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Don’t Forget Pinterest – It’s Good For Business

Want to get more visitors to your website? Of course you do! You'll be surprised at how healthy Pinterest can be for your website and your business. Why do I use the term, "healthy?" Because not only does more traffic to your website translate into more potential sales, but it also has a positive effect on search engine optimization. 

I wrote a post and published a video a couple days ago about advice for Facebook marketing with a Business Fan Page. It was inspired by a video I watched describing a combination of 5 facts and tips on the topic plus a couple of extras I thought should be included. Like Facebook, Pinterest is also considered a social media platform, but it's quite different.

Today, while breezing through Google Analytics for my wholesale website,, I took a look at how social media impacts visits to my website. I think my findings will be valuable to you because you can- 

Generate More Website Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest generates traffic to your website because it's part search engine, part directory, and part social media. If you use the tool properly, people who are interested in what you do, make, or sell will end up on your website. 

Adding content to your Pinterest account is easy. In the real world, it's akin to adding a photograph to a bulletin board with a push pin combined with orderliness of a photo album. So, on Pinterest, you add a "Pins" to a "Board". Here's an example: Let's say you're in the Boutique Clothing business. You would have 4 boards for clothing organized for each season and then clothing appropriate for each season "pinned" (posted) on its respective board. 

Then you would have additional boards for Casual Wear, boards for Handbags and Wallets, and boards for new fashion styles ​as well as classic fashion styles. Each item pinned to a board can be linked back to its page on your website. This effectively drives more people to your website. Now, your website has a chance to do its job to bring this new visitor closer to engaging you with a phone call, clicking on your coupon or some other offer. 

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You don't have to do it all! I have not personally uploaded any posts (pins) to Pinterest in at least 2 years. After I learned how to do it properly (for driving traffic to my website), I taught one of my assistants how to do it for me. (That's what business owners do, right?)

As company which sells tangible products, my wholesale website is filled with 1000’s of images representing each item. Pinterest is an image-centric website and each image represents an opportunity for content on my Pinterest pages.

Why I Recommend Pinterest

We backed off of adding content to our Pinterest boards more than a year ago. When I visit Google Analytics to look at traffic trends to my website, I STILL see Pinterest as the #1 social media referral source of traffic to the site. Organic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content is short-lived as potential marketing material, but Pinterest content lasts and lasts. This is why I emphasize this is a worthwhile investment in time and effort.

Pinterest Marketing tips

In the past month, almost 8300 people visited my Pinterest content and 111 people engaged it. A number of new people started following Mazer Wholesale on Pinterest which means they'll get a notification in their email when we add new pins. Many others have "shared" some of our pins with people they thought would be interested. This is very strong marketing. (See the Mazer Wholessale Pinterest page, CLICK HERE)

Now, I’m not bragging about the numbers, nor do I proclaim to be a social media marketing maven, but this is a real eye-opener especially considering we’ve made zero effort on the platform for such a long period of time. This truly makes me feel a little foolish and I intend to immediately reengage with this media without delay. 

You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Business Too

Wondering how your business can leverage Pinterest? Trust me, you can. This article is not a tutorial on how to use Pinterest.  It IS about opening your eyes to this platform as a real and beneficial driver of traffic and potential customers to your website.

If you’re not savvy to the Pinterest platform, I strongly suggest you take a half hour or an hour to peruse it or contact me to brainstorm some ideas on how it may be valuable to your business.

It may be difficult for you to imagine how your business can leverage this marketing weapon. If so, I invite you to comment on this post here, or better yet, on the Small Business U Facebook page where we could also get some feedback from others with experience with marketing on Pinterest.

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