June 2018 marketing calendar

Monthly Marketing Calendar for June 2018

As a service to small business owners, we provide this free resource to make your marketing more memorable, fun, and effective. 

June 2018 Monthly Marketing Ideas Calendar

Monthly Holidays

African-American Music Appreciation Month

Aquarium Month

Fight the Filthy Fly Month

LGBTQIA Pride Month

Men’s Health Month

National Accordion Awareness Month

National Adopt a Cat Month

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

National Candy Month

National Camping Month

National Country Cooking Month

National Dairy Month

National Great Outdoors Month

National Iced Tea Month

National Papaya Month

National Safety Month

National Soul Food Month

Rose Month

Turkey Lovers Month



6/1       Marilyn Monroe

6/8       Barbara Bush

6/12    George H W Bush

6/12    Anne Frank

6/14    Donald Trump

6/21    Edward Snowden

6/27    Helen Keller

6/28    Elon Musk



Weekly Holidays


June 3 – 9

National Business Etiquette Week

National Headache Awareness Week

Pet Appreciation Week


June 11 – 17

Men’s Health Week



June 17 – 23

Animal Rights Awareness Week

Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Old Time Fiddlers Week

Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week

Universal Father’s Week


June 28 – July 1

Watermelon Seed Spitting Week

North American Organic Brewers Days


Daily Holidays


6/1/2018              National Leave the Office Early Day / National Say Something Nice Day

6/2/2018              National Trails Day / National Rocky Road Day

6/3/2018              National Cancer Survivors Day

6/4/2018              National Cheese Day

6/5/2018              World Environment Day / National Moonshine Day

6/6/2018              National Drive in Movie Day / National Running Day

6/7/2018              National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

6/8/2018              National Best Friends Day / National Name Your Poison Day

6/9/2018              National Donald Duck Day

6/10/2018            National Iced Tea Day / National Herbs and Spices Day

6/11/2018            National Corn on the Cob Day / National Making Life Beautiful Day

6/12/2018            National Jerky Day / National Red Rose Day

6/13/2018            National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day / National Weed Your Garden Day

6/14/2018            World Blood Donor Day / Flag Day

6/15/2018            National Smile Power Day / National Flip Flop Day

6/16/2018            National Fudge Day

6/17/2018            Father’s Day

6/18/2018            National Go Fishing Day / National Splurge Day

6/19/2018            National Martini Day

6/20/2018            National Ice Cream Soda Day / National Vanilla Milkshake Day

6/21/2018            National Selfie Day / World Music Day / Summer Begins

6/22/2018            National Onion Rings Day

6/23/2018            National Pink Day / International Widow’s Day

6/24/2018            National Take Your Dog to Work Day

6/25/2018            National Strawberry Parfait Day

6/26/2018            National Beauticians Day

6/27/2018            National Sunglasses Day

6/28/2018            National Handshake Day / National Paul Bunyan Day

6/29/2018            National Camera Day

6/30/2018            National Meteor Watch Day / Social Media Day


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