Ideas for Self-Promotion and Business Promotion

Marketing yourself and your business by giving away a door prize is a great idea but most people don’t know how to leverage this for optimal visibility and economy.

At the end of each Small Business University event we give away door prizes. This, of course, is a common practice at events of all kinds. The door prizes more than just giving something away and making the recipient happy.

Door Prizes are a Great Way To Promote Yourself, Your Business and a Partner

An opportunity that doesn’t typically come to mind is that the door price you sponsor does not necessarily have to be one of your products. For example, Joseph Cronin is a business litigation and personal injury attorney. He doesn’t really have something tangible to give away as a door prize. However at the last event Mr Cronin gave away a gift basket which he purchased from a local gift basket company. In this particular case, the gift basket company got visibility and Mr. Cronin got visibility by “sponsoring” the door prize. This gives Mr Cronin the advantage of being able to make it deeper connection with both the owner of the gift basket maker and the recipient of the door prize. Very smart.

Restaurant Marketing Idea: Sponsoring a Door Prize

In another scenario, restaurants are often happy to give away a discount certificate for such promotions. For example, I can go to a restaurant where the owners or manager recognize me and tell them that if they give me a gift certificate for their restaurant they will get free visibility at an event where dozens of business owners will be in the audience. We will market the door prize and giving the restaurant ┬ávisibility to everyone in attendance. I get visibility for being the sponsor of the gift certificate, The restaurant gets a new customer who will most likely won’t be dining alone AND most likely will be spending money in excess of the value of the gift certificate. Everybody wins.

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