Resolve to Spend Major Time on Major Things

Time.  It’s more precious than anything because no matter how successful we are, we can’t get any more of it.  No one can have any more of it than anyone else but yet, some people get so much more done with it than others.  What’s their secret?

Time management does’t start with a To-Do List, it starts with priorities. The biggest time-suck is spending major time on minor things.

To-do lists are vital and I believe in starting a day, a week, a month with a list of objectives. However, it’s important to run your to-do list through a filter: “Is this a major thing or a minor thing?”  Basic RGB

Major things make us money, build our businesses or investments stronger and build our relationships stronger (maybe you can think of one or two more “majors”). If you can get someone to do stuff FOR you for $10.00 per hour or less, it is probably a minor thing and you should find someone to help you. This will free up your Major time.

To make $50-$100 per hour ($100,000-$200,000 per year) or more, make more time for Major things.

If you can’t afford to have someone at your beck and call for $10/hour, then this should be on your

All top performers are careful with their time.

All top performers are careful with their time.

goals list, not for the sake of relieving you of minutia but for the sake of driving more time into more major things.  When you can see through the cloud of menial tasks, you can set new kinds of goals for growth and expanded relationships.  THIS is how to build successes in all life’s most important departments.

What is “Major Time”?

Major time is personal development, relationship building, health, family, continuing to learn & grow. Major time, is prospecting, presenting and following up.  Major time is learning how to leverage technology to make better use of your time.  Major time is taking the time to train, manage and

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communicate with your underlings so they can better serve YOU.  Major time is setting up systems in your life and business so your time and the fruits of your efforts become more predictable.

Major time is getting yourself and your message out there so people can get to know you, like you and trust you in order to build a network of customers and referral sources so you can create a steady flow of new and repeat business.

Major time is setting aside the time for networking and learning.  Come to a Small Business University event and find out why so many others dedicate a Monday morning every 60 days to network, learn, share and improve.

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