The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing Online Seminar

The Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing Online

More and more business owners are ready to take control of their online marketing. They should. It’s not difficult. It’s really very simple. To see all scheduled dates for this seminar, click here.

Andrew Mazer-Small Business University

I’m Andrew Mazer and I’m passionate about helping and supporting small business owners.

Save Money, Make More Sales, Get More Customers-Learn How it Works…Online

What’s more important in your business than saving money, getting more customers and making more sales? Nothing. This is why you must invest a couple bucks and a couple hours. This stuff can change your business and your life. I know…it happened for me! And when I started sharing this information, it started happening for my friends and my clients. It’s the real deal.

I have been using the concepts I teach in this presentation for my businesses and for my clients for 15 years. Even though the internet has changed, computers and internet-connected devices have changed, websites have changed and technology has changed, the fundamentals I teach have not changed. They work and they will make sense to you…even if you’re not a computer-person.

In a 2-1/2 hour seminar, I break it down into 7 basic fundamentals.

  • They’re easy to understand.
  • There’s nothing technical about them.
  • These fundamentals form the foundation (and are really ALL that are necessary) to have a Rock-Solid Online Presence™ which will get you a steady flow of new and existing customers, clients or patients.

Some of the things I’ll be teaching are:

  • How marketing online is similar to marketing a garage sale!
  • How to make sense of Social Media
  • How Google and the other search engines decide which businesses (websites) to show in the search results
  • Lessons of a Cheeseburger
  • Misconceptions about email

About the Author Andrew Mazer

Andrew Mazer, Founder of Mazer Wholesale, Inc. established since 1986. In 1996, I began marketing my wholesale business online. In 2009, I began helping other business owners market THEIR business online. I am the author of The Business Owner's Guide to Marketing Online, The Groupon Solution, and The One Good Idea Newsletter. Contact me at

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