Writing Tips. What to do When You’re Stuck

It happens all the time.  Even right now, for me.  I just used a technique to get unstuck and I figured it would make a good topic for a quick article.  The topic:

Writer’s Block. How To Get Unstuck.

As I sit at my desk to write these tips, I got stuck just trying to figure out how to start this article so I will start with this as the first tip:

writers block tips

Break through writer’s block with these 7 simple tips

  1. Don’t sit down to write until you have something to write about. When you have it, start by telling your audience why you’re writing on it.
  2. Make the article a benefit for your readers. It’s about them. It’s about teaching them something they don’t know. Fascinating or inspiring them.  It’s about telling them what’s possible which may help and enlighten them.
  3. When you get stuck in a paragraph and there seems to be no place to go, switch the sentences around. Sometimes the last sentence you wrote works better as the first sentence in the paragraph, then you get unstuck and in the flow.
  4. Unless it MUST be done today, put it down and revisit it tomorrow or the next day.  Read it again.  You’ll find ways to make the sentences flow better. You’ll add new words and sentences and take a few wasted words out.  Your stuff must be easy to read and enjoyable. Small tweaks make a big difference.
  5. Short sentences.  Short paragraphs. No extra words. Keep adjectives and superlatives to a minimum
  6. Use an image. Find one which makes sense on the page you’re writing and write a caption for it.
  7. Write at the same time of day all the time. There is most likely a time when your brain works best on writing. This will help.

I hope these 7 quick tips on getting unstuck are helpful and motivate you. Write something valuable for your customers, friends and prospects to enjoy, learn from and share.

About the Author Andrew Mazer

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