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Is Your Website Not Getting Enough Traffic?

Whatever you make do or sell their people looking for it online. If the search engines aren’t displaying your website when people are looking for a business or product like yours, it’s unlikely you’re going to get new customers unless you pay for advertising (and that’s sooo 20th century, dude).

Possibly the Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistake

In the video on this page, I describe one of the biggest and surest SEO mistakes that’ll get your website blacklisted by Google. Because I don’t script my videos, I sometimes don’t tell the whole story so this blog post fills in the gaps. (And, if you haven’t picked up on it, this is also my way of creating Search Engine Optimized content.)

In Preparation for a Meeting with a Local Business Owner

I’ve written this post because I recently met a local business through one of the business-to-business networking sites. It may have been Linkedin or a new one called Alignable. He looks like he may be a good referral source since we probably serve similar types of clients but in a non-competitive way. As a search engine optimization professional, prior to our meeting, I took a close look at the business’s website to see if there’s any way I can provide some advice and value to the business owner in the meeting.

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Major SEO Flaw

This company’s website is very clean and nice looking but I found a major flaw which could have a seriously detrimental impact on the SEO of the website.

I took a look at the SERVICES page which has listed a lot of services and all those services were hyperlinked to website pages describing those particular services. This is a technique I use myself and for my clients and so I was really impressed. HOWEVER, when I clicked on one the links and read the content, it seemed very generic. Something was missing…so I investigated.

Free SEO Tool Discovers Plagiarized or Duplicate Content

There’s a free SEO tool which checks website content for original or plagiarized content. The tool is demonstrated in the video on this page. The results: the tool showed  75% of the content was plagiarized, meaning it was copied and pasted from another website.

Most business owners leave it to their website developer to do the content creation for their website. Many businesses, especially professional services business, join a membership where they get monthly marketing done FOR them. The problem is, the content is the same as dozens (or hundreds, or even thousands) of other similar businesses around the country.

Getting content for your ink & paper or email newsletter in this way is fine. But it’s a definite NO-NO for website content.

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Duplicate Content Will Never Get Ranked in the Search

Google and the other search engines utilize incredibly smart robots which record and index content on billions of websites. Original content is rewarded and duplicate content is not. The pages on a website containing content from other websites are not likely to show up on search results. Therefore, the magic of landing new customers as a result of them finding you online are seriously diminished.

As a business owner, you should make sure whomever is populating your website pages with content is using original content. 

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