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Repurpose Marketing Content

The focus of this article is stretching your marketing dollars and turning your marketing investments into assets.

Every business owner hates waste and strongly desires squeezing every last drop from their investments in product, equipment, and marketing investments.

What IS Marketing Content?

Marketing content is an asset. A product or service featured on your website is an asset. Advertising (print ads, radio, TV), information, social media posts, email marketing messages, text marketing messages, printed material of almost any kind is an asset. Videos your business produces to stimulate sales, are assets. Here’s how to stretch their value, their reach, and transcend their cost.

Repurposing Content is Valuable, Economical, and Effective.

Once you have created a marketing message of any kind, you can use it again across multiple platforms. Sometimes, you can use it over and over again. Doing so makes every marketing message more valuable, economical, and effective.

Examples of Repurposing Marketing Content

Let’s take an example of a product or a service. I’ve got this fictitious item called a Fizbin. A Fizbin could be a menu item at a restaurant, a product you sell in your retail store, or a service provided by a plumber or electrician. It represents anything you want to promote.

You want to feature the Fizbin because it’s something you sell.

Have you listed it everywhere? Repurposing means using one piece of content and reusing it (repurposing it) in other ways.

  • It has a place on your website.
  • Thorough description.
  • You promote it on your printed material or print ads.
  • You have a photo of it on your social media profile and you can use it on social media posts.

Add a Page for Everything on Your Website

I suggest

  1. Listing every product or service you sell in your business ON ITS OWN PAGE.
  2. Then take this new page and post it on Facebook and Twitter. If your Twitter and Facebook page are linked, adding the post to Twitter is automatic. (Ask me if you need help with this.)
  3. If you’re a Business-To-Consumer style business, add the product or service to Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re in a Business-To-Business style, post it on Linkedin. (Yes, Pinterest. Ask me why.)
  4. No matter what kind of business you’re in, add the detail to Google My Business. (Want to show up high in the search results? This is crucial.)
  5. If it has anything to do with a discount or promotion, add it to (For a small fee, you can advertise coupons all year with unlimited changes and lots of extra benefits.)

Use Syndication-Nothing Should Stand Alone!

Reach more people through marketing syndication! Think about TV shows-When a popular show goes into its 2nd or 3rd season, they start showing reruns. After awhile, you’ll start seeing reruns on other TV channels. Reruns are syndicated so they reach a larger audience than a single time slot. This is the idea behind syndication: PUT YOUR MARKETING EVERYWHERE IT CAN BE.

Your marketing can be easily syndicated to multiple social media sites, blogs, directories (Like Yelp!, moderncoupon, Trip Advisor, and plenty more depending on your industry).

It takes a fraction of the time to syndicate (repurpose) the content you’ve already made. Use these techniques to stretch your marketing investment and reach a bigger audience.

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