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Direct Mail to New Movers. Target Marketing at its Finest.

Its funny how things come full circle. In the digital age, the opportunity to market effectively with direct mail may be at an all time high. If you haven’t noticed your mailbox is probably less cluttered today than it has ever been in your lifetime. Fewer companies are using direct mail in lieu of email. This means your direct mail pieces are going to stand a much better chance of being consumed.

Learn How Easy it is to Market to People New In the Area. New Mover Marketing Any Small Business Can Do It.

In today’s video I’m discussing the benefits of marketing to new movers. But not just any new movers. People who have recently moved into your town or (any town you choose), people who are homeowners and have an income in excess of $80,000. This is a very nice target market to send direct mail if you’re the type of business who serves the public. This is for restaurants, chiropractors, dentists, coffee shops, dry cleaners, carpet cleaners, pet sitters, veterinarians, financial advisers, and the list goes on and on.

Serving your local community? Then new movers are a great target market.

Today I generated a list of over 2400 people who moved into Cherry Hill New Jersey with in the past 4 months or so. Again these people have an income of over $80,000 and are the owners of the home. If these people came from out of town, then I’ll be looking for places to eat and service companies like plumbers electricians garage door repair people contractors… You get the picture. Be the first to serve them successfully and you stand a chance, a very good chance of becoming their supplier of goods or services indefinitely. Build the relationship before someone else does.

So how do you reach these people with direct mail? Well, you can mail a 4 inch by 6 inch postcard with a $0.35 stamp. You can usually get a good deal on a postcard like this printed in color for somewhere around $0.15 (maybe less).

You can get the list for free if you have access to Reference USA and your printer can handle electronically putting the address labels on each card.

new mover mailing

New mover mailings are highly targeted and highly effective.

Group Marketing with Your Neighbors or Network

I understand that sending 2400 pieces of mail at $0.50 each is a considerable sum of money to experiment with. But let’s say you get together with three other business people and do this as a group effort. If you were in a networking group you could pick 3 other people from there. If you are in a shopping center or shopping district, you can get together with your neighbors and put something together. You can make four nice sized ads on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Add a first class stamp and an envelope and you’re all in for about $0.70 per piece. Now you’re down to $420 each. But you can get 2,3, or 4 pieces of paper in that envelope with the same stamp and get even more people in on the deal thereby reducing your costs even further.

Target marketing is key. It goes way deeper than the address.

One of the big mistakes business owners make is not planning their advertising effort in advance. They have not given thought to their target market, or their message. New movers are a great target. Welcoming high earning people who just moved into town is a great market with a very nice message already built in. “Welcome to the neighborhood we’d like to get to know you. Come see us. Here’s an offer just for you…our new neighbor.”

If you need some help building a list or otherwise coordinating a New-Mover Marketing Campaign, reach Andrew Mazer at 1-866-799-2825. This works anywhere in the USA.

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