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Small Business U is all about delivering high-value content. Whether it’s marketing, sales, technology, inspiration, motivation or personal development, it’s all about giving the audience massive return on your time and money invested.Have a message or expertise to share? Small Business U may be the platform you’re looking for to get your message out.Looking for your next business breakthrough, it might be right here on our blog or at the next live event.


Andrew Mazer, a local business owner launched his marketing and consulting business by giving educational seminars to small groups of business owners. In 2013, Andrew created Small Business University creating a platform for other experts in their field to deliver valuable information to business owners, executives and professionals.Take a look at some of the Reviews & Testimonials volunteered by previous attendees.

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Do you hold the keys which could become the next business breakthrough for legions of small business owners? Perhaps you’ve simply discovered a better process for cold calling or selling copper-plated widgets and you want to share your secrets with the world.Or maybe you want to contact one of our previous presenters and you’re looking for his or her contact information. Whatever the case,Contact us today if you have any questions/comments or a presentation to deliver! Call: 1-866-799-2825 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL YOUR INQUIRY.


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The mission, as it has been for over 50 years, is to provide individuals and businesses with responsible solutions to their financial concerns. Our dedicated, responsive staff will provide personal attention that reflects the company’s depth of experience.

Every business owner wants to invest a little and make a lot.We know what they want…and we deliver.

We welcome and thank TD Bank for supporting small business owners.

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