, all you need to do is call Small Business U at: 866-799-2825

A FREE Consultation on This Strategy is Available. All you need to do is ask! CLICK HERE or Call: 1-866-799-2825

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